Katee Sackhoff Channels Captain Kirk And Hugs Doctor Who Monsters In New Photoshoot

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Katee Sackhoff entered the pantheon of science fiction icons with her performance as Kara “Starbuck” Thrace in Ron Moore’s 2004 Battlestar Galactica reboot series. She joined the sci-pantheon alongside unforgettable characters like Star Trek’s James T. Kirk, Babylon 5’s G’Kar, and Doctor Who’s Doctor (take your pick which one). Now she’s embracing that science fiction heritage in a very geeky photoshoot for, well, Geek Magazine. Check it out above to see Sackhoff channeling Kirk and Tom Baker’s Doctor, not to mention cozying up to a surprisingly cuddly Dalek.


Star Trek Into Darkness Writer Defends One Of The Flick’s Most Controversial Choices

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HandsStar Trek Into Darkness co-writer Roberto Orci has been in the unwanted limelight in a major way this week after basically losing his shit on Twitter and yelling at fans who didn’t like the latest Trek sequel. More specifically, he compared naysaying fans to children “acting out” against their parents, and then ramped things up even further by telling those fans to “FUCK OFF!” Of course, he soon backpedaled and apologized, but that sort of thing doesn’t go back in the box. Assuming Paramount doesn’t ship him off to anger management classes, Orci should maybe take a lesson from his writing partner Alex Kurtzman, who used the week of Star Trek Into Darkness’ Blu-ray release to speak honestly about some of the movie’s more controversial elements…without once insulting anybody.

Speaking to Blastr, Kurtzman didn’t make any apologies for Star Trek Into Darkness, not even for the bits that sent some die-hard Trekkies into the stratosphere on fiery columns of pure Nerd Rage. As you might guess…



Star Trek’s September Retro Prints Bring Us Romulans And Gamesters

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EntIncMega-talented artist Juan Ortiz is back once again with the September installment of his ridiculously awesome retro Star Trek episodic posters. For those of you who have somehow missed us raving about these things for the past year, here’s the skinny: about a year ago, Ortiz set out on a massive art project, with his goal to create an original, retro-style poster print for every single one of Star Trek: The Original Series’ 79 episodes. It’s the sort of massive commitment that will give your inner procrastinator fits, but damned if he hasn’t kept up the schedule. The latest batch of four includes prints for the episodes “The Enterprise Incident,” “Court Martial,” “The Gamesters of Triskelion,” and “That Which Survives.”

As is S.O.P. for Ortiz’s prints, the folks from StarTrek.com have posted the four new prints along with commentary from the artist himself. Check it all out below, and then we’ll have details about where you can get your hands on copies of the prints. First up is “The Enterprise Incident,” which you can see above.


Into Darkness Screenwriter Roberto Orci Apologizes For Antagonizing Star Trek Fans

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OrciA few days ago, screenwriter Roberto Orci went on a tirade after Trek Movie posted an editorial titled “Star Trek is broken — Here are ideas on how to fix it.” It’s a fantastic read, but Orci blasted commenters who agreed with the article. Considering that Roberto Orci is a professional screenwriter working in Hollywood, it was very unprofessional. While Ocri has the right to defend his work on Star Trek Into Darkness, his attitude was aggressive and condescending. Well, it looks like Orci has cooled down and is trying to apologize.

Orci took to Twitter to apologize for his rant against Star Trek fans unhappy with the recent movies. Although it also looks like Orci suspended his Twitter account, the good people at Blastr captured a few apologetic tweets before the page went down.

@masteractor not my finest moment. agreed. what can I say? i’m more than half human.

— roberto orci (@boborci) September 6, 2013

@LawrenceBoucher: Hope you know many fans don’t agree w/ article or the obnoxious comments directed at you.” Thanks. Still sorry I reacted

— roberto orci (@boborci) September 6, 2013


Star Trek Into Darkness Beams Into Your Living Room: This Week In Science Fiction

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CumberbatchThere seem to be two different types of people: on the one side, the people who enjoy J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek movies; on the other, people who want to fiddle with Abrams’ transporter pad so he gets turned inside out like that poor bastard in ST: The Motion Picture. The latter group probably won’t care that Star Trek Into Darkness is coming to home video this week, but if any of you out there are planning to burn a copy in protest, you should at least know your options.

As with most high-profile releases, STID is arriving in the usual options: a 3D Blu-ray version that also includes a Blu-ray copy, DVD copy, and a digital copy. Next down the rung is the regular Blu-ray combo pack, which includes all of the above except for, you know, the 3D disk. If you loved Into Darkness enough to want to sink some serious cash into it, there are multiple retailer-exclusive versions, which include everything from extra bonus footage to a snazzy phaser replica. The release has earned some (more) controversy in recent weeks owing to the fact that you can’t actually get all the available bonus content unless you buy multiple different copies of the movie from different retailers. That’s certainly not unheard of in the home video market, but it’s still kind of a dick move to penalize people who are willing to throw down their hard-earned cash to buy your movie in the first place.


Star Trek Into Darkness Writer Slams Naysaying Fans

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Star Trek Into DarknessStar Trek Into Darkness is this year’s Prometheus, a new film in a beloved film series that many fans thought was overrated, mediocre, and disappointing (it’s no surprise that Damon Lindelof had a hand with both sci-fi movies). Trek Movie’s Joseph Dickerson recently wrote a great editorial titled Star Trek is broken — Here are ideas on how to fix it”. In it, Dickerson explains what was thought was wrong with STID and why it was such a let down to old school fans of the series. The article naturally generated a lot of comments…including some less-than-diplomatic posts from one of Into Darkness‘ screenwriters.

The comment section of the TrekMovie.com article is a sight to see, with STID screenwriter Roberto Orci insulting Star Trek fans and defending his film. Yes, one of the actual writers of the Star Trek movie is taking it to fans for not liking the movie he wrote. The Daily Dot reports that Orci is describing other readers as “shitty fans” and telling them to “fuck off.” Trek Movie moderator Matt Wright has confirmed that the user name “boborci” is in fact screenwriter Roberto Orci. He writes:

I think the article above is akin to a child acting out against his parents. Makes it tough for some to listen, but since I am a loving parent, I read these comments without anger or resentment, no matter how misguided.

Having said that, two biggest Star Treks in a row with best reviews is hardly a description of ‘broken.’ And frankly, your tone and attidude [sic] make it hard for me to listen to what might otherwise be decent notions to pursue in the future. As I love to say, there is a reason why I get to write the movies, and you don’t.