Watch This Trailer For Surreal Post-Apocalyptic Ethiopian Love Story Crumbs

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If you’ve never given much thought to whether or not you wanted to watch a surreal, post-apocalyptic Ethiopian love story, you should, because you’re definitely going to want to check out Crumbs. The film, which fits all of these criteria, recently premiered, and if this trailer is any indication, this is going to one hell of a ride.

You can’t help but get an Alejandro Jodorowsky vibe from this short look at Crumbs. There’s a definite kinship with films like El Topo and The Holy Mountain. There is all kinds of craziness going on here, and the entire trailer is full-to-bursting with stark, unsettling imagery. There’s what appears to be an evil Santa Claus, a Nazi with what looks like Mickey Mouse ears, decrepit carnival rides, lions, and much more. And that’s not even counting all the strange things tumbling through space, like knick-knacks, a Michael Jackson album, and a toy sword (when we hear about the first scene in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, where a lightsaber reportedly falls to the surface of a planet, this is how I picture it looking).


This Turbo Kid Trailer Is A Mad Max Throwback On A BMX Bike

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When you think of the Sundance Film Festival, the first thing that pops into your mind aren’t campy, bloody, post-apocalyptic throwbacks, but after watching this new trailer for Turbo Kid, you might just change your tune. (This is one of at least two post-apocalyptic joints at the fest this year, the other we know of being Z for Zachariah.) This is one that you’ll want definitely want to check out.

This has the look and feel of the cheap international Mad Max knock offs from the early 1980s down perfectly, from the story to the tone to those cobbled together post-apocalyptic costumes, improvised weapons like a contraption that shoots saw blades, and that sharp, Casio keyboard sounding score. Turbo Kid is even set in the far off future of 1997.


This Z For Zachariah Clip Dances While The World Burns

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The Sundance Film Festival is the marquee gathering for independent cinema on American shores, and the fest kicked off in earnest last night, unveiling the unique, powerful, and unusual movies we’ll be talking about for the next year. Tucked in among the dramas and character studies, there’s always a handful of interesting takes on science fiction, and one of the ones we’re most excited to see this year is Z for Zachariah. And if you, like us, don’t happen to be in Park City for the premiere, this is your first look at the post-apocalyptic drama.

Z for Zachariah is based on Robert C. O’Brien’s novel of the same name. Written at the height of the cold war, it’s a very 1970s/1980s style of post-apocalyptic fiction. There are no zombies or global pandemics to contend with, this is an old-fashioned nuclear apocalypse, and considering the Doomsday Clock just ticked one notch closer to midnight, it feels especially pressing right now.


This Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer Is More Insane Than You Ever Dreamed

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Well holy shit, this is a happy surprise. Mad Max: Fury Road, George Miller’s long-awaited return to the post-apocalyptic wastes he first visited in 1979, has been one of our most anticipated movies over last few years, and even though we still have to wait until May 15, 2015 to see it, our enthusiasm has not diminished one bit. In fact, when Warner Bros. does things like unleash this new trailer, it makes us want to go into some kind of hypersleep so this will be the first thing we see when we wake up in six months. But don’t my word for it, check out the madness for yourself.


Shia LeBeouf And Jai Courtney Get Post-Apocalyptic In This Grim Man Down Photo

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Man DownPost-apocalyptic stories are everywhere, on our TVs, in our teen-centric science fiction, and definitely in our movie theaters. That probably says something about our collective state of mind (the last time the genre was even close to this ubiquitous the Cold War was in full effect and we all thought we were going to get nuked), but I’m not going to argue with a slew of new films about our wrecked future, especially if we get some as good as the likes of Snowpiercer and The Rover. Man Down is looking to get in on this act, and we’ve got the first grim picture for you check out.

There’s not a lot of context for this image, but you get the point they’re trying to make, it’s fairly obvious and straight forward. It shows stars Shia LeBeouf and Jai Courtney, looking suitably grizzled and post-apocalyptic, pointing their guns at what may be Clifton Collins Jr., it’s hard to tell exactly who that is under his crazy beard and long hair.


Post-Apocalyptic Surfers Run Wild In This First Look At Territorial Pissings

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We’re going to go ahead and assume that your Sunday is not as awesome or ridiculous as it could be, and we’re going to do what we can to help you out in that regard. To this end we’ve got your first look at Juancho Otalvaro’s Territorial Pissings, which is a wild, untamed throwback to the crazy, post-apocalyptic cult faves of the 1980s. Check out this first trailer and a collection of stills from what is sure to be an insane time, that, if you’re into a certain style of cinematic exploitation, you’re totally going to dig.

If you’ve ever encountered bizarre 1987 schlock fest Surf Nazis Must Die (one of the leads is most recognizable as the face of a series of laxative commercials in the 1990s), then Territorial Pissings may seem a bit familiar. There’s a similar Mad Max meets Point Break vibe, even down to the pulsing synth score and the font they use, and we’re more than okay with that. We ran across this over at Twitch, and we couldn’t be more delighted to fill our weekend, and hopefully yours, with some ludicrous sleaze of a variety you don’t often run across anymore.

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