Art Directors Guild To Hold Sci-Fi TV And Film Exhibit

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At the heart of science fiction is being able to transport the audience to a different place or era that still feels familiar. But a sci-fi movie or TV show doesn’t get to rely solely on storytelling to get the job done, and in steps art direction, where truly memorable visuals can be imprinted into our brains. There’s a reason why the Academy Award for Visual Effects often goes to science fiction.

The Art Directors Guild will be celebrating some of the most iconic images in sci-fi with an exhibit at the newly opened Peninsula Museum of Art in Burlingame, California, which will run from June 9 to August 25. Around 150 paintings and drawings will be displayed, all from the Guild’s Production Designers, Art Directors, Set Designers, Illustrators, Matte Artists, Digital Artists, and Scenic, Tile, and Graphic Artists. The Guild sets up a panel each year at the San Diego Comic-Con, and has hosted similar exhibitions at other sci-fi conferences.


This Guy Likes Star Trek More Than You

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Star Trek Knuckle TattooGiven that I have a Temple of Doom tattoo, and that my left arm is taken up by a horde of zombies swarming the city of Seattle, I can’t say a whole lot about this guy’s epic Star Trek knuckle tattoo. That’s fandom right there, that’s, “I care more about my favorite sci-fi TV show than I do about getting a job, ever.” You have to admire that kind of devotion.

This particular piece of body art belongs to a Trekkie named Jason Criss. And not only does he have the call sign for the Enterprise D (NCC-1701-D) from Star Trek: Generations, but also has a silhouette of the entire Galaxy Class vessel behind the letters. Definitely more intricate than most knuckle tattoos. And hell, with the release of Star Trek Into Darkness, why the hell not.


Sci-Fi Weapons Get The Minimalist Poster Treatment

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stIf you look back throughout cinema’s history, you’ll notice that characters are rarely just known for being themselves. Often there is some kind of tangible object with which these characters are associated. Charles Kane had Rosebud. Scarlett O’Hara had her curtain dress. The people from The Birth of a Nation had their racism. Once films started getting into action, those identifiable objects often became weapons, and as the times changed, so did the ways in which heroes started kicking ass.

Artist and Etsy shop owner Harshness has created some of the most fantastic pop culture-inspired paintings I’ve ever seen, covering all genres and icons of fan geekery. But this being Giant Freakin’ Robot, we’re just going to worry about the sci-fi films, and the weapon prints in particular.


Bryan Singer On Whether He Would Ever Direct A Star Trek Film

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With the water still trickling down from the Enterprise’s massive water “landing” in Star Trek Into Darkness, talking about possible directors for the next sequel are in full effect. In all honesty, they’ve been in full effect for quite a while now, considering very few films are made without the full trilogy in mind. Whatever role J.J. Abrams plays in it, Star Wars: Episode VII will almost certainly hinder his direct involvement, regardless of what he’s saying now.

When you think about tentpole films like Star Trek 3 will be, Bryan Singer’s name immediately springs to mind. He’s currently busy making X-Men: Days of Futures Past, but that production won’t last forever. The Danish website Filmz recently asked Singer about his feelings about possibly taking over the franchise at some point, and he was predictably hesitant to saying anything concrete.

“Yeah, well right now that’s something J.J. is so involved in, so I don’t know,” Singer responded. “I worry about it only in the sense that J.J. was not a huge Star Trek fan. So he was able to go into it much the way I went into X-Men, where I was not a huge X-Men fan. So you kinda make it your own and give it to a broader audience.” Well, if making movies about things you aren’t a fan of is the way to go, I’ll be going into production on my Adam Sandler biography shortly.


Patrick Stewart’s Work Against Domestic Violence Is Personal For One Star Trek Fan

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If you reach a certain level of celebrity, you pretty much have to associate yourself with a charity of some sort. It’s a bit of good publicity that makes it easier for regular people not to you hate your gilded, friction-free lifestyle while watching E! after a long day at the sewage treatment plant. In some cases, however, you can tell that a celebrity’s “cause” is more than just for good karma, that it’s something they are genuinely passionate about. That is clearly the case with Sir Patrick Stewart’s work against domestic violence, something which was very apparent during a recent encounter between Stewart and one particular Star Trek fan.


Watch The Death Star Destroy The Enterprise

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Chances are, you’ve already gone to the theater and watched J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness, hopefully without ruining it for everyone. Now, you’ve moved on to anticipating whatever Abrams is going to do with the next Star Wars installment, and you’re probably thinking it’ll be another couple of years before you get to see either the USS Enterprise or the Death Star in action. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth, thanks to IGN, who created the above original short.