David Cronenberg On The Time He Could Have Directed Return of the Jedi

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Return of the Jedi

While Disney hasn’t yet announced who will direct the new Star Wars movie, here’s a little perspective on the coveted job from 1983. When Return of the Jedi was getting set to start pre-production, questions surrounded who would direct the third installment in the Star Wars trilogy. The job ultimately went to the late director Richard Marquand, but at one point it was offered to cult director David Cronenberg.

Jedi was released in 1983, by which point Cronenberg was already making a name for himself with odd, unforgettable films such as Scanners and Videodrome. While it could be argued that those films and Star Wars all fit within the science fiction genre, I can’t imagine why anybody would come up with the idea to let Cronenberg direct what is essentially a big, family-friendly popcorn movie. Then again, they also approached David Lynch. With all the talk about Episode VII, Digital Spy approached Cronenberg to ask about the time he could have directed a Star Wars movie:

A long time ago I was approached for one second to do a Star Wars movie, which at that time was called Revenge of the Jedi, and then it became Return of the Jedi. I was approached by Lucasfilm about that and it didn’t take them long to realize that maybe that wasn’t a good idea.


The Star Wars Speeder Bike Is Finally A Reality

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We may not have lightsabers yet, but at least one iconic element from the Star Wars universe is becoming a reality. Aerofex, a California aeronautics company, has developed the world’s first flying bike (or speeder bike), which uses a powerful fan system and special control scheme that allows anyone to drive it without training. Check out the speeder bike in action…


Barney Stinson Introduces The Ewok Line, Where Do You Fall?

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Last night on How I Met Your Mother Barney Stinson made a presentation wherein he proved that there are two types of people in the world: those who love the Ewoks, and those who hate them. What differentiates the two groups is a moment in time. Barney calls this “The Ewok Line,” and it separates the two groups on May 25, 1973.

Anyone born before that date was already 10 or older when Return of the Jedi released, and is therefore too old to have enjoyed the creatures. Anyone born after that date is young enough to have been reminded of their favorite teddy bear when the Ewoks were introduced.

The full presentation, which was cut short on the show, included a variety of slides depicting all manner of Ewok life; including the anatomy of Ewoks, eating habits, language, and the meaning of tribal garb. You can watch the full slideshow below courtesy of CBS. Be warned Ewok haters, this video uses the Yub Nub song.


Lost Return Of The Jedi Footage Leaked: Luke Builds His Lightsaber

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Celebration V is happening today and George Lucas used the gathering of Star Wars fans to announce the impending release of Star Wars on Blu-ray. All six movies will be released in high-def, all at once, in fall of 2011.

But more importantly the new Blu-ray box set will contain never before seen, lost footage from the original Star Wars trilogy. During the event Lucas showed off one of the moments they’ll include, a scene in which Luke Skywalker constructs his own lightsaber before going off to save Han Solo at Jabba’s palace.

If you’re quick, you won’t have to wait for the DVD to see it. The entire scene has leaked online, and it’s every bit as cool as you’d expect. Here it is, watch it while it lasts:

UPDATE! It seems the entire thing may be a fraud. Details here.

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