Are Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, And Mark Hamill In London For Star Wars: Episode VII?

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han luke leia star warsEvery day that passes means we’re all a little bit closer to next year’s release of J.J. Abrams’ highly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII, and that in turn means we’re even closer to the production start date for the long-gestating next entry in the Star Wars saga. And if we can extrapolate once more, it means we’re that much closer to finding something out about the movie that isn’t just a rumor, specifically whether or not Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher are seriously going to appear in the trilogy or not. For now, though, we’re playing Giant Freakin’ Detective and connecting some fairly obvious clues.

Fortunately, Entertainment Weekly did some of the dirty work for us, which is good since my private detective license didn’t arrive in the mail yet. They’ve rounded up examples placing Ford, Hamill, and Fisher all in the city of London, the home of Pinewood Studios, where much of Episode VII‘s production will take place. Sure, it’s possible that three of the most recognizable actors on the face of the planet can all be in the same city as the film that they’re supposedly starring in without it meaning anything, as coincidences are as common as midi-chlorians. But I don’t think we’d be hearing about their mini-vacations in such a mysterious manner.


Harrison Ford Shares Behind The Scenes Insight From Star Wars

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harrison-fordHarrison Ford has had a long, storied career. He’s played the president who kicks people off his airplane, used a bullwhip in new and inventive ways, and traveled to a galaxy far, far away. Given that production has just started on Star Wars: Episode VII, and many of us assume Ford will reprise his iconic role as Han Solo one more time, it’s that bit many people are most interested at the moment. Over the weekend the 72-year old actor participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything session, and, as you can imagine, people asked him about his time as a scruffy-looking Nerf Herder.

Ford didn’t drop any new details about Episode VII, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone at this point. Though the secrecy may be entirely pointless, that doesn’t that director J.J. Abrams, Disney, Lucasfilm, or anyone involved are going to loosen up anytime soon. He did, however, tells some fun, interesting behind the scenes stories form his time working with George Lucas and company.


Harrison Ford Is Up For Blade Runner 2 If The Script Is Right

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BladeRunnerRidley Scott dumped Blade Runner in our laps in 1982, and the landscape of science fiction cinema has never been quite the same. You can still see the influence of the visual style and world building in movies and television today, and damn near every sci-fi film in between. Just look at Pacific Rim and Almost Human if you need examples from just the past year. In the 30 plus years that have followed the iconic release, talk of a sequel has popped up from time to time. Over the last few years there’s been a great deal of talk about Blade Runner 2, and one key piece of the puzzle, star Harrison Ford, is interested in reprising one of his most memorable roles.

During a Reddit Ask Me Anything over the weekend, Ford sounded receptive to the prospect of playing protagonist Rick Deckard, though not so gung-ho that he’ll sign on to any old movie just because it happens to be called Blade Runner 2. If this film does happen, and he does decide to take part, the project has to meet some very specific criteria.


Harrison Ford Ducks The Episode VII Question And Makes Benedict Cumberbatch’s Day

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Nobody knows anything about Star Wars: Episode VII. Well, okay, that’s not entirely true. We know the basics. We know J.J. Abrams is directing it, and co-writing it with Lawrence Kasdan. We know it’s the first film of a new trilogy, and of a larger Star Wars cross-media push now that George Lucas’ beloved fictional universe is under the banner of the Mouse. Aaaaaaand…well, that’s pretty much it. Everything else is rumor and speculation. Now some rumors border on the inevitable, such as the involvement of Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill, but no matter how almost certain that possibility may be, until it’s in a Disney press release, it ain’t confirmed.


Harrison Ford Is Interested In Returning For Blade Runner 2

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rick deckardFilm fandom allows for very fickle behavior. Loving a movie often implies nothing would be better for the viewer than spending more time in that cinematic universe, but the subject of extending that universe into sequels is where the conversation turns sour, with only the most extreme opinions getting voiced: “Sequels suck!” or “Sequels rule!” Ridley Scott’s proposed and possibly upcoming follow-up to 1982’s genre classic Blade Runner is enough to start a battle between people who otherwise agree on everything, and now there is a little more fuel for that fire. Harrison Ford recently told IGN that he is definitely considering coming bac for a sequelk, and really seems to be leaning in that direction. This was already a considerable possibility that seemed likely, but now the man himself is saying it. I mean, assuming this was the real Harrison Ford and not some Hollywood-manufactured duplicate.

While Ford has generally been keeping mum on the matter, he opened up during an interview promoting Ender’s Game. When asked if he’d be interested in returning for another film if the script was right, Ford said, “Uh, yeah. We’ve been chatting about it.” I guess he could have meant he and his barber were talking about it, but we’ll assume he meant Scott.


Harrison Ford Offered $1,000 To Divulge Episode VII Info To Conan O’Brien

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Conan O’Brien is no stranger to getting big stars to unveil important information about upcoming projects. Granted, the info is either fake or slightly exaggerated half of the time, so it’s no surprise that he didn’t get a lot of key information about J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII out of Han So…I mean, Harrison Ford for his most recent appearance on Conan’s show. Not that anyone would really expect rumor-trouncing facts from a pre-taped late night show. Some audience member would have put any pertinent info on Twitter immediately.

Considering Ford has been answering questions about Star Wars longer than I’ve been alive, it’s understandable that he’s probably sick of getting the same old fanboy inquiries. But he plays it all gamely, with such professionalism, you might even think he secretly enjoys it. Just see his panel work from this year’s Comic-Con to see what I mean. But you know Conan is always going to do something different from some random fan at a Q&A. And pulling $1,000 out of an inner jacket pocket isn’t normal behavior for anyone, much less someone seeking Star Wars info.

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