Netflix Is Dropping Doctor Who And Red Dwarf Soon, Here Are The Details

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SadDocWith a new Doctor in Peter Capaldi and one chapter of his adventures with Clara closed in tragic fashion, the long wait for season 9 of Doctor Who has begun. Thankfully, you can revisit most of the Doctor’s “modern” adventures — beginning with Christopher Eccleston and stretching through the David Tennant and Matt Smith years — on Netflix. I would be very surprised if some of you weren’t in the midst of a trip back through those episodes as I write this. Well, I’ve got some bad news for all you Whovians: Netflix will be dropping Doctor Who from its streaming lineup at the end of the month, along with other British favorites such as Who spinoff Torchwood, cult favorite Red Dwarf, and a ton of other British fare.


Primeval: New World Trailer Has Dinosaurs, Giant Snakes, And A Flamethrower

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If you’re a fan of the British series Primeval, or think you might enjoy a show about time-space anomalies spitting dinosaurs out all over the place, we may have just the solution for you. The original Primeval has crossed the pond and spawned a North American spin-off, appropriately entitled Primeval: New World. From the looks of this new trailer for the series, it looks like we can expect…well, pretty much the same stuff as in Primeval, but with slightly fewer British accents.