Star Wars: Rebels Clip Show Hera In Action

We’re still a long, long way from seeing director J.J. Abrams’ much anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII. Hell, we know that the damn thing is filming, but aside from R2-D2 and Chewbacca, we still know nothing about the cast, and sometimes it feels like we won’t until the lights go down in the theater opening night. However, until December 18, 2015—opening day for Episode VII—we’ll to content ourselves with Disney and Lucasfilm’s new animated series Star Wars: Rebels, and now there’s a new clip to pique our interest.

This video debuted at WonderCon, but quickly appeared online. The action shows Hera Syndulla, voiced by Vanessa Marshall, the Twi’lek pilot of a ship called the Ghost. Many have remarked that this particular spacecraft is essentially the Rebels version of the Millennium Falcon, meaning that it’s the main craft that will appear throughout the series. Hera has been described as a “strong-minded character,” one that “keeps everyone together when they would otherwise fall apart.” Does that mean she’s the leader, a leader, just a badass? That remains to be seen.


Four-Year-Old Sci-Fi Fan’s Family Gives Him A Moving Star Wars Funeral

Star WarsYou haven’t cried enough today. We’re about to fix that.

A few months ago, Doctor Who’s Matt Smith sent an adorable personalized video to one of his biggest fans, a four-year named Jack Robinson who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. And because a four-year old kid is way braver and more ambitious than most of us can ever hope to be, Jack set out to accomplish everything on his rather extensive bucket list. Though he recently lost his fight, Jack’s parents made sure that the last item on his got checked of by throwing him the most out of this world Star Wars-themed funeral you can imagine.


Benedict Cumberbatch Denies He’s In Either Star Wars: Episode VII Or Doctor Who

benedict-cumberbatchOne of the most persistent casting rumors surrounding Star Wars: Episode VII has been that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch will play some role in the film. This notion first began circulating back in September of last year. Though he’s denied any involvement, given that whole, “I’m not Khan” thing from Star Trek Into Darkness, people have been reluctant to let the matter drop. So again, the actor has gone ahead and stated explicitly that he will not appear in Episode VII. And because he was in mood to take care of business, he also set the record straight on his participation in Doctor Who.

Reports were that Cumberbatch would have a very small role in director J.J. Abrams’ new foray into that galaxy far, far away, but that the part would grow and expand in Episode VIII and Episode IX. And while he very well may have talked to Abrams and the folks at Disney and Lucasfilm at some point, it sounds like so have half of the working actors in Hollywood.


Star Wars: Episode VII Has Found A New Tatooine

TatooineAccording to reports, J.J. Abrams and company have already begun filming their return to George Lucas’ galaxy far, far away. In addition to that, we recently learned that they also plan to revisit at least one world that fans will be familiar with. While we knew that the production is building an “extensive recreation” of Tatooine, we didn’t know where this was all going down. That, however, has all changed now, as we received word that Abu Dhabi will serve as a stand-in for the barren, desolate planet.


Could A Planet Like Tatooine Really Exist?

Part of the joy of science fiction is getting to experience, at least in a vicarious way, a variety of worlds, planets, and universes that don’t exist in reality. Submerging ourselves in such new realms is always good for a laugh, but in many cases, especially when the world resembles our own, most of us wonder just how possible they are. Odds are, if you’re of a particular generation, you’ve spent a fair amount of time pretending to have lightsaber battles on one of the many planets from Star Wars. You’re not the only one, far from it, and you’re not the to explore the question of just how feasible it is that a planet like, say Tatooine, with its multiple suns, actually exists out there in space.


Star Wars Episode VII May Cast The Most Unknown Actress Yet

Maisie Richardon-SellersStar Wars: Episode VII news has been coming fast and furious lately. Production has reportedly already kicked off, though we don’t have any specifics about that, and while the cast is mostly in place, there are still key roles left to fill. Now we’re hearing about a potential casting decision that could occupy one of those vacancies.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the production is apparently looking to add another cast member, one that appears to be part of the new guard. Disney head Alan Horn recently said that most of the cast is in place, but that there are still spaces available, and Abrams’ pal Dominic Monaghan recently said that the production plans on using largely unknown actors. Both of these statements play into the reports that British actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers may be up for a major role.

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