Star Trek Retro Posters Celebrate Green Ladies And Silicon Creatures

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My unabashed love for the retro Star Trek posters created by artist Juan Ortiz is well established here on GFR. He’s been cranking them out, four per month, for around a year now, and each new batch shows the same creativity and vision as the first. If you’ve missed the earlier stories about Ortiz’s project, he’s been creating one original poster design for each of Star Trek’s 80 Original Series episodes. This time around we’ve got images for “The Devil in the Dark” (the one with the Horta), “Tomorrow Is Yesterday” (the one where the Enterprise travels back in time to 1969), “Whom Gods Destroy” (the one with the hot green ladies), and “The Lights of Zetar” (the one with the Lights of Zetar).

As always, StarTrek.com has premiered the new posters along with some commentary from Ortiz about his thinking and approach for the project. Check ‘em out below, and then we’ll have info about how you can order prints at the bottom of the story.



Colorado Pastor Condemns Star Trek Into Darkness For Promoting Bestiality

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Kirk with two alien womenThe success of Star Trek Into Darkness has stirred up a fair amount of controversy. A few months ago, there was the whole gratuitous Carol Marcus in her underwear debate that enraged the Internet for a time. Then there was the “killing millions of people in the film’s climax” melee that has been the trend with major Hollywood blockbusters this summer (for example, Man of Steel). And now it appears a preacher from Colorado feels that the sequel to J.J. Abrams’ 2009 franchise reboot promotes bestiality. I don’t remember that scene, do you?

On his daily radio show, “Generations with Vision,” Reformation Church pastor Kevin Swanson, and his co-host Dave Beuhner, publicly denounced the latest Trek film for depicting bestiality. The scene in question happens early in the film when Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) is seen in bed with two members of what Swanson calls the “wrong species.” They have tails. Swanson explained that he doesn’t want to take his children to a movie that involves interspecies romance, which he apparently considers bestiality.


Neill Blomkamp Says He Wouldn’t Direct Star Trek 3

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BlomkampWith the success of Star Trek Into Darkness, it’s only a matter of time before Bad Robot Productions and Paramount Pictures greenlight Star Trek 3. Since J.J. Abrams might be too busy with Disney, Lucasfilm, and Star Wars: Episode VII, it’s very likely the 47-year-old director might have to bow out of directing Star Trek 3. Instead J.J. Abrams might stay on as a producer, which would leave the director’s chair open, and a huge potential gig for any director working in Hollywood today. One such director has preemptively taken his name out of the running, however. District 9 director Neill Blomkamp says Star Trek 3 isn’t for him.

In an interview with Danish movie site Filmz.dk, Neill Blomkamp (above right) was asked if he would be interested in beaming onto the deck of the U.S.S. Enterprise to direct the next Star Trek sequel. While the 33-year-old director is a huge fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation, he says he would be reluctant to take such a job, in fear of studio interference.

Dude, I used to be a Star Trek: The Next Generation fan. Like, big time… But no, I probably wouldn’t do that. I don’t know if me getting involved with a franchise is the best thing for me. When studios smell franchises, they smell money. And they’ll try to do what they can to the franchise to make it make the most money it can make, and a lot of those interesting ideas kind of fall by the side of the road. So… Do I like Star Trek on its own without the politics of making it? Yes, absolutely. But do I think that you could make it in the way that I would want to make it? Probably not, which makes me not want to make it.


Bryan Fuller Wants Star Trek Back On TV, Angela Bassett In The Captain’s Chair

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FullerNow that Star Trek Into Darkness has come and gone and been furiously argued about, Trek has receded from the limelight just a little bit. No doubt it will kick into full gear again once J.J. Abrams officially confirms or denies that he’ll be directing Trek 3, but in the meantime perhaps it’s time to raise an entirely different subject: Trek making a return to its original home of television. It seems I’m not the only one who’s been dreaming about that, as Hannibalshowrunner Bryan Fuller shared his thoughts about who he’d want in the Captain’s seat a while back.

Fuller, who created such memorable but short-lived shows as Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls, had actually been trying to get a new Star Trek TV series going last year, collaborating with another Brian: director Brian Singer (X-Men: Days of Future Past). Apparently the two had each been brainstorming a new Trek TV pitch, and eventually decided to pool their resources to try and make it happen. The scuttlebutt at the time was that Fuller and Singer wanted to do a TV spinoff set on the U.S.S. Reliant, presumably still set within the “new” continuity of Abrams’ movies. Unfortunately, Fuller later said that, with the franchise focused on Abrams’ big-screen adventures, the TV series was probably a non-starter, at least for the time-being.


Sorry Trekkies, Pluto’s Moons Are Now Called Kerberos And Styx

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nasa plutoBack in February, the International Astronomical Union decided to flex its social media muscles by creating Pluto Rocks, which allowed the naming of Pluto’s two most recently discovered moons, previously called “P4″ and “P5,” to fall into the hands of voters. And the people have spoken! Well, about 500,000 of us. Not exactly the number of voters that something like The Voice gets on a weekly basis, but it’s not bad for a science-sanctioned poll. That said, I bet more people would have voted had “Adam Levine” been a choice. Sigh.

Voters had 12 names to choose from, all of which were related to Pluto’s mythological role as the Greek god of the underworld. Where they made their mistake was in allowing a write-in vote. Whereas contests in other areas may have yielded prank results, voters were very serious in following William Shatner’s beck and call to get Vulcan to win the vote. 170,000 people or so voted for it, making it a shoe-in, as three-headed demon dog Cerberus was in second-place with almost 100,000 votes. But in a movie that was very “wishy washy government style” for an international union, neither of those names actually made it.


Walking Dead, Star Trek, Twilight Zone: Independence Day Marathons This Week In Science Fiction

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DeadInsideWe’ll be celebrating Independence Day here in the States this weekend, and for most of us that means some combination of backyard barbecues, fireworks, parades, and liver-pickling alcohol abuse. But what of the antisocial, the bedridden, the buried-beneath-a-toppled-pile-of-comic-book-longboxes? Fear not, for as long as you can reach the remote, there will be plenty to keep you distracted from the fact that you’ve started drinking your own pee while you wait for rescue. We’re talking Fourth of July TV marathons!

AMC will be shotgunning a ton of Walking Dead episodes beginning at 1PM/12c on Thursday, July 4. Season one will air twice on Thursday: once as originally aired and once in their snazzy black-and-white versions, a stylish tip of the hat to the show’s comic-book origins. Season two will unspool on Friday, and then season 3 will air twice, once on Saturday and once on Sunday. Even better, the entire marathon will be hosted by Kevin Smith, and will include a preview of the upcoming fourth season.

If the black-and-white look appeals to you, you might instead want to cruise over to Syfy, where they’ll be blocking out one of their semi-regular Twilight Zone marathons. It will begin at 8/7c on Thursday with “Walking Distance,” a nostalgic, Rod Serling-scripted tale of a man longing to return to his youth.” The Twilight Zone block will continue all day and into the night, finally wrapping up at 5:30 am/4:30c Friday morning. The marathon will include classic eps such as “Time Enough at Last,” “To Serve Man,” and “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet.”