Neill Blomkamp Talks Alien, Ripley, Finality, And Much, Much More

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AlienRipNeill Blomkamp’s Chappie doesn’t even open until next Friday, but talk of his next film, a turn in Ridley Scott’s Alien universe, has already almost entirely eclipsed that (okay, not really, we’re still stoked to see the robot adventure, but he seemingly can’t talk to anyone without fielding a barrage of questions about his Alien movie). We don’t know much of what the story entails, but the writer/director did confirm that it involves the most important piece of the puzzle (even more so than the snarling, drooling, H.R. Giger-designed Xenomorphs): Ellen Ripley.

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise. One, it’s not really an Alien movie without her, and two, when Blomkamp released some of the concept art he’d been working on at the beginning of the year, she figured prominently in those images.


Here’s How Die Antwoord Wound Up In Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie

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Around these parts, we’re pretty stoked for Neill Blomkamp’s upcoming robot saga Chappie. Even if we didn’t love his last picture, Elysium, he has a fantastic visual sense, and his debut, District 9, ranks up there among our favorite recent sci-fi pictures. And it’s about robots, which you probably noticed, we’re quite fond of. The film features a strong cast, including Dev Patel, Hugh Jackman, and Sigourney Weaver, but in an unusual bit of casting, it also stars Yolandi Vi$$er and Ninja, better known as South African rap-rave duo Die Antwoord. It’s a move that has raised some eyebrows, but this new featurette digs into the choice and the influence of the two musicians.

In this behind-the-scenes look, they talk about their style, known as Zef, which involves a lot of street swagger and an I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude. It’s easy to see why Blomkamp, also a South African, would choose them to lend an air of authenticity and organic credibility to his latest endeavor.


Check Out These Two Chappie Clips Burn The World To Ash

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The hot news of the past day or so has to be that Neill Blomkamp is going to direct a new Alien movie, which is, admittedly, pretty damn awesome. But well before that, we still have his robot drama Chappie coming down the pipe shortly. It looks like an action packed combination of RoboCop and Short Circuit, and now we’ve got two new clips to check out.


Neill Blomkamp Is Making His Alien Movie Next, Here’s How It Fits In The Timeline

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alienNeill Blomkamp’s Chappie is in the final stretch before it opens in a couple weeks on March 6, but the South African filmmaker has already lined up his next project, and it’s a big one. After a long gestating Halo adaptation failed to materialize, the District 9 and Elysium director has be reluctant to work with major studios, but he will team up with 20th Century Fox and make Alien 5. That’s right, Blomkamp is going to dip his toe into the universe created by Ridley Scott back in 1979.

Earlier this year, Blomkamp released some concept art for an Alien movie he was working on, but he gave the impression that it was something he was doing as a lark, not necessarily anything that was going to happen. A couple of weeks ago, he was quoted as saying that Fox was totally down to back his Alien project, but he was actually the one holding things up.


Watch These Five Chappie TV Spots Explore The Savior Of Humanity

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Neill Blomkamp’s action packed robot drama Chappie is just over two weeks away, and as we’re getting near to the final promotional push, Sony has released five more badass new TV spots for their movie that looks like the love child of RoboCop and Short Circuit. We mean that in the best possible way, and over the course of these videos, the story starts to come into clearer focus.

Set in a dystopian near future where everything has gone totally to shit (isn’t that always the way?), Chappie tells the story of an inventor (Dev Patel), who creates the first artificially intelligent robot, an invention that couldn’t have come at a better time for humanity. He must bring peace to a world that has devolved into complete and utter chaos, so there’s no pressure or anything on the robot that’s basically a child experiencing the wonder of the world for the first time. In order to do this, however, as you can see in this ad, Chappie is going to have to kick a lot of ass to insure peace. And you get to see Hugh Jackman, a rival inventor, and his mullet, be a raging dick. So there’s that.


This Is The Holdup With Neill Blomkamp’s Alien Movie

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neill-blomkamp-was-developing-an-alien-film-and-heres-some-concept-art-1-578x578Early this year, Neill Blomkamp released a bunch of concept art for an Alien movie he had been working on. It looked crazy awesome, and the idea of the visionary director of District 9 and Elysium delving into that particular universe sounded incredible. But it was unclear if it was something he was doing for fun, or if it was an actual project that was in the works but petered out. We’ve now learned the real deal, and the truth is that the only thing standing between us and Neill Blomkamp’s Alien movie is actually Neill Blomkamp himself.

His latest, the allegorical robot adventure Chappie (which looks like the bastard child of RoboCop and Short Circuit, and I mean that in the best possible way), comes out in a few weeks and he’s been hitting the promotional circuit hard. Talking to Uproxx, the director shed some light on his Alien endeavor.