This Superb Synthespians Poster Features All Your Favorite Robots And Then Some

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robot posterI know what you guys are thinking: We’re a website with the word robot in our name and we never ever have any stories about robots. Except for, you know, all the stories we write about robots. Taking a step back from reality, we dive wholeheartedly into the spectacular poster above for artist Scott Park’s creation “Synthespians. Robots. Cyborgs. Holograms. Computers.” It culls 66 of the most famous and recognizable electro-beings from the realm of film and television. The only problem I have with it is that it’s finite and it isn’t currently in my hands right now. I may have to send a T-1000 to Mr. Park’s place of business to “talk him out of one.”

From the biggest bots—including the Iron Giant, Optimus Prime, and Gypsy Danger—to the smallest—the likes of HAL9000, a Farscape DRD, and Adventure Time‘s BMO—Park’s collection is truly amazing. He’s got a list beneath the images that sources all of the movies and series that the characters come from, but it’s so much more fun to just try and identify them by yourself. Or with friends. (And even if you don’t have any friends, just hug your computer while you do your identifying.)


Move Over, Jacques Cousteau—This Robot Turtle Investigates Shipwrecks

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U-CATWhile drones and rovers are common in the robot-related headlines these days, robots are slowly but surely taking to the seas as well. We’ve got robotic jellyfish and robots that can change color, a la cuttlefish and octopi. Now we can add a robotic turtle to that list.


This Killer Robot Isn’t Nearly As Intimidating Once You’ve Seen It Fall On Its Face

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If you read this site on a regular basis, there’s a decent chance that you’ve spent more time than most people preparing for the eventual robot takeover. Perhaps you stockpile canned food, weapons, and EMP devices in your secret underground bunker that you dug out yourself in your backyard so it doesn’t show up on any schematics that the machines could get their grubby alloy mitts on. Then again, you could be one of those turncoats who welcomes your new robotic overlords with open arms and sells out your own species. Either way, or something in the middle, it’s starting to look like our impending doom at the hands of our own artificially intelligent creations may be a bit farther off than some of us assumed. As proof we offer up this video of a killer robot’s evil plan being foiled that most unexpected of obstacles, random crap strewn about the floor.

A while back the world met Atlas, DARPA’s terrifying humanoid robot, and we all let out a collective groan of, “well, it’s been a nice run, humanity.” We assumed that this would track us all down and slaughter us wholesale in short order, or perhaps harvest random bits of nerve and tissue to further augment their own synthetic bodies. We may have jumped the gun on proclaiming our doom just a bit, as this new video shows that Atlas has one, minor weakness, an total inability to navigate anything other than smooth, flat surfaces.


TEDx Talk Shows How Robots Can Make The World More Physically Accessible

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Henry Evans10 years ago, at the age of 40, Henry Evans suffered what many would consider their worst nightmare—a stroke that left him mute and paralyzed. After years of therapy, he was able to regain movement in his head and a single finger. This might not seem like much, but in a world of brain-machine interfaces and robot emissaries, that’s allEvans needed to be able to participate in life again.

After seeing a clip on TV about robots helping disabled people, Evans teamed up with Steve Cousins of Willow Garage and Charlie Kemp of the Healthcare Robotics Laboratory at Georgia Tech University to establish Robots for Humanity, a program that focuses on how to make the physical world accessible for people like Evans. One of the main aspects of the program involves a PR2 robot that acts as a surrogate so Evans can perform the tasks he thought he’d never be able to do for himself again, such as scratch an itch or do housework. It allowed him to perform tasks he wouldn’t have been able to do even if he were fully able-bodied, such as shave Charlie from across the country. With his robot emissary, he can do things like play soccer, or give a TEDx talk.


Robots Run This Space-Themed Chinese Hotel

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Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel Okay, China. You win. A space-themed hotel is pretty badass, but staffing it with robots? Total genius.

Given that most of us can’t shell out $250,000 to buy a ticket to low-Earth orbit on a Virgin Galactic spacecraft, we can at least pretend to be in space for only $11 a night if we can get ourselves to Shenzhen, China.


Rate Almost Human And Discuss It With Spoilers Here!

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dorianAlmost Human debuted tonight on Fox and dropped Karl Urban into a world filled with robots. So far, the show is focused entirely on the droids tasked with playing police officer, partnered up with human cops to police the grittier than ever, crime-ridden streets of a future 20-years from now. In the process though, it hints at robots doing other jobs in other walks of life, in this future world. The potential here seems limitless.

Episode 1 aired Sunday night. Episode 2 airs the following night, Monday November 18. It’s a one two punch.

For science fiction fans, on paper this show is a dream come true. But now that you’ve seen part one, where do you stand? We want to know. What do you think of Almost Human so far? Vote in our poll and sound off in the comments section here.

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