Sci-Fi Travel Posters Invite You To The Futures Of WALL-E, Looper, And More

WALL-EWith another Christmas marked off of the calendar, many people are spending the day traveling, whether packed into a commuter plane, road-tripping back home, or maybe even using some sort of wormhole-based teleportation device. And sure, I’m sure most of the travelers out there have only one destination in mind — home — you might want to consider taking a detour to some of the world’s more exciting locations. Oh, but they’re also fictional. Should I have mentioned that first?

These snazzy retro-style travel posters are the work of artist Justin Van Genderen, part of a project he calls “location . location . location.” The films referenced in the series range from old classics like Casablanca and Lawrence of Arabia to more recent fare such as The Avengers and J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot. In addition to that latter one, he has several other science fiction films included in the bunch, and we’re highlighting them here.


Visit A Piece Of Modern Sci-Fi History At Looper’s Diner Set

Looper DinerOne of the most surprising science fiction hits from 2012 was writer/director Rian Johnson’s Looper. Johnson has always been a good source for smart, entertaining movies, like his previous films Brick and The Brothers Bloom, but the time traveling action film really elevated (no pun intended) his game. The story of a hit man sent back in time to be executed by his younger self, captured the imagination of genre fans and general audiences alike. Now that it’s out on home video, Looper can find a new audience to entertain.

Strangely, one of the sets from Johnson’s film is still on location, seemingly abandoned by Looper’s production team. The diner, where the young Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) meets with his older self (Bruce Willis), remains in the middle of an open field along Highway 1010 near Napoleonville, Louisiana. A majority of the film was shot in New Orleans, which doubled for Kansas City in the year 2042. Looper also filmed in Shanghai, as a co-production with the Chinese company DMG Entertainment.

During principle photography, while the production team was building, many of the locals asked when the new restaurant was going to open for business. This is understandable considering how much the structure resembles a real-life diner, rather than a film set. While the diner never served actual flapjacks or coffee, it did showcase one of the more thrilling action sequences between young Joe and old Joe.

The diner is the location of one of the most memorable moments in Looper, where future Joe tells his present day self not to spend too much time thinking about the technical aspects of time travel. This scene also warns audiences not to be consumed with the mechanics of time travel, but rather to just enjoy the story as it unfolds. This is a brilliant piece of writing from Johnson, if you ask me.

One Looper fan took the time to track down the leftover set. Bailee Grissom, a student from New Orleans, traveled far and wide through back roads and highways trying to find the diner. When she eventually stumbled upon the location, she was surprised to see that it was in such good condition. Although the doors were locked, Grissom took a few snapshots through the windows and doors. She even tweeted them to Rian Johnson, who in turn posted the photos on the official Looper tumblr.

Considering the location and preserved condition, it’s curious to think if someone would want to open an actual diner in the existing set. New owners could easily make it a great off-the-beaten-path tourist destination, and advertise it as a location from the film.

Grissom posted the set’s coordinates on Google Maps, so other fans can experience a piece of movie history for themselves. Watch the diner face-off scene from Looper below:


Looper Videos Dig Into The Film’s Special Effects

Rian Johnson’s Looper is one of the best science fiction movies in recent memory. The film seamlessly blends digital special effects into the frames to create a futuristic world where extreme poverty and class strife run rampant, and some people have developed telekinetic powers, able to move things with the power of their mind. This pair of videos illustrates the process that went into creating what, on the surface, look like simple visual effects.


Looper’s Time Machine Is Up For Sale

Rian Johnson’s Looper is one of the best, most ambitious science fiction films in recent memory. It’s also got the jankiest, most cobbled-together-looking time machine since Marty McFly and Doc Brown rigged the DeLorean to be pushed up to 88 miles per hour by that train in Back to the Future 3.

You never really get a great look at the apparatus in the film, but the appearance makes sense considering time travel has been outlawed, and you can imagine that a black market time machine wouldn’t be the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen. However, if you have an excess of cash burning a hole in your pocket, not to mention a relatively large place to put it, you can now own the time machine from Looper. Wouldn’t you like to sit in this and pretend to be Bruce Willis for a while?



Time to Watch All Of Looper’s Errors In Three Minutes

While I won’t spoil things just to be a jerk about it, be advised you should watch the film before reading the following.

You don’t have to be a movie Nazi to be able to pick apart the errors that are doubtlessly embedded in almost every time travel movie out there, but you do have to be paying attention. And isn’t that what movies are all about? Just paying attention. Wait, fuck that. Movies are generally supposed to make sense while they’re doing their storytelling, but we all know sci-fi takes its fair share of liberties. Well, now that the good-eyed good guys at the CinemaSins are on the job, no movie is safe. Not even a movie that could theoretically come back in time and stop CinemaSins from even putting this video together.

Yes, Rian Johnson’s sci-fi time-crime-traveling thriller Looper is the latest to carry the scars of CinemaSins’ plot-dissecting talons, and boy did they pick some good ones. From easy marks such as the makeup and Bruce Willis’ wig for one scene, to diner posters advertising “Soy Steak,” these 43 entries seem shortsighted when put up against the larger numbers of Avengers and Dark Knight Rises. But that could be a reflection of time travel being more inherently realistic than Mark Ruffalo getting angry. Stay tuned all the way to the end of the video for a nice Pulp Fiction reference.


Looper Director Rian Johnson On Whether He Would Take The Star Wars: Episode VII Gig


Until Disney finally gets around to officially announcing the director or Star Wars: Episode VII, pretty much every noteworthy director in town has been rumored or suggested for the gig, from proven veterans like Steven Spielberg to up-and-comers like Safety Not Guaranteed’s Colin Trevorrow. One of the more intriguing suggestions is Looper writer/director Rian Johnson. I’d love to see what Johnson could do with a Star Wars film, but Johnson himself seems more interested in playing his own sandbox, rather than George Lucas’.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Johnson admits that he’d be tempted by the offer, but for now is more interested in telling his own stories:

I don’t think I’m on those sorts of lists. On the one hand, it’s Star Wars, it would be very hard to say no to.

On the other hand, for me, I’m really enjoying just writing my own stuff, and right now that’s what I’m doing, I’m writing another original screenplay now, and we’ll figure out how to get it made.

That’s sort of what I’m in it for, is telling my own stories, and seeing if we can strike out on some new ground. So, luckily I don’t think it’s a problem that I’ll have to deal with!

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