Defiance Trailer Features Interspecies Fisticuffs

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Syfy’s Defiance is an ambitious project. Not only does it involve the TV series that premieres on Monday, April 15th, but the action also unfolds across an online multiplayer game where the world changes according to what goes down on your TV. We’re less than a week out, and the network has released another new trailer to pique your interest.

Defiance is set in the year 2046, after an alien invasion, and this latest video really plays up the frontier Western vibe of the show, as well as the immigrant drama nature of the story. St. Louis, now known as Defiance, has become a new kind of melting pot. Instead of settlers from all over the world, the residents of Defiance are a hodge-podge of races and species from all over the universe. It’s the kind of place where you occasionally need to fight a big, shirtless blue dude in an underground arena.


Defiance Game Launch Trailer Brings The Action

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Defiance is one of the more ambitious science fiction projects to come along in a while. The Syfy TV series launches on April 15th, with Farscape’s Rockne S. O’Bannon as an executive producer and a cast that includes Dexter/Angel’s Julie Benz and Warehouse 13’s Jaime Murray. But Defiance is also an MMO, with the game existing in the same universe as the series, each feeding into the other. You don’t have to play Defiance the game to enjoy Defiance the show, but if you do get involved in both, the interplay between the two could be a lot of fun. And based on the action-packed launch trailer up above, Defiance the game looks like it might be worth checking out.

A third-person shooter MMO, the Defiance game casts players as an “Ark Hunter,” a mercenary sort who is always on the look for alien technology that occasionally crash to the Earth’s surface. See, Defiance is set in the aftermath of a long war between humanity and an invading species who had come to our homeworld to colonize after fleeing their own system. Between the war and some runaway terraforming tech, Earth is a very different place than it once was, with humans and aliens now forced to live and work with each other. Or, in the case of Ark Hunters, occasionally shoot each other in the face so they can’t steal your haul.


Play Defiance The Game Early In Beta Events

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Syfy’s Defiance is worth a spot on your radar for several reasons. First, it’s an actual, honest-to-gosh science fiction series on Syfy, which is a rarity these days. Second, it’s the baby of Farscape creator Rockne S. O’Bannon. And then there’s the game angle. Defiance the TV series will exist alongside, and interact with, Defiance the video game. Now comes word of how you can sample the game side of things ahead of its April 2nd release date.

Trion, the developers of the Defiance game, have announced when players on each of the game’s three release platforms can join in with the early beta events. If you’re already planning on pre-ordering the game, you’ll automatically get to participate. If you’d rather sample the game before you lay down your hard-earned cash, you can click over to Trion’s website and sign up for the beta. Here are the dates in question:

  • PC: March 22 – March 24
  • PS3 – March 19 – March 25
  • Xbox 360: March 25 – March 26

Defiance is a massively multiplayer online shooter game. As with the series, it takes place in the not-too-distant future, after Earth has been through the arrival of multiple alien species, a ensuing war, and terraforming technology that has fundamentally altered the landscape of our homeworld. While the TV series is set in the town of Defiance, a new settlement located in the ruins of St. Louis, the game is set in the San Francisco Bay area. Players take on the role of an “Ark Hunter,” scavenging the landscape to salvage alien tech.


Ron Moore’s Helix Is Coming To Syfy Later This Year

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Ron Moore is one of those guys whose names are unfamiliar to those outside of science fiction fandom, and is also one of those guys who is loved by many and abhorred by some, without much room for middle ground. His work on the Star Trek series The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager, as well as the resurgence of Battlestar Galactica, have cemented him into sci-fi history, and now we’ll get a new show to judge him by.

Moore’s latest project, the germophobe’s nightmare Helix, has finalized a deal with Syfy for a straight-to-series order of 13 episodes, and has also found a showrunner in Steven Maeda (Lost). Going straight-to-series saves the show’s initial fanbase from having to get excited about a pilot being filmed, only to have the network inevitably drop it. But going to Syfy also saves the fanbase from being relevant to the rest of the world.

Helix, to be written by newcomer Cameron Porsandeh, centers on a team of scientists living in an Arctic research base where a possible disease outbreak has occurred, and the team must then investigate the problem and figure out a way to protect the rest of the world from certain doom. Somebody get these guys some Purell!


Syfy’s Stranded Looks For Ghosts, Probably Doesn’t Find Any

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Syfy is back at it again, making things difficult for people who enjoy science and fiction, as well as a proper combination of the two. We’re at the point where their abysmal monster mash-ups aren’t worth an incidental giggle anymore, and the bulk of their normal programming has become possessed by the paranormal and…oh, let’s just nip it in the bud. It’s another paranormal show.

Starting February 27th, Stranded will do what nearly every single paranormal reality show has done before them and stick people interested in the supernatural inside of locations across the country that are supposedly haunted, then record them not actually finding any ghosts or evidence of ghosts. Only this time, they’re not even going with people you’ve never heard of who are paranormal “experts,” but are instead using people you’ve never heard of that can’t even claim to be paranormal “experts.” And the group members — each episode will feature teams of three — will change for each episode. Check out the all-too-familiar-looking trailer below.


Philip K. Dick’s The Man In The High Castle Coming From Ridley Scott & Syfy

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There’s an up-and-coming force to be reckoned with when it comes to science fiction in Hollywood. A man who goes by the not-very-well known name of Philip K. Dick. There’s no point in drawing out this dumb introduction, seeing as how Dick seems to be one of four science fiction authors that screenwriters are able to get past a film company’s front lines.

This time, Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions is producing an adaptation of Dick’s novel, The Man in the High Castle, turning it into a four-part miniseries for Syfy. All right, now, keep your groans to a minimum. Electric Shepherd Productions, which handles production duties for Dick’s estate, will co-produce with Headline Pictures. Back in 2010, Headline was supposed to have turned the project into a BBC miniseries, but the gods seriously fucked everybody over on that one.

Screenwriting duties fall to sci-fi scribe Frank Spotnitz, who is writing the first two hours and will supervise whoever comes in for the second half. Spotnitz is known for his work as a writer/producer on The X-Files, Millennium, and most recently the Melissa George series, Hunted. To me, he’ll always be revered as the guy who created the X-Files spin-off, The Lone Gunmen, which never gets mentioned enough in the “cancelled too soon” conversations.