Badass ED-209 Replica, Clever General Grievous Cosplay & Adorable Predator

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One of the things I love about hitting up any sci-fi/comic convention is seeing all the costumes people have pored their time and efforts into. Sometimes the sheer level of craftsmanship is enough to boggle the mind, whereas other times a clever concept alone can make for an unforgettable bit of cosplay (such as this gentleman with the tribbles). For this story we’ve rounded up three bits of very cool replica work and/or cosplay for your amusement. First up, the gorgeous ED-209 replica featured in the video above. If you haven’t watched it yet, you have 15 seconds to comply…


RoboCop 2’s ED-209 Could Be Yours

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It’s almost embarrassing to admit now, but when RoboCop 2 came out, I was eight years old. And even though I’d watched the original film and didn’t have a problem with anything, the Enforcement Droids were one of my first introductions to the whole “robots are going to fucking destroy us” mindset that has depleted only about 0.0001% since then. It didn’t help that this sequel was in the first class of film sequels whose only improvement over the original was to add more violence. Fairly Large Freakin’ Robots stomping and shooting things all over the streets. This is what third-graders need to be dreaming about.

Now that I’m an adult, however, it’s an incredibly simple-looking machine, and if I felt like dropping two years’ worth of mortgage payments in one lump, I’d put my bid up on eBay, where Hollywood P.A.R.T.S. has a full-sized ED-209 model up for sale. If you’re up for having a 10-foot tall, silver behemoth somewhere in your own home, be ready to part with around $25,000, which probably isn’t that much for the memorabilia being sold, but I don’t speak in numbers that high.