North Carolina Councilman Resigns…In Klingon

There are a lot of ways you can earn serious geek cred. Maybe you won a string of cosplay contents for your meticulously recreated costume of Station from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. Maybe you once defeated William Shatner in Dramatic Pause-Off. But I’m afraid one particular bucket-list item has been checked off, because a city councilman from North Carolina has resigned in Klingon.

When councilman David Waddell of Indian Trail, NC, made the decision to resign his position, he decided to have “one last laugh” on his way out. He tendered his resignation with two letters: the first was written to the community he served, describing his reasons for stepping down, including “runaway development in the town as well as concerns with how requests for public information were being handled.”


Apparently he’s an Original Series Klingon.


Star Trek Fanatic Creates The Coolest Basement Theater Ever

star trek basementThere are people in this world who are such big fans of TV shows and movies that they want to fill their everyday lives with products tying into their favorites. And some of those people are lucky enough to be able to actually afford such luxuries. (Okay, so it probably has more to do with hard work than luck, but my jealousy is working just as hard.) Canadian social worker Line Rainville is one such Star Trek fan, avid enough after 42 years to turn her entire basement into an amazing recreation of several locations aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. I’d say it was priceless, but it cost around $30,000. So for me, it’s almost the same.


Sci-Fi Travel Posters Invite You To The Futures Of WALL-E, Looper, And More

WALL-EWith another Christmas marked off of the calendar, many people are spending the day traveling, whether packed into a commuter plane, road-tripping back home, or maybe even using some sort of wormhole-based teleportation device. And sure, I’m sure most of the travelers out there have only one destination in mind — home — you might want to consider taking a detour to some of the world’s more exciting locations. Oh, but they’re also fictional. Should I have mentioned that first?

These snazzy retro-style travel posters are the work of artist Justin Van Genderen, part of a project he calls “location . location . location.” The films referenced in the series range from old classics like Casablanca and Lawrence of Arabia to more recent fare such as The Avengers and J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot. In addition to that latter one, he has several other science fiction films included in the bunch, and we’re highlighting them here.


Benedict Cumberbatch Complains About That Awkward Star Trek Into Darkness Shower Scene

It’s rough out there for a sex symbol. As much as fame has its advantages, I imagine the process of stripping off your clothes for a streamy scene or photoshoot has got to be awkward as hell even for the most uninhibited stars. How much more frustrating would it be to do a zillion pushups and eat nothing but rice cakes, only to have that big skin debut left on the cutting-room floor? Such was the fate that befell Star Trek Into DarknessBenedict Cumberbatch, who shot a brief, broody shower scene for the Trek sequel that didn’t make the final cut. But then, as if to add insult to injury, director J.J. Abrams instead premiered the shower scene on Conan O’Brien’s show this past May. This past week Cumberbatch himself visited Conan, and he took the chance for a bit of good-natured self-mockery and more razzing on J.J.


Joe Cornish Will Not Direct Star Trek 3

StarfleetEver since J.J. Abrams was announced as the director for Star Wars: Episode VII, there were rumors that he would not return to helm Star Trek 3. After the release of Star Trek Into Darkness, Abrams stated that he would, indeed, not direct the third film of the Star Trek reboot film series, but would stay on the project as one of its producers. One of the directors believed to be a front-runner for the Star Trek 3 directing job was British filmmaker Joe Cornish. Now it appears that Cornish won’t be the guy after all.

According to Variety, the 44-year-old Attack the Block director took himself out of the running for Star Trek 3. While it’s unclear why Cornish dropped out, it’s speculated that he couldn’t come to an agreement with Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot Productions for the film.


Star Trek 3 Juggles Writers And Adds New Blood

Star Trek Into DarknessParamount Pictures and Bad Robot Productions are looking for a new director for Star Trek 3 to fill the void after J.J. Abrams jumped ship for Star Wars: Episode VII. The third installment in the rebooted Trek series recently welcomed two new writers and booted out two others out the door. It comes to no surprise that Roberto Orci will continue with the franchise, but in a shocking move, he will not be working with his long-time collaborator and writing partner Alex Kurtzman.

According to THR, Star Trek 3 has added J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay to work with Orci on the script. Payne and McKay replace Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof, who worked on Star Trek Into Darkness. No doubt many fans will consider it good news to have some new blood. Paramount is aiming for a 2016 release date for Star Trek 3. For months there have been rumors that Paramount wants to release the new film to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the original Star Trek TV series, released in 1966.