Prometheus’ Noomi Rapace On The Ultimate Threat Of Prometheus 2

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ShawPrometheus is easily one of the most frustrating films of the past decade. Sure, with Ridley Scott returning to the fictional universe he helped birth in Alien, expectations were always going to set far higher than the finished film had any chance of reaching. But most of the problems came down to a script filled with idiotic characters doing idiotic thing, which made Prometheus worse than just a flawed film: it was a film flawed in easily avoidable ways. Still, we reluctantly remain excited about the prospect of the sequel Prometheus’ final moments teased, and we aren’t the only ones. Actress Noomi Rapace, who played Elizabeth Shaw in the film, says she’s just as eager to see where Shaw and David’s voyage takes them as we are.

Speaking to MTV News, it’s no real surprise that Rapace didn’t have any specific plot bombshells to drop. At this point I’m not sure even Ridley Scott knows what the hell is going to happen in Prometheus 2. Still, she agreed that Shaw’s journey definitely has to take her to the “Paradise” of the enigmatic and occasionally genocidal engineers. Rapace told MTV, “She can’t go to Earth. There’s nothing left for her there, really. She wants to go to where they came from. … What’s there? I don’t know, but she wants answers. I feel like I’m sharing her curiosity, but also her anger.” So Shaw’s basically in the same boat as the rest of us.


Ridley Scott Talks Prometheus 2 And Blade Runner 2: Don’t Expect Xenomorphs

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RidleyRidley Scott is a busy man. His biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings opens this December, he’s getting ready to film The Martian—putting together one hell of a cast in the process—and the wheels are always turning when it comes to revisiting two of his bigger sci-fi films, Blade Runner and Prometheus. The director recently took a few minutes to address the status of both Blade Runner 2 and Prometheus 2, which is something we always appreciate.

Talking to Yahoo about Exodus, there was also a great deal of time dedicated to these two projects, and we have to admit, we’re way more interested in either one of these than seeing another Moses movie. According to the director, Prometheus 2 is well under way. He says, “Right now, as we speak, it’s being written. I’ve had 15 drafts evolving. I definitely want to do that again because I really enjoyed doing ‘Prometheus’.”


Prometheus: Fire And Stone — Five Things You Need To Know About The Comic Sequel

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PFAS-FeatYesterday Dark Horse launched Fire and Stone, an ambitious, multi-series comics event that explores the shared mythology of Aliens, Prometheus, and Predator. The story will encompass four new comics series: in addition to Prometheus: Fire and Stone, Aliens, Alien vs. Predator, and Predator series will follow, all culminating in a standalone issue to wrap up all the story threads.

Things kicked off with this week’s Prometheus: Fire and Stone #1, which follows a voyage back to LV-223, the mysterious moon that was the site of much calamity for Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and company in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. After the events of the movie, it seemed inevitable that someone would send a second mission to LV-223, but that mission doesn’t unfold exactly as you might expect. We’ll dig into the questions and revelations of Prometheus: Fire and Stone after this


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Monsters, Inc. Gets A Surprisingly Horrific Prometheus Style Makeover

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Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is a movie with major problems to be sure, and I tend to like it more than most people seem to. It’s full of characters making the absolute worst decision at every opportunity, and, admittedly, it wasn’t quite the triumphant return to the Alien universe we all hope it would be. But for all of its myriad flaws, one thing it does totally nail is the ominous, bleak tone and feel. Aesthetically, if nothing else, Scott creates one hell of a world, but what if that overall appearance and atmosphere was transferred to another movie, say Pixar’s Monsters, Inc.? If you’ve been wondering what that might look like, wonder no more, as this video combines these two disparate entities, with surprising results.

While you might not normally expect a dark sci-fi film to mesh well with what is essentially a bright, kid-centric affair, they oddly enough go together very well. This isn’t your standard, everyday mash up, though. YouTuber The Usual Suspect takes elements from Monsters, Inc. and simply tweaks them, giving them a Prometheus-esque makeover, rather than combining the two.


Ridley Scott Updates Both Blade Runner 2 And Prometheus 2

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BladeRunnerRidley Scott has never been a filmmaker content to sit back and take a break. He’s always got at least a couple of big movies in the works, like the Moses epic Exodus: Gods and Kings with Christian Bale that opens in December, or Matt Damon-starring Mars adventure The Martian, slated for release on November 2015. But no matter what he’s actually working on, there’s always talk of revising some of his earlier films. Rumors about Blade Runner 2 and various jaunts into the Alien universe (lately in the form of Prometheus movies), in particular, just never quite go away. The director recently spoke on both counts.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Scott indicated that Blade Runner 2 may not be quite as far off as we all suspect. This is one of those movies that, despite constant chatter, I never actually anticipate getting made, but if Scott is being truthful, it might happen sooner than we all think (like maybe in my lifetime). He said, “It’s written and it’s damn good. Of course it involves Harrison, who is a survivor after all these years – despite the accident (referring to Ford’s Star Wars injury). So yes, that will happen.”


Prometheus: Fire And Stone Trailer Sets Up Epic Comics Crossover

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We’ve been hugely excited about Dark Horse’s upcoming Fire and Stone mega-event for months now, and the newest trailer for the series is only making it worse. Launching in September, Prometheus: Fire and Stone will kick off a multi-series shared storyline that will dive deep into the shared mythology of the Aliens, Predator, and Prometheus franchises. Those worlds have all been linked to varying degrees on the big screen, but Fire and Stone is set to explore the connections more thoroughly than ever before. If you haven’t already, check out the Prometheus: Fire and Stone trailer up top before we go any further.

After the first issue of of Prometheus: Fire and Stone launches in September, the four other series will unfold with an issue per week, setting up an eight-week cycle of the Prometheus book, the Aliens book, the Alien vs. Predator title, and Predator: Fire and Stone. While each of the four series will have its own storyline, characters and events from each will overlap each other, creating a larger narrative structure that will culminate in a standalone wrap-up issue after they’ve all completed their runs.

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