The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Nominated For Seven MTV Movie Awards

the-hunger-games-catching-fire-header-katniss-everdeen.jpgJust because the Oscars have come and gone doesn’t mean that awards season is completely over. The 2014 MTV Movie Awards are just over the horizon this spring with Conan O’Brien hosting the ceremony. Since MTV caters to younger viewers, the movies nominated this year reflect the network’s key demographic. It’s not shocking to see, but The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has been nominated for seven Golden Popcorns, but there are also a number of other sci-fi films up for awards, too.

Catching Fire saw nominations for Best Female Performance for Jennifer Lawrence, Best Male Performance for Josh Hutcherson, Best Fight, Best Shirtless Performance for Sam Clafin, Best Villain for Donald Sutherland’s President Snow, Best On-Screen Transformation for Elizabeth Banks turning into Effie Trinket, and, of course, Movie of the Year. I’m actually surprised that the sequel didn’t get nominated for Best Kiss.


Star Trek Into Darkness Deleted Scenes Beam Onto The Internet

Even aside from all the drama involving the whole John Harrison/Khan thing, the powers that be behind Star Trek Into Darkness’ home video release managed to piss off even the fans who liked, and planned to buy, the Trek sequel when it hit home video. As we reported last year, the Into Darkness release was a perfect example of the frustrating trend of “retailer exclusives,” meaning that if you actually want to get all the bonus features for the film, you have to buy multiple copies of the film from various sources. Even the film’s commentary track, typically one of the more must-have options for fans, had to be purchased as a separate download from iTunes. There were also a ton of deleted scenes that were only available through the Xbox SmartGlass second-screen app if you bought a copy from the Xbox video store. Until now: for the time being, at least, you can check out all the Into Darkness deleted scenes below. Watch them quickly — we have a feeling they’re going to get yanked down sooner rather than later.

Up top is an extended version of the conversation where Pike (Bruce Greenwood) demotes Kirk after learning of the Nibiru incident. Greenwood’s Pike is one of my favorite parts of the new Trek timeline, so I’m all for getting as much of him as possible.

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2013 Saturn Award Nominees Include Ender’s Game, Riddick, And More

GravityBullockAnytime the Academy Awards rolls around, there’s usually an outcry from fans that not enough genre films are recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Luckily, this year the movie that has the most nominations is Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, but even if the Academy doesn’t give science fiction the respect it deserves, there are several long-standing and prestigious awards focused specifically on honoring genre material. Last night we posted the Nebula Award nominations, and now the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films has announced its nominees for the 40th annual Saturn Awards.

Unsurprisingly, Gravity is a front-runner for the Saturns as well, earning eight nominations including Best Science Fiction Film, Best Actress for Sandra Bullock, Best Supporting Actor for George Clooney, and Best Director for Alfonso Cuarón. Gravity is tied with The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug for the most nominations. Some of the other nominees for Best Science Fiction Film are Ender’s Game, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Pacific Rim, Riddick, and Star Trek Into Darkness.


Star Trek Into Darkness Torn Apart Screen Cap By Screen Cap

SpockWhen Star Trek Into Darkness hit theaters last summer, the film didn’t receive anywhere near the love from either fans or critics that the filmmakers were hoping for. Hell, fans at a recent convention voted it the worst film in the entire Trek oeuvre, a few spots below Galaxy Quest, which I live, but isn’t even a part of the freakin’ franchise. I don’t think it’s necessarily the most terrible film in all the world—it sure isn’t great and it was a huge disappointment for many fans out there—but I don’t think it will dwell in the basement forever. The wound was just too fresh and raw to ignore. As time goes buy the stance will likely soften. Maybe. Then again, I could be completely wrong in my assessment of the situation.

No matter how you feel about the movie, this take on Into Darkness is too damn funny to pass up. Australian Tumblr user Kira retells the story of the movie through tons of screen caps. Putting her own personal spin on the material, she just eviscerates each and every last of flaw, picking at every last scab on the film. And there are so, so many. Some of jokes are clever, some are obvious, but either way, there are lots.


Star Trek Into Darkness Featurettes Explore The Flick’s VFX

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying the J.J. Abrams sequel Star Trek Into Darkness contained a shitload of CGI effects, and most of those effects looked pretty spectacular, regardless of what was actually happening within the story. As such, Into Darkness is one of those movies that probably works better when watched on mute. (Except for when Simon Pegg is on, because come on, it’s Simon Pegg.) Industrial Light & Magic recently began unveiling a few featurettes for the film, detailing just how much work went into creating some of these massive sequences. If you’d like to get a video picking apart what went into writing the script, just look at yourself shrugging in a mirror and you’ll have a good idea.


Benedict Cumberbatch Complains About That Awkward Star Trek Into Darkness Shower Scene

It’s rough out there for a sex symbol. As much as fame has its advantages, I imagine the process of stripping off your clothes for a streamy scene or photoshoot has got to be awkward as hell even for the most uninhibited stars. How much more frustrating would it be to do a zillion pushups and eat nothing but rice cakes, only to have that big skin debut left on the cutting-room floor? Such was the fate that befell Star Trek Into DarknessBenedict Cumberbatch, who shot a brief, broody shower scene for the Trek sequel that didn’t make the final cut. But then, as if to add insult to injury, director J.J. Abrams instead premiered the shower scene on Conan O’Brien’s show this past May. This past week Cumberbatch himself visited Conan, and he took the chance for a bit of good-natured self-mockery and more razzing on J.J.

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