Giant Freakin’ Fall Preview: Sci-Fi Movies And TV Through The End Of 2013

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RiddickThe summer moviegoing season is finally winding to a close, with some unexpected victors (http://www.giantfreakinrobot.com/topic/world-war-z), some awesome surprises (Europa Report), and some big fat duds (R.I.P.D: Budget estimated at $130 million, worldwide gross of $59 million). Now it’s time to look forward to fall. For the movies, that mainly means Oscar bait and interesting smaller films; on the TV front it means new shows. Some will succeed, some will fail…and we hope at least one of them will actually be good. Here’s what to look forward to in the final months of 2013!


Riddick (September 6)
After Chronicles of Riddick bombed at the box office in 2004 — it took in $92 million worldwide, against a $105 million budget — it looked like the adventures of the anti-heroic Richard B. Riddick were done on the big screen. Instead, director David Twohy and star Vin Diesel have resurrected the franchise pretty much through sheer force of will (and the leveraging of Diesel’s house). Riddick looks to be a return to the formula that worked so well the first time: Riddick being a badass and killing things in the dark. Twohy and Diesel obviously still have big plans for the character, so here’s hoping if we get a fourth one, it finds a way to mix the best elements of Chronicles and Pitch Black.


Her: Joaquin Phoenix Falls In Love With Artificial Intelligence In Spike Jonze’s Latest

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Spike Jonze took his background in directing music video and commercials and turned himself into one of the most creative filmmakers in Hollywood. His debut, Being John Malkovich, is a bizarre ride that managed to gain mainstream success, and even wrangled an Academy Award nomination for Jonze. His follow up, Adaptation, is arguably even stranger, and enjoyed moderate success while capturing another Oscar nom. He hasn’t released a new movie since 2009’s adaptation of the Maurice Sendak classic Where The Wild Things Are, which received mixed reviews from critics and little attention from general audiences. From the look of this new trailer, Jonze’s latest offering, Her, could very well get director back in the good graces of film lovers.

Warner Bros released the first trailer for Her, a story that captures the budding love between a man and his computer. Jonze isn’t subtle with his social satire, but the video looks good, and features amazing music from the likes of Karen O and Aphex Twin. While the premise seems to be on the silly side, Jonze is sure to infuse the movie with a slick look that will appeal to any burgeoning hipsters in the audience.

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