Check Out Yoda’s Star Wars Rebels Cameo In This Clip

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Since the very beginning, we knew that Disney XD’s animated series Star Wars Rebels was not only going to serve the new, ever expanding Star Wars universe, but that it was also going to connect to what came before. Set between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, this is obviously a prime spot to reveal some hidden corners of the galaxy far, far away, but we’ve also seen familiar faces like Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi show up. Another favorite blast from the past is going to make an appearance, and now we have your first peek at Master Yoda’s upcoming cameo.

You don’t actually get to see Yoda in this clip from IGN, or even the upcoming episode “Path of the Jedi,” as you only hear the aged Jedi. But the exciting thing is, as with when James Earl Jones lent his legendary vocal chords to Darth Vader once again earlier in Rebels, Frank Oz, who voiced Yoda in the movies, is back in what is likely his most beloved role. Just hearing that voice is enough to give you goose bumps.


The First Star Wars Spinoff May Focus On Han Solo And Star This Breaking Bad Vet

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Han SoloWith that trailer that dropped after Thanksgiving, not to mention the fact that the release date is now less than a year away, the majority of the attention paid to Star Wars is focused on The Force Awakens, understandably so. But there is, of course, a ton of other stuff happening in the ever expanding Star Wars universe. This latest report has to do with the first of the standalone films, and also happens to contradict some of what we have already heard.

We know that Gareth Edwards (Godzilla) will direct the first standalone film, but up to now we’ve generally heard that it will focus on fan-favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett. According to Making Star Wars and their sources, however, it might have closer ties to The Force Awakens than we thought, as Han Solo could be the protagonist. They also heard that Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul might be one of the leads. Paul is “looking to be attached” to the film, and that could mean anything from he’s talked to people about it to him just wanting to be in a Star Wars movie. Whatever the reality of the situation,itt sounds unlikely that this character is not the beloved scruffy-looking nerf herder.


Star Wars 7: This Inventive Sweded The Force Awakens Trailer Is Spot On

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Over the last month, since the first Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer dropped, fans looking to gain every scrap of practical knowledge have poured over each frame, dissecting every last shot. Once we learned the names of some of the new characters, we did it all over again hoping to peer even deeper into the upcoming film. But it’s also inspired imitations, homages, and all kinds of fan art. We’ve seen paintings, drawings, and posters, but we’ve also had not one but two Lego versions of the trailer, a Saturday Night Live spoof, and another filtered through the quirky, twee sensibilities of Wes Anderson. Now some enterprising fans have made their very own shot-for-shot recreation with intricate cardboard sets, full costumes, and all kinds of improvised props.

When I say shot-for-shot, that’s precisely what this is. Every last image, from John Boyega’s Finn popping up into that first frame to the Millennium Falcon soaring through the air, battling TIE Fighters, is present and accounted for. The best, however, is ingenuity these fans use to recreate everything. For instance, Daisy Ridley’s Rey still rides off into the distance, but instead of a new variety of speeder, it’s a bike rigged with some extra crap. And where you expect to hear John Williams’ score, these folks replace those notes with noises from their very own mouths. All in all, it’s a pretty good time, not to mention inventive as hell. I’m certainly not dedicated enough to pull off, or even attempt, something like this.


What If Luke Skywalker Accepted Darth Vader’s Offer To Rule The Galaxy?

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VaderFatherIt’s one of the most iconic moments not only in science fiction, but movie history in general. (And I’m not going to put a spoiler warning for The Empire Strikes Back, if you haven’t seen it at this point, that’s on you, or your parents.) When Darth Vader reveals that he is in fact Luke Skywalker’s father and reaches out his hand to his son, whose hand he just lopped off, and says they can rule the galaxy together, Luke cries, screams, and chucks himself down what is essentially a garbage chute. Probably not the reaction Vader was hoping for, but what if this went down another way? What if Luke was like, “Sure, I’ll come run shit with you, dad”? That’s the basic idea behind this clever new web comic.

This brief comic strip comes from the fine folks over at Dorkly. It’s a pretty damn good time, and not a half bad way to spend a couple of minutes of your Christmas Eve. They have all kinds of fantastic nerdy comics and the like, but this has to be one of my favorites, just for the concept alone. It’s such a simple “What if,” but so genius at the same time. You also have to wonder how Vader would react. He didn’t really expect Luke to let it all slide, and say, “Sure, you just froze my bro in carbonite, cut off my hand, are a general evil, despotic bastard, not to mention an absentee father, but what the hell, I’ll team up with you.” Did he? I would be taken aback and startled too.


Watch Adorable Children Discuss Interstellar And Princess Leia’s Slave Costume

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I don’t have kids and never plan to, but there’s a strong contingent around the GFR offices who are raising another generation of little nerds, indoctrinating their impressionable young brains with images of robots, aliens, time travel, and all manner of wonderful geeky things. And it makes sense kids would take to sci-fi, again, it’s full of all kinds of weird, magical stuff like mysterious creatures, faraway lands, and robots (we really like robots). The free, open landscape of the genre mirrors the wild creativity of children, and they have some definite thoughts on what they see, like this young girl who reviews Interstellar, and another who is a big fan of Princess Leia’s Return of the Jedi slave outfit, though for different reasons than many of you.

This girl may be six years old, but has a solid grasp on what Christopher Nolan’s space epic was all about—better than I would have at six, that’s for damn sure—even if she isn’t a huge fan because of the sad parts (Matthew McConaughey’s Farmer Guy leaving his daughter) and the scary parts (the big waves on the water planet). Though if you were confused by what the hell was happening as McConaughey floated around in the libary after travelling through the black hole, don’t worry, you’re not alone.


These Star Wars 7 Action Figures Reveal A Different Side Of New Characters

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Star WarsSo often these days a movie is shrouded in secrecy, with so much security it makes the president feel exposed, only to have their best-kept secrets revealed through a line of toys. Given that Star Wars has always been part of a massive marketing machine, and with Disney taking over the reins that’s not going to change any time soon, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is not immune to this. Now we have a better look at some of those new characters as they appear four inches tall and cast in plastic, as well as some concept art.

This picture appeared on some random Chinese website, and as it’s Christmas week and we’re in no mood to deal with cease and desist orders, we’ll just link to the site. You can check it out HERE. Most of it isn’t super interesting. You see Finn (John Boyega), Rey (Daisy Ridley), the new droid BB-8, and our old pal Chewbacca. We already know what they look like, they look like John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, a robot with a soccer ball, and Chewbacca. But we do get a better look at the mysterious Kylo Ren.