Matt Damon Joins Alexander Payne For This Dystopian Comedy About Shrinking People

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Matt DamonWhen you think of Alexander Payne, the first thing that springs to mind isn’t necessarily science fiction. The director is best known for his touching comedic dramas, or dramatic comedies depending on your point of view, like Nebraska, The Descendants, and Election. It appears, however, he’s bringing his unique sensibilities to a very sci-fi sounding project, and he’s dragging a big time movie star along for the ride.

Deadline reports that Matt Damon is joining Payne for his long-gestating geopolitical comedy Downsizing. Set in Norway in the not too distant future, humans now have the ability to shrink themselves, and being 1/8 of our normal size means that resources will last longer and the planet will be less crowded. When you do this, you become a “Small” and join special small, prefab societies protected by nets to keep bugs out.


Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Team Up With Syfy For A Futuristic Thriller

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Damon and AffleckSyfy has a ton of potentially great science fiction shows in the works, including adaptations and event series and time travel, among many others, but this latest addition to their development schedule may quickly become their highest profile project yet, based solely on the names involved behind the scenes. Two of the biggest stars in the world, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, are teaming up with the network as it makes the push to get back to focusing on creating original content.

Syfy announced that the two friends, and Oscar-winning screenwriters (Good Will Hunting), are working to develop a series called Incorporated, in association with Affleck’s Pearl Street Films and CBS Television Studios. The series is described as “a futuristic espionage thriller set in a world where corporations have seemingly unlimited power,” and is “the story of one man’s effort to beat the system.”


Matt Damon Styles It Up For First Still From The Zero Theorem

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damonThere is something so exquisitely fitting about the darkly comedic sci-fi film The Zero Theorem being a Terry Gilliam movie. It mixes lofty story goals with oddball characters, which describes every single one of his previous works. At least, I think the movie has those things. The film has a plotline and little else to go on. Usually, a Gilliam film goes through at least a year of troubled production, the entirety of which is reported on. But there’s something different about this one. It’s already done.

Now that we’ve gotten our first look at Matt Damon, thanks to Bleeding Cool, there’s very little doubt that this could be the greatest movie ever to exist. Well, not really, but he looks quite amazing in that not-quite-zebra jacket and tie, sitting in a chair that is either made out of the same material or covered by it. Either way, it’s a black-and-white explosion, especially when you factor in his black glasses and short, bone-white hair.