President Obama Confuses Vulcan Mind Melds With Jedi Mind Tricks

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President-Barack-Obama-Press-RoomWhen J.J. Abrams signed on to direct the new Star Wars: Episode VII, it seemed like geek blasphemy for the director of Star Trek Into Darkness to crossover to a galaxy far, far away. It seems like everyone has Star Wars and Star Trek on the brain, even the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

During a press conference at the White House, President Obama was answering questions about the  state of Congress and their sequestering over the current Government financial situation and possible shut down. President Obama responded to a question about simply locking up Congress until they come to an agreement. The President stated, “I am not a dictator, I’m the President,” that he can’t merely force (no pun intended) them to agree. President Obama then misspoke and confused Star Wars and Star Trek,

I know that this has been some of the conventional wisdom that’s been floating around Washington that somehow, even though most people agree that I’m being reasonable, that most people agree I’m presenting a fair deal, the fact that they don’t take it means that I should somehow, you know, do a Jedi mind meld with these folks and convince them to do what’s right.


Zoe Saldana Wants To Make The Jump From Star Trek To Star Wars

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Any time you have a high-profile project like Star Wars: Episode VII, we’re inundated with news and rumors and innuendo about which stars might like to take a trip on the Millennium Falcon, pilot an X-Wing, or wield a lightsaber. Zoe Saldana is the latest in a long line of actors to indicate that she would like to join her Star Trek Into Darkness director, J.J. Abrams, in jumping between sci-fi franchises.



Star Trek: The Video Game Beams Down New Images

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Now that Aliens: Colonial Marines has come and gone and disappointed (I’m seriously so bummed about that game), my next hope for a licensed game that doesn’t suck is the upcoming Star Trek: The Video Game. Set between Abrams’ two Star Trek films, the game is a canonical adventure starring Kirk and Spock teaming up to save the day from, amongst other things, the Abrams-verse’s version of the lizard-like Gorn. The third-person game is designed for co-op play, with both Kirk and Spock having different abilities and playstyles.

Now the folks from Digital Extremes have released a new batch of images, showcasing Kirk and Spock in action, with some scenic alien vistas thrown in for good measure. Check them out below, and you can get your hand on the game itself on April 23rd for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.



Star Trek’s Redshirts Aren’t Necessarily As Doomed As We Thought

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It’s a long-running joke amongst Trekkies and sci-fi fans in general. If you’re in the Star Trek universe, you’re wearing red, and you’re not a recurring character, you’re almost certainly going to die horribly when you beam down to that unexplored alien world to investigate that mysterious distress signal. It’s just the way things are.



Pluto’s Unnamed Moon May Indeed Become Vulcan

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The people have spoken! And by “people,” I mean “William Shatner’s people.” Last week we told you about how the SETI Institute was allowing the public to vote on the official names for two of Pluto’s recently discovered, so-far-unnamed moons. As often happens whenever someone posts a poll online, a group of fans decided to team up to try and overwhelm the vote for their option of choice. In this case, William Shatner used Twitter to call upon his legions, suggesting they write in “Vulcan.” And while Vulcan wasn’t an official option on the list, it should surprise no one that it handily took first place in the voting, with 174,062 votes.

In spite of the sizable lead for Vulcan, it’s unclear at this point if one of Pluto’s moons will actually be saddled with the name of Spock’s homeworld. As we mentioned in our original story, the name still has to be approved by the International Astronomical Union, and Vulcan could theoretically be disqualified for not following the rules. The IAU’s naming conventions for moons of Pluto is that “those that share Pluto’s orbital rhythm take the name of underworld deities.” Hence the official suggestions included names like Orpheus, Styx, and the one that came in second, Cerberus. Hopefully Vulcan won’t be disqualified on a technicality, but you never know.

It could take between one and two months before the IAU officially declares whether Pluto’s P4 and P5 will become Vulcan and Cerberus. Hopefully they’ll have a sense of humor about the whole thing and let the departure from protocol pass. Just do us all a favor and don’t bring any Red Matter anywhere near the place.

So what does everyone’s favorite Vulcan think of the possibility of a new Vulcan in our neck of the woods? Actor Leonard Nimoy says, “If my people were emotional they would say they are pleased.”


Star Trek Vs. Star Wars Infographic Poses Age-Old Question

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vs Ah, the age-old question: which is the better long-running science fiction franchise, Star Wars or Star Trek? With J.J. Abrams taking the Star Wars: Episode VII directing job as his next project after Star Trek Into Darkness, it seems like both factions are trying to gain a solid foothold on Geek Mountain.

Thanks to the good people at Hark.com, we now have a clear winner in the ongoing debate. The infographic below answers once and for all, which is the best science fiction series by comparing both franchise’s total movies, box office grosses, number of overall awards, animated series, video games, books, toys, and social media followers. It’s pretty extensive and in-depth, and the results may surprise a few people.

The infographic only takes into consideration the U.S. Star Wars and Star Trek fandom, rather than worldwide love for both sci-fi properties. The infographic also picks Star Wars as the overall winner, but if quantity over quality is your mark of excellence, it’s clear that Star Wars has more merchandise. Then again, how many Star Wars movies are actually good compared to the number of good Star Trek movies?