Star Trek 3 May Boldly Get Going Sooner Rather Than Later According To One Star

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SpockIt looks like we’ll once again be boldly going where no one has gone before a little bit sooner that some of us previously thought. Star Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock in the revamped cinematic franchise, says that Star Trek 3 could start filming as early as the beginning of next year.

Quinto appeared on NBC’s Today Show and indicated that production is inching closer and closer to kicking off, and that he expects to step on the bride of the Enterprise again sooner rather than later. When the subject of Star Trek 3 came up, he said, “I think it’s on the horizon..things are rumbling, so I have a feeling that we will be in production sometime in the next six months.”


Patrick Stewart Makes One Sick Young Star Trek Fan’s Dream Come True

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Patrick StewartWe’ll love Patrick Stewart forever just because he happened to play Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation (it doesn’t hurt matters that he also makes a damn fine Professor X/Charles Xavier in the X-Men movies). But by all accounts he’s a solid dude to boot. For example, he recently gave a sick young Star Trek one hell of a fantastic surprise, something she’ll never forget.

Eleven-year-old Georgia resident Dawn Garrigus is a massive Star Trek fan. She also happens to suffer from mitochondrial disease. This is an inherited chronic illness that leads to a variety of problems, including poor growth, as well as debilitating physical and mental disabilities. It’s progressive, getting worse over time, and there is no cure at the present time. Through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Dawn was recently able to go to Dragon Con, a science fiction and fantasy convention in Atlanta, where her favorite series was scheduled to make an appearance. She even dressed up like Spock for the occasion.


Papercraft Enterprise Will Make You Wish You Were Craftier

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star trekGeeks, nerds, and obsessives of the world know one thing for certain: toys aren’t just for kids anymore, and haven’t been the exclusive territory of the young in quite some time. You can get figurines of zombies, monsters, and a ton of more grown up collectibles that are definitely aimed at older fans, things those youngsters just won’t understand or enjoy (or they could just be straight up inappropriate). And this Papercraft version of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 from Star Trek is definitely one of those that will be most appreciated by older generations.

This small, paper rendering of one of the most iconic spaceships in all of science fiction comes from Alex Manfredi (click HERE to see his interpretations of other famous space craft, both real and fictional). This particular incarnation of the Enterprise is apparently a mixture of several different versions. It combines the design from the original series with some of the retrofits and modifications made in the earlier film entries into the franchise. Then again, those of you with an eye for the little things and the minutiae probably noticed that already.


Star Trek Looks Incredible In A Widescreen Cinerama Presentation

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Star TrekLike most shows in TV history, Star Trek was boxed into the standard 4×3 aspect ratio. It wasn’t until recently, with the popular advent of widescreen TVs and a more cinematic approach that the medium, more and more, began to resemble its theatrical counterpart. This is also a damn shame, because with its unusual sets and settings, ample action, and bright, vivid color scheme, Star Trek would have looked awesome in a more cinema-style, widescreen format. But one intrepid fan, emboldened by the brave, trail-blazing attitude of his favorite show, embarked on a mission to see what the series would look like presented in such a manner, and the results are just as fantastic as you could have hoped.

Artist Nick Acosta is responsible for these (check out his website for even more) stunning images, and looking at them really makes you wish you could get your hands on a widescreen version of the original run of Gene Roddenberry’s groundbreaking series. It would have broken even more barriers than it already did if the episodes had been presented in such a manner. Maybe we would have gotten wider TVs even earlier.


Star Trek Into Darkness Blooper Reel Shows The Wacky Side Of J.J. Abrams And Crew

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The films of J.J. Abrams are not exactly widely known for their levity, good humor, and wackiness. This video, however, might give you a different perspective on the matter, or at least on the disappointing sequel Star Trek Into Darkness (a title that still annoys the crap out of me). Too bad they couldn’t have included some of these bloopers into the final cut in order to liven things up a bit.

This short video comes from IGN, and while it isn’t anything that you haven’t seen before, it may make you smile to hear Simon Pegg make a joke about Khan. Some secret that was, but at least they got some good laughs out of the Mystery Box, too bad no one else did, or ever will.


Star Trek: The Next Generation Cast Takes The Best Selfie, With William Shatner

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STar Trek SelfieI’ve never taken a selfie. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I recently took a close up photo of part of my beard because I was stoked about how much grey has started showing through (I can’t wait to be a grizzled old man who sits on his porch and yells at neighborhood kids, that’s been my life goal since, well, since I was a kid). And when I was in Mexico for grad school once I tried to take a panorama picture of myself in front of the massive bowl of the high mountain desert I found myself in, but it was super bright and just looks like I’m scowling with some hills in the background. However, Star Trek, as in most things, has won the selfie wars, and everyone else just needs to throw up their hands and quit right now.

At the recent Wizard World Comic-Con in Chicago, there was a Star Trek: The Next Generation panel, which was, oddly enough, hosted by William Shatner, who has little or nothing to do with TNG. At a point right before the crew mounted the stage for the festivities, LeVar Burton got everyone together and posed them for a selfie. (Or a group selfie? Is that a thing? Is it called a groupie?) The result, as you can clearly see for yourself, is pretty rad.