When Nerd Worlds Collide: Fanmade Enterprise Autobot Toy

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Autobot EWhen you were a kid, your toys would often intermingle with each other. So Transformers would fight G.I. Joes, Thundercats would play with Voltron, and so on. But what happens when Star Trek crosses over with Transformers? Well, artist T.J. Wilferd crafted a new toy that bridges the gap.

This is really impressive! Wilferd made a replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise E from Star Trek: The Next Generation that actually transforms into a Transformer called “Autobot E.” Just think about what Star Trek Into Darkness would have been like if J.J. Abrams used this in the movie. Here’s the cool part: not only did Wilferd craft a new toy, he also wrote a short story to explain its origins.

The short story involves the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise having a melee with an non-working Borg Cube, and then coming into contact with Cybertron after Captain Picard called for help. The short story was really refreshing, considering that most artist-crafted toys don’t come with a storyline explaining their origins. It feels reminiscent of Patton Oswalt’s storyline for his version of Star Wars: Episode VII, but not on quite as huge a scale.


Star Trek Wines Let You Paint The City On The Edge Of Forever Red

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stEvil Nick Venable here. Let me speak to both fans and non-fans of Star Trek for a second. Let me know who you are by saying, “Oh yeah!” wherever you’re at. (Mwahaha. That’s as evil as I get these days.) So, do you guys just really want Star Trek-themed alcohol? Because people are definitely banking on getting drunk with your money.

Not long after we found out about Harvest Moon Brewing’s Vulcan Ale and their line of Trek-themed beers, Vinport is selling a limited edition Star Trek wine. It’s a red blend from the Viansa Winery in Sonoma, California, and you can purchase it from now until July 31. While you might want to buy one to sip out of your wine glass with the Enterprise base, the wine itself is secondary to the bottle labels, celebrating three of the most popular episodes of the Original Series.

CBS wisely chose to use the wildly talented artist Juan Ortiz’s retro posters that he began releasing last year. Every single one of his prints has a very distinct point of view, and the three episodes chosen reflect his work accordingly. The episodes chosen were “The City on the Edge of Forever,” “Mirror Mirror,” and “The Trouble With Tribbles.” If only wine bottles could increase in number the way those adorable little bastards do.


Star Trek Into Darkness Concept Art Showcases Niburu And The Klingon Homeworld

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Star Trek Into DarknessSpoiler Warning!
If you haven’t yet seen J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness, there will be some spoilers in the following few paragraphs.

The Klingon home world and the red planet of Niburu play important roles in Star Trek Into Darkness. That scene of Kirk (Chris Pine) and Bones (Karl Urban) sprinting through the red forest was in pretty much every trailer and TV spot leading up to the release of the film. And Klingons are a key piece of the Trek universe, and their home planet, Qo’nos, also plays a pivotal role in Abrams’ sequel. Artist Andrea Dopaso worked on Into Darkess, helping with the conception and creation of these two worlds, and here are some more cool pieces of concept art from both.


Star Trek Into Darkness Behind-The-Scenes Concept Art And Set Photos

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ChamblissStar Trek Into Darkness has come and gone and spilled its secrets, leaving fans to continue arguing its merits for years to come. (For the record, here’s what I thought.) But just because we’re past the premiere date, that doesn’t mean we’ve seen all the cool stuff related to the movie. Case in point, these stunning images from Into Darkness production designer Scott Chambliss (seen above). He’s posted a ton of behind-the-scenes concept art and set pictures on his site, and we’ve gathered a small sample here to whet your appetite.

Chambliss also worked on J.J. Abrams’ first Trek film, as well as Mission: Impossible III, Alias, and Cowboys & Aliens, among others. His online portfolio from Trek 2 includes looks at practically every sequence and set piece from the sequel, from the opening on the red-forested world of Nibiru, to the bleak hellscape of Qo’noS, to the dark, sleek lines of the Vengeance.


Spock Uses A Clever Slow Jam To Sex Up A Fellow Vulcan

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“Tonight I got my phaser set for love.”

Admittedly, a video called “Star Trek Slow Jam!” is usually one that I’ll avoid, given the Internet’s penchant for taking well-loved things and making them unbearable. But the video seen above comes from The Key of Awesome music parody website, responsible for some pretty great videos in the past.

But this might be their best, in a plethora of ways. After a slightly uncomfortable bit of Vulcans-in-heat exposition from the stilted voice of Faux Kirk, we then find Spock and his mate (and his ice chest) out in a crag-ridden landscape. Spock, who is “hornier than a three-peckered Tribble on prom night,” begins his act of wooing the Vulcan femme beside him by emotionlessly belting out some ridiculously silly come-on lines, peppered with double entendres and general Trek references, including Kirk’s battle with the Gorn and mind melding.


That Time Halle Berry Refused To Believe A Comic Writer Wasn’t Michael Dorn

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I think it’s safe to say that a lot of guys out there would love to have Halle Berry smile and introduce herself. Celebs get pestered for autographs all the time, but to have one instead approach you, especially when she’s a lovely sex symbol such as Berry, that’s the sort of anecdote you’d be driving your friends crazy with for decades. So imagine that you find yourself in that exact situation, with Berry beaming at you and telling you she’s a fan…except she thinks you’re Michael Dorn. And when you politely tell her she’s mistaken, she…doesn’t take it well. Such was the sad fate that befell comics writer Dwayne McDuffie at an early screening of Star Trek VI back in 1991.

The surreal story was recently recounted on the late McDuffie’s official website, and it’s one for the ages. See, McDuffie was invited by a friend to see Star Trek VI early. The only problem was, his friend didn’t actually have a pass for him. Nevertheless, McDuffie managed to sneak in and hunker down inside the theater. He’s trying to be low-key, because he obviously doesn’t want to get kicked out. That’s when Halle Berry and another lady sit down in the row in front of him. It would have just been a cool star sighting for McDuffie, but the pair of them kept looking back at him and giggling. Finally, Berry turns around and introduces herself, telling “Mr. Dorn” that she’s a fan and has always had a huge crush on him.


A person who is not Michael Dorn