One Stargate Universe Fans Plans To Revive The Show, All He Needs Is $50 Million

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Stargate UniverseFans will be well aware of the fact that Syfy unceremoniously cancelled Stargate Universe after only two seasons in 2011. The network even scrapped plans for a movie that would tie up some loose ends and deal with that cliffhanger at the end of the second season. If one enterprising, if possibly deluded, fan has his way, SGU will indeed come back for a third season. All he needs is $50 million, and a little help from his friends. And by friends I mean people with a lot of extra money to blow on Kickstarter.

Australian sci-fi fan Jonathan Annett, who it should be noted has absolutely nothing to do with SGU or any other member of the Stargate family, took a look around and was dismayed by what he saw. Why was no one out there banging the drum, trying to raise funds to produce new episodes of his favorite show? After all, we live in a world where fans brought Veronica Mars back from the dead, and where Zach Braff can turn to the public to fund his next piece of crap, so anything is possible.


Yeager Broke The Sound Barrier And Wells Defied Gravity: Today In Science And Science Fiction

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YeagerChuck Yeager Breaks the Sound Barrier
There are plenty of ways you could make a name for yourself in this world, some positive and all too many negative. Maybe you become a scientist and cure cancer. Maybe you drink and get behind the wheel, resulting in tragic circumstances. Maybe you’re just a really nice person who makes a positive difference in the lives of all those around you. But if you had “climb into a metal tube and fly faster than the speed of sound” on your list, I’m afraid you’re too late. Chuck Yeager beat you to it, on this very day in 1947.

Having flown 64 missions over Europe during World War II, after the war Yeager volunteered to fly the experimental X-1 planes, built by Bell Aircraft Company to see if it was possible to achieve supersonic flight. It was previously theorized that any craft trying to cross that barrier would be destroyed in the attempt. Thumbing his nose at such namby-pamby talk, on October 14, 1947, Yeager and the X-1 were hauled into the air by a B-29. There, in the skies above Rogers Dry Lake in southern California, Yeager pushed the X-1 to 40,000 feet and faster than 662 miles per hour, an act so manly it created shockwave that sprouted a thick, luxurious beard on the chin of every man, woman, and child within a 50-mile radius. He later bested his 1947 record, hitting 1,650 mph inside an X-1A in 1953.


Stargate TV Writer Ponders The Future Of The Franchise

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SG1As somebody who never got into the various Stargate series while they were airing, it still boggles my mind that the 1994 film spawned such a successful TV franchise. Three series unfolding over some 15 years — that might not equal Star Trek or Star Wars levels of success, but in a TV landscape where science fiction series are usually killed swiftly, it’s no mean feat. Stargate has been in limbo since the demise of SGU in 2011, but producer Roland Emmerich recently revealed that he’s trying to resurrect the franchise as a new, rebooted trilogy. That’s good news for Stargate fans, but what about for one of the guys who helped shepherd all three TV spin-offs over the years?

Joseph Mallozzi served as executive producer and writer on Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, and Stargate: Universe. If anybody has the credentials to comment on the future of the franchise, it’s this guy. And comment he did, taking to his blog last week to share his thoughts on where Stargate could — and should — go from here.

He first addresses the concept that’s on deck: rebooting Stargate on the big screen. Mallozzi points to the success of J.J. AbramsStar Trek films as a template of potential success a rebooted Stargate could enjoy. Except…this summer has not been kind to big-budget would-be blockbusters. While there were some expensive successes these past few months, there were also a ton of costly duds: White House Down, The Lone Ranger, and RIPD, to name but a few. Mallozzi says:


Stargate Universe Fans Petition Netflix For A Revival

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SGUAs much as the post-cancellation resurrection of shows like Family Guy, Futurama, and Arrested Development have been great for fans of those shows, they’ve also had a down side. Namely, it’s given fans of every deceased show on the planet hope that their favorite series could and should rise from the dead. The preferred new home for these dead shows these days is Netflix, thanks to their strong commitment to original scripted programming and their rescue of Arrested Development. Most of the time, cancelled shows are destined to remain cancelled, but that doesn’t stop the fans from trying. Case in point: now fans are petitioning Netflix to bring back Stargate Universe. You can read and/or sign the petition right here.

SGU was shuttered in 2011, after two seasons aired on Syfy. The show took a decidedly darker approach that set it apart, tonally, from the other Stargate series, striving to follow in the footsteps of Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica reboot. Arrested Development was cancelled back in 2006, so SGU being off the air a comparatively short two years theoretically wouldn’t be an insurmountable obstacle. On the other hand, Netflix just recently shot down the prospects of a Netflix Firefly resurrection, so that probably means SGU is likewise not going to happen.


Stargate Universe’s David Blue On What Happened To His Character After The Finale

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For a long while there Stargate was having one hell of a run. I never really got into SG-1 or its spinoffs, but there’s no question than lasting through 14 years and three different series is quite an accomplishment for any science fiction property that doesn’t have “Trek” in its name. Sadly, the Stargate golden years wound to a close with the 2011 cancellation of Stargate Universe. While fans still hold out hope for a return to the Stargate universe, one of the show’s actors has shared his vision of what happened after Universe’s end credits rolled.


The end of Stargate Universe is one of those particularly painful ones for fans, seeing as how it ended on a cliffhanger that will likely never be resolved. The entire crew, aside from David Blue’s Eli, had taken shelter inside stasis pods as the Destiny’s life support systems were in danger of failing. Eli had only a few weeks at most to fix the one remaining broken pod before life support finally shut down entirely. In a new interview with Geek Nation, Blue revealed his own thoughts about what happened to Eli.


Stargate Universe Returns To Netflix This Week In Science Fiction

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Stargate Universe
Now available on Netflix Instant Watch

Despite my lifelong science fiction fandom, and even my fondness for the original Stargate movie, I never really got into the Stargate series. Out of Farscape love alone, I gave it a shot when Ben Browder joined the cast, and then again a while back via Netflix, only to be derailed when Netflix removed all the Stargate series from their Instant Watch catalogue. Now it appears I’ll at least get a chance to marathon through the franchise’s most recent installment, because Stargate Universe is now, once again, available via Netflix Instant Watch. So far, it’s the only Stargate series to have been restored, however.

By all accounts, Stargate Universe may prove the ideal entry for SF fans who want to give the Stargate universe (little u) a chance, beginning with its interesting setup. While investigating a mysterious Stargate, a mix of civilian scientists and military personnel are forced to flee through the wormhole, only to find themselves aboard an Ancient starship called Destiny. Unfortunately, it will take some work to figure out how to gain control of the ship. In the meantime, the reluctant crew of the Destiny find themselves boldly going on a pre-programmed course from world to world, seeing what’s out there while also trying to figure out how to return home to Earth.

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