Star Wars: Episode VII: Han Solo May Have A Kick-Ass New Ship

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Star WarsLet the deluge of Star Wars: Episode VII rumors continue. Yesterday we got our first look at the redesigned stormtrooper helmets, a peek at a couple of Han Solo’s possible costumes from the J.J. Abrams-directed space opera, hints about important flashbacks, and rumors about who the villain(s) might be (including a concept artist’s rendition of one of them). That makes for a busy day, but that’s not all. Now we have heard rumors about the vehicle, or at least one, that Han will be driving around that far, far away galaxy.

Possible SPOILERS for Episode VII await you beyond this point. You’ve been warned. Also, these are unofficial rumors, don’t take them too seriously. We don’t actually know anything.


Star Wars: Episode VII: This May Be Our First Look At The Film’s Main Villain

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Star WarsWe can’t promise that this will be the last post related to Star Wars: Episode VII for the day, but given the sheer amount we’ve already written about it so far over the last few hours, including one last night, if there is any more we might just start pulling out our own hair. We’ve seen a redesigned stormtrooper helmet, got an idea of what Han Solo might wear come December 18, 2015, heard about some interesting flashbacks, and even got the skinny on possible villains from the next jaunt into that far away galaxy. And hot on the heels of that last bit of information, we may have our first look at the big bad from Episode VII.

If you’re not into SPOILERS, and want something to still be secret when you sit down in the movie theater two Christmases from now, for the love of god, stop reading now. And again, these are unconfirmed rumors, believe what is written at your own risk.


Star Wars: Episode VII’s Villains Step Out Of The Shadows

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star-wars-episode-vii-logo-600x339-578x326The last day or so has been big for news on the Star Wars: Episode VII front. We get a look at a redesigned stormtrooper helmet, as well as an idea of what Han Solo might wear on his adventures come December 18, 2015. And now we’ve got some potential details about the villains of the upcoming return to that far, far away galaxy, which also confirm, or at least coincide with, some earlier reports we’ve come across.

Potential SPOILERS follow for Episode VII, and, as always, these reports are unconfirmed, so take them with the proverbial grain of salt. Odds are we won’t know if any of these are real until we actually see the movie.


Star Wars: Episode VII Photos Show What Han Solo Could Look Like

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Star Wars Episode VIIAt this point, we don’t know much about J.J. Abrams’ upcoming >Star Wars: Episode VII, and odds are we won’t get much concrete detail until the movie actually opens on December 18, 2015. One thing we all suspect, however, is that Harrison Ford’s Han Solo, that loveable rogue, that scruffy looking Nerf Herder, will play a major role. And now, thanks to some concept art that has leaked onto the internet, we have a better idea of what he might look like.

Yesterday we got our first look at a possible stormtrooper redesign, and these come from the same source. There are a couple different looks in these pictures that, at least on the surface, tell us a little about what we could encounter in Episode VII. If this first image is any indication, we’re going to go somewhere cold, like Hoth cold. You’ll need a sturdy, fur-lined coat in a place like that.


Star Wars: Episode VII Leaked Images Show Alleged Stormtrooper Redesign

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Trooper1Even with director J.J. Abrams’ penchant for secrecy, it’s inevitable that a production as high-profile as Star Wars: Episode VII is going to have some leaks. And it has, ranging from pictures of sets and aliens to the ever-revolving door of story rumors. The latest comes in the form of pictures purported to be of Episode VII’s redesigned Stormtroopers. And while the unidentified source for the pics does leave us a bit dubious, there are other details that suggest this might — might — be the real deal. The pic up top is the first of two shots posted today by the site Indie Revolver.

Indie Revolver doesn’t say who their source for the images is, instead just claiming that they have “very reliable information that the images below represent how some of the Imperial Forces will appear in JJ Abrams’ Star Wars film.” That’s the sort of thing that would normally have us reaching for our Salt Lick of Skepticism, but in this case the look of the alleged stormtrooper helmet does seem to line up pretty closely with the following drawing, which was posted by artist Tom Hodges on Instagram earlier this week.


While not involved with the Episode VII production, Hodges claimed to have gotten a look at the stormtrooper designs via somebody who is, and the drawing was Hodges’ attempt to illustrate what he claims to have seen. Hodges later pulled the image down from his Instagram account, but he has since reposted the image from Indie Revolver on Instagram and confirmed that it is what he saw and based his drawing on, saying:

So I missed A LOT of details. My second view of it, I just was scratching the surface. But I told you it was freaking awesome! #starwars #episodevii #stormtroopers

In addition to the standard-issue stormtrooper helmet, Indie Revolver also shared this second image, which they speculate is an updated version of the “snowtroopers” seen on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back.


The “snowtrooper” helmet also fits with the description provided in a Making Star Wars story from earlier this summer, and both images are evocative of existing trooper designs by Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston, as seen below.



If the pics are legit, the stormtrooper design is a nice evolution of what we saw in the Original Trilogy, and the Clone Troopers that preceded them. Hopefully we’ll see something official from the Star Wars camp in the months to come. Episode VII is currently slated for release on December 18, 2015.


Star Wars: Episode VII: Mark Hamill Shows Of His Bushy New Beard

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Mark HamillWe don’t know much about J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, but we do know that Luke Skywalker is going to very, very different than he used to. Gone is the baby-faced Mark Hamill we all know from A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. And this new photo of the actor looking more grizzled than we’ve ever seen him drives that point home.

If you’ve seen recent picture of him, Hamill has been sporting a rather rugged beard. He’s been seen out and about with his new face sweater, and at one point even quipped about it being contractually obligated. And if the recent rumors we’ve been hearing about Episode VII are in fact true, there’s a very good reason for this new look.