That Gremlins Reboot Ran Out Of Steam And Won’t Happen, Details Here

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GremlinsIf often feels like damn near every movie or TV show we talk about is a reboot, sequel, or some other kind of revisitation. But for every one of these titles we see on the tube or in theaters, it’s easy to forget that not all of them come to fruition. Now we can add another one to the not-gonna-happen scrap heap (at least for now, nothing is ever completely sacred, off limits, or totally safe): Gremlins.

This idea has been kicking around for a while, and Warner Bros. has been trying to get it off the ground for years. Last we heard, Chris Columbus, who wrote the screenplay for the first film, was going to give the script another whack, while Seth Graeme-Smith and David Katzenberg were attached as producers. It was also being reported that this was a sequel of sorts (whatever that means) to Joe Dante’s 1984 original, not a straight reboot. Apparently, however, this movie is no longer in the works.


This Gremlins Commentary Track With Zach Galligan Is All You Need For Chirstmas

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movies-gremlinsChristmas is tomorrow, and as you might imagine, people out in the world are talking a lot about Christmas movies right now. Frosty the Snowman, Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and It’s a Wonderful Life are all well and good, especially if you have kids, but there’s also definitely room for more grown up, bawdy fare, like Bad Santa and Christmas Vacation. Some of our favorite holiday viewing, however, is much less traditional. We consider Die Hard and Lethal Weapon to be Christmas movies, and you may recall the likes of Children of Men, Prometheus, and Brazil are all set during the season, though none of them exactly scream “Happy Holidays,” do they? One of our favorites in this realm is Joe Dante’s Gremlins, and fans are in for a badass holiday treat.

Star Zach Galligan plays Billy Peltzer, the kid who inadvertently unleashes a horrific plague of the titular monsters on his hometown, in Gremlins. Earlier this year, he stopped by the Movie Crypt podcast over at Geek Nation, and contributed to an awesome new commentary track to play along with the movie. Merry Christmas to us all. Check it out below:


Chris Columbus May Write And Produce A New Gremlins Movie

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GremlinsThis has been a summer full of sequels, reboots, remakes, and all manner of rehashes and revisitations, so you think we’d be used to it by now. Nothing should surprise us at this stage, but every time we hear the news that another one of our favorite titles being revamped it always makes us a little bit sad. The latest rumors revolve around a new incarnation of 1980s favorite Gremlins, which may be bringing back a familiar face from the franchise, original screenwriter Chris Columbus.

Columbus has had a wide and varied career, directing movies like Home Alone and two Harry Potter movies, as well as writing and producing countless others. In 1984 he penned the script for Gremlins, and now there is a rumor that he may revisit that family in both a writer and producer capacity.


Gremlins 30th Anniversary Photoshoot Shines Bright Lights On Cast & Crew

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From left to right: Chris Walas (Gremlins creator), Dick Miller (Murray Futterman), Joe Dante (director), Zach Galligan (Billy Peltzer) and Rick Baker (special effects supervisor: Gremlins 2: The New Batch).

There’s been a ton of press devoted to the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters this year, and rightly so: it’s one of the best, most successful, and most influential comedies of all time, and it still holds up beautifully three decades later. It’s not the only gem from my childhood that’s turning 30 this year, however. Another flick that was on regular rotation in my household is Joe Dante’s Gremlins, and the cast and crew of Gremlins recently reunited for an anniversary photoshoot, part of which you can see above.

Yeah, Gremlins is 30 years old. If you’re like me, that number may be more effective at making you feel ancient than an entire barrage of pre-teens who can’t figure out why the Twitter hashtag button was on phones before there was Twitter. Gremlins originally released in theaters on June 8, 1984, the same weekend as the aforementioned Ghostbusters. As if those two wouldn’t make picking your tickets hard enough, that was also one week after Star Trek III: The Search for Spock premiered.


Everything Wrong With Gremlins In Roughly Eight Minutes

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Over the holiday season, there was much debate about what makes a good Christmas movie. While movies like It’s a Wonderful Life and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation are good choices, some might argue that movies like Die Hard and Gremlins are not Christmas movies, even though they take place over the Christmas season. I thoroughly disagree with this argument. Gremlins promotes family unity, togetherness, and personal responsibility during the Christmas season, while also injecting terrible, terrible trouble-making Mogwais.


Four Sci-Fi Movies You Might Not Remember Were Set During Christmas

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XmasElbaSince their inception, movies have loved to use holidays as a backdrop to the stories they tell. It makes sense. Celebrated by large swathes of the population, their inclusion lends an air of commonality to the proceedings, a sense that the people on screen are not so different from you the viewer. Each holiday comes with its own set of easily recognizable tropes, and many bring with them their own set of complications and problems to add layers to a narrative. How many times have we watched a family gathering set on Thanksgiving, where people not usually in the same room with one another come to blows, real or metaphorical, when forced into close proximity?

Christmas, being the biggest kid on the holiday block, has easily amassed the greatest number of holiday-themed movies, and science fiction is not immune from taking part in the cinematic festivities. In honor of December 25 rolling around once again, we decided to put together a collection of some of our favorite sc-fi you might not remember unfolded during this festive season. Did we miss any of your favorite sci-fi holiday gems?


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