Kirk Plants One On Uhura In New Batch Of Star Trek Retro Posters

I’m going to go into serious withdrawal once artist Juan Ortiz’s project to created retro-style posters for every episode of Star Trek’s Original Series is finally completed. I’ve gotten used to looking forward to a new cluster of them arriving with every new month, even if I haven’t got near the wall space to store even my select few favorites. In the meantime, I’ll just appreciate them while I’ve got them, especially since August’s releases include the interracial kiss that made history, when Kirk planted one on Uhura (William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols, respectively).

As always, we’ve got the four newest posters below, along with Ortiz’s commentary from StarTrek.com. Scroll down below the posters for information on how to get your own copies of the posters, as well as Ortiz’s book which collects the posters.



The Ultimate Sci-Fi Size Chart Shows You How The Enterprise Stacks Up Against Godzilla

FaceOffTo tweak a quote from the late Douglas Adams, science fiction is big. Really big. When the potential span of your subject matter encompasses the entirety of space, time, and existence, it makes sense that science fiction often goes big. Giant robots. Giant starships. Giant monsters. But with all that enormity running amok across the genre, how’s a guy to keep track of precisely how big any of it is? Why, with the handy-dandy chart below, created by DeviantArtist lexinator117 and dubbed “Size Comparison of EVERYTHING.” Well, perhaps not “EVERYTHING,” but still enough things to be entertaining.

You can go see the full, ginormous image here, or you can the chart out in chunks below (via Popsci), along with our occasional commentary. You can also click each of the images below for larger versions. It’s also worth noting that Popsci’s editing seems to have left a few of the subjects trimmed out, but you can see the full-size image for where they fit in.

From smallest to largest (with a few exceptions noted), we’ve got:



William Shatner And Gene Roddenberry’s Son On Why Star Trek Belongs Back On TV

With Star Trek Into Darkness having earned half a billion dollars worldwide, J.J. Abrams’ rebooted Trek universe isn’t going anywhere, even if some fans really, really, really want it to. Star Trek 3 is likely going to be front-burnered so it can release in 2016 for Trek’s 50th anniversary. The extent of Abrams’ involvement is unknown at this point, given that he’ll have a lot on his plate with Star Wars: Episode VII (and possibly the entire damn Star Wars universe). But with a major Trek anniversary on the immediate horizon, what about the state of Trek in the medium it originated? Both William Shatner and Gene Roddenberry’s son, Eugene, think the time is right for Star Trek to return to the small screen.


Shatner and Chris Pine: a battle for the ages!


Star Trek Fans Break A World Record, And Think Into Darkness Is The Worst Film Of The Franchise

star wars fansThis past weekend, 1,085 costumed fans attending the Star Trek convention at the Rio Las Vegas Hotel and Casino broke the world record for the largest number of costumed Trek fans all in one place, beating out the U.K. record of 1,063 set last year. While it kind of seemed obvious that it would happen, given the rabid fervor that takes over when Americans find out other people have done something better, I’m not sure anyone could have predicted the attendees’ tastes in the film franchise. A poll was held at the One Trek Mind Live panel, where fans ranked their favorite films in order, and the results are stunning.

How did people feel about J.J. Abrams’ latest effort, Star Trek Into Darkness? Apparently they would have been perfectly fine if it never existed, as it came dead last. Yeah, it finished after Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. I have to assume the wounds are still fresh from this one, and that it might rank higher in another few years, once the John Harrison dust has settled. After all, Abrams’ initial reboot finished in sixth place, so it’s obviously not just hatred for the man himself. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe some people just really hate Into Darkness that much. Stay tuned until after the third Star Trek flick comes out, and I’ll let you know.


Damon Lindelof Talks Star Trek Into Darkness, World War Z, And The Perils Of Hollywood Blockbusters

LindelofNext to J.J. Abrams and Michael Bay, he’s one of the most polarizing names in showbusiness right now. Over the past decade, Damon Lindelof’s fingerprints have been on some of the most high-profile genre projects out there. Lost. Prometheus. Star Trek Into Darkness. World War Z. Love him or hate him — just like Abrams — he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In a sprawling new interview, Lindelof is candid not just about the challenges of penning new additions to such iconic fictional worlds as Trek and Alien, but about the diminishing returns of navigating a studio system that demands ever-escalating odds for its summer blockbusters.

Speaking to Vulture, Lindelof bemoans a Hollywood screenwriting process that insists on continually ramping up both the stakes and the action, resulting in what has been referred to this past summer movie season as “apocalypse fatigue.” How many times can you watch the world saved or destroyed before you start craving a story that’s just about people? Hell, Steven Spielberg himself recently predicted that Hollywood’s ever-bigger, ever-more-expensive movies were headed for an “implosion.” The box office returns of flicks such as The Lone Ranger, White House Down, and R.I.P.D. show it’s happening as we speak.


Breaking Bad’s Hilarious Star Trek Fan Fiction Gets Animated

If you’re not a fan of AMC’s Breaking Bad — and let’s face it, you totally should be — then you missed one of the funnier moments in recent TV history. During a scene in which Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) is hanging out with two of his stoner friends, one of them — the appropriately named “Badger” (Matt Jones) — delivers such an epic bit of spoken-word Star Trek fan fiction that the Internet simply had to celebrate it. And so we get the above bit of animated brilliance.

For those of you at work or somewhere you can’t watch the video yet, here’s the basic setup. Badger tells Jesse and Skinny Pete (Charles Baker) how, during a particularly slow period of their five-year mission, the crew of the Enterprise decides to throw a pie-eating contest. The field soon narrows to only three contestants: Kirk, Spock, and Chekov. They’re neck and neck, but Spock’s the odds-on favorite because he has “perfect Vulcan control of his digestion.” Soon Kirk pukes, and it’s just Spock and Chekov, but Chekov continues to hold his own. See, the wily Russian has a secret plan, and a co-conspirator helping him win the day. Unfortunately, it soon goes horribly wrong…and I’ll let the video tell you why. Otherwise…