John Cho Thinks A Roberto Orci-Directed Star Trek 3 Will Blow You Away

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STAR TREKFor all the recent talk surrounding Star Trek 3, there’s still no official word on who will direct the first post-J.J. Abrams installment in the rebooted franchise. Most of us expect it to be Roberto Orci. The writer and producer of the earlier films has long been linked to the job, and is obviously working on the film in some capacity, even though this would mark his first time in the director’s chair, in any director’s chair. One star, John Cho, shares this stance, and not only expects Orci to helm the picture, but also to do a bang up job.

Cho, as you’re probably well aware, plays Hikaru Sulu in the new films, taking over the role from his predecessor George Takei. The actor, who co-stars the new ABC sitcom Selfie with Doctor Who alum (and Guardians of the Galaxy star) Karen Gillan, did an AMA session on Reddit recently, and the subject of Orci came up.


The Wrath Of Khan’s Director Shares His Thoughts On The Star Trek Reboot

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MeyerIt takes a certain amount of chutzpah to take on the task of rebooting the venerable Star Trek franchise in the first place. It takes an extra-special brand of crazy to tackle arguably the greatest villain of the franchise, who starred in arguably the greatest film of the franchise. But that’s precisely what director J.J. Abrams and screenwriters Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and Damon Lindelof did with last year’s controversial Star Trek Into Darkness. Trek fans have certainly let the world know how they felt about nü-Khan, but does the guy who actually directed The Wrath of Khan think?

Director Nicholas Meyer (seen above, with actor Ricardo Montalbán) was recently doing the rounds to promote the History Channel’s Houdini miniseries, which he directed. At one of those press conferences, a reporter asked the very question we posed above. At first Meyer deflected by recalling a story about how he gave J.J. Abrams a copy of The Annotated Sherlock Holmes for his Bar Mitzvah, but one of CraveOnline’s journos pressed the question by asking, “So, you liked his movies, or…?” Meyer’s response was both diplomatic and insightful:


William Shatner’s Star Trek 3 Cameo Has Been Revealed

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Captain KirkThere’s been a great deal of talk about Star Trek 3 lately, from plot details and a potential start date for production, to an appearance from The Original Series star William Shatner. That last part led to some controversy and a bit of a back and forth shouting match, but those troubles appear to be smoothed over, and now that Shatner is on board—to some degree, we’re honestly not entirely sure—we have an idea of what his potential cameo could look like.

A report came out a while back from someone who has read the screenplay and it said there was a scene that features both Spock Prime (Leonard Nimoy) and Kirk Prime (who would, obviously, be played by Shatner). That’s all the report said, that there is a scene written where both of the legendary characters show up (I imagine there’s one in every new Trek script, just in case, and there was also reportedly one in J.J. Abrams’ 2009 reboot as well, though it never came to pass).


William Shatner Says Chris Pine Playing Kirk Makes Him Consider His Own Mortality

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william-shatner-wizard-worldWilliam Shatner has never been shy about sharing his opinions, a fact that was reinforced last week when there was some back and forth between he and the folks behind Star Trek 3. He is, of course, most known for playing Captain James T. Kirk on the original series and in a great many of the subsequent movies, and though he hasn’t appeared in any of the rebooted films, he has some feelings on the matter, which occasionally flip flop. But he recently said that Chris Pine playing the role makes him consider his own death.

Though he told Digital Spy, “I’ve seen the two films JJ Abrams directed and I enjoyed them very much,” watching Pine is a strange, surreal experience. Specifically what he said was, watching another performer play the role he originated, the role so closely associated with him as an actor and, to many of us, as a person, makes you consider your own end. He said:


Producer Gary Kurtz On How Star Trek Influenced Star Wars

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KurtzProducer Gary Kurtz was there for the earliest foundations of Star Wars, so it stands to reason he’s got some insights on the whats and the wherefores and the how-comes. With Star Wars undergoing a new beginning of sorts in the wake of the Disney buyout, it’s the perfect time to look back at how George Lucas‘ epic franchise first came together, and new interview with Kurtz reveals several fascinating tidbits about the earliest origins of Star Wars, and just how much influence that other iconic space series had on Lucas’ creation.

Writer Chris Taylor interviewed Kurtz for his new book How Star Wars Conquered the Universe, but he also shared some very intriguing insights via Mashable. It’s more or less common knowledge that Star Wars owes much of its existence to the classic sci-fi serials that Lucas grew up loving. In fact, the original plan for what became Star Wars was to make an actual new Flash Gordon movie. But Flash rights owners King Features insisted on “draconian” restrictions, and so Lucas and Kurtz instead began discussing making an original space opera movie in the same vein as those staples of Golden Age sci-fi. Kurtz said:


Star Trek/Planet Of The Apes Crossover Finally Makes A Monkey Out Of Kirk

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Apes1While inter-franchise crossover events might be rare when it comes to movies or television, they’re pretty common in the world of comic books. The crew of the Enterprise have been the subject of several of those crossovers over the years. And why not? They’ve been back in time, into other dimensions, and even to the center of the galaxy to find God, so why not warp into an entirely different universe now and then? We’ve seen comics team-ups between Star Trek and the X-Men, Star Trek and the Legion of Super-Heroes, even Star Trek and The Doctor. IDW Publishing and Boom! Studios are giving us one of the craziest Trek crossovers yet, and now we’ve got new details about the upcoming Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive. Yeah. They pretty much had to create this series just to get that title out there.

Also, I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be an ape-ified Kirk or just an ape in a Starfleet uniform up top, but if it is Kirk can we just take a moment to appreciate him finding yet another way to rip open his shirt?