Here’s What Independence Day 2 Is About And It May Get A Name Change

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independence dayWith some of the key pieces of casting in place, Roland Emmerich’s long gestating Independence Day 2 seems to be rolling along, it only took almost 20 years. Survivor’s Remorse star Jessie Usher recently joined the film to play the stepson of Will Smith’s Steven Hiller from the first film, and Liam Hemsworth, whose name has been mentioned in regards to the film, also climbed on board along with returning star Jeff Goldblum. We’re now hearing some plot details, as well as what we can expect to call this bad boy and potential news about the future of the franchise.

Most of this report from Bloody Disgusting is information we’ve heard before, though scattered and some of it popped up so long ago we had forgotten about it (or forced it from our collective memory). First up, the film will reportedly go by the title ID Forever, which is not the greatest title in the world. This is one piece that we hoped they were going to leave in the past, but apparently that is not the case.


Independence Day 2 Just Cast Will Smith’s Son…

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Jessie Usher…but don’t worry, they didn’t actually cast Will Smith’s son. No, Jaden is not picking up fighting aliens where his dad and Jeff Goldblum left off in 1996. But back as far as 2013 we’ve heard that Roland Emmerich’s long gestating sequel focuses on the stepson of Smith’s Captain Steven Hiller. You remember him, he’s that adorable little kid who hangs out with Vivica A. Fox. Well now he’s all grown up and being played by Jessie Usher. The production has also added two more players, one returning star in the person of Jeff Goldblum, and a newcomer, Liam Hemsworth.

This news comes form The Hollywood Reporter. If you’re not familiar with Usher, he’s done a lot of one-offs on procedural TV shows, but he is best known as the lead on Starz’ Survivor’s Remorse. To be honest, I’d never heard of that series until just now, but it’s apparently produced by Lebron James and follows a basketball star named Cam Calloway (Usher), who moves to Atlanta after going pro.


Is Independence Day 2 Bringing Back This Fan Favorite Character?

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We’re living in a world that has toyed with the concept of an Independence Day sequel for almost as many years as the first film has been out. The project finally got the official green light from Fox last month, and now we can really get down to the speculative nitty gritty, which kicks off with this potentially cryptic tweet from director Roland Emmerich himself.


Dean Devlin Talks Independence Day 2 And Updates The Stargate Reboot

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ID4WhitehouseThere’s been talk of Independence Day 2 damn near since the first one was released in 1996 and became a massive hit. After tons of false starts, rumored script battles, and casting troubles, it appears that things are finally moving forward. There’s even a June 24, 2016 release date scheduled that will get the movie into theaters just in time for the Fourth of July weekend they ruled 20 years before. Producer Dean Devlin has been discussing the project, and recently shared some information about why they’re only shooting one movie this time out, what the star and script situations looks like, and even touched on the Stargate reboot with director Roland Emmerich.

The original plan was to film Independence Day 2 and Independence Day 3 back-to-back. That was the idea for years, even before it was the thing that everyone did, but as it turns out, they’re going to take the future of the franchise one movie at a time. This move makes sense, as popular as the first film was, it’s been a long time, and Devlin, Emmerich, and company want to make sure there’s still public interest before diving in. Devlin said:


Independence Day 2 Is Officially A Go, Get The Details Here

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independence dayThere’s been so much talk of Independence Day 2 that who the hell knows what’s going on. It’s going to be one movie, it’s going to be two movies, Will Smith is back, Will Smith isn’t back, there’s a script for if Will Smith is back and one for if he isn’t. One thing is certain, however, this is in fact now officially happening.

Deadline reports that 20th Century Fox has given a green light to the long gestating sequel, there’s even a start and a tentative release date scheduled. Filming is now slated to kick off in May of 2015, with a public unveiling on the books for June 26, 2016. At least you’ll be able to go to a theater and see Independence Day 2 on Independence Day if you’re so inclined, and this will mark the 20th anniversary of the first film. That is, unless the schedule gets bumped around, which often happens with these things, especially this far out. We’ll have to wait and see, but odds are they’ll try to keep it as close to the 4th of July as they can.


Independence Day 2 Shifts Release Date To This

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independence dayAt this point in our lives, we all secretly assume that Roland Emmerich’s long-gestating Independence Day 2 is really just an explosive oasis forever hovering on the horizon, right? 20th Century Fox has once again changed the sequel’s distant future release date, but instead of pushing it forward, they’re bringing it back towards us. By a week, to be exact, as cinemagoers can now look forward to alien warfare taking place on June 24, 2016. I suppose someone somewhere celebrates their own day of independence at the end of June.

Independence Day 2 was set for release on July 1, 2016, and it isn’t quite clear why the date was changed. The switch puts it head to head with Universal’s upcoming The Mummy, which is being rebooted into their new connected monster universe (which includes last weekend’s Dracula Untold). But Emmerich’s film has gotten away from direct competition with Warner Bros.’ Tarzan, Sony’s Angry Birds, and Buena Vista’s The BFG, that Roald Dahl novel adaptation Steven Spielberg is set to direct next year. That’s stiff competition for any movie, much less a cobwebby sequel without Will Smith in the lead. (Not that Smith is an instant box office monster these days, but still.)

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