Dredd Fanmade Spinoff Isn’t The Sequel We’re Waiting For, But Don’t Hold That Against It

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The following video is NSFW for F-bombs and some awesomely bloody gunplay.

There doesn’t have to be an all-knowing God of Cinema in order for a sequel to last year’s fan-loved flop Dredd; there just has to be a few brave and intelligent producers who believe in the material. The “Make a Dredd Sequel” campaign has amassed tens of thousands of followers who anxiously await those producers to come out of the dark. But some fans aren’t content just sitting around waiting. Director Oliver Hollingdale recently unveiled the first episode (or “prog”) in his web series Cursed Edge, an extension of the comic-to-film universe, rather than a straight up sequel. You won’t find Dredd judging anyone here, but you will find one of the most solid examples of fanmade fiction out there.


Revisiting Dredd: What The Hell Went Wrong?

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Almost exactly a year ago (okay, it’s been a little bit longer, this was meant to be done way, way earlier), Pete Travis’ ultraviolent comic book adaptation Dredd fell on its face harder than Rob Schneider in that video you just watched. Dropped into the notorious dead zone that is late September—it’s netherworld between summer blockbuster season and fall/winter awards fishing season—this is a movie that did practically no business at the box office. Even with a relatively modest budget of $50 million—which is practically nothing when it comes to a comic book movie anymore—the film only grossed $13 million in the US, for a total of $35 million worldwide.

This is a sad state of affairs, because the movie is fucking awesome. It’s the grim, gritty adaptation that fans of John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra’s Judge Dredd comics have been waiting for, even since before Sylvester Stallone cheesed up the stone-jawed badass back in 1995. So why did it fail so egregiously?


RoboCop Or Dredd: Who Is The Better Police Officer?

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robocop vs dreddWho can escape from the allure of pitting two enhanced law enforcement officers against each other? While the new RoboCop remake won’t open in theaters until 2014, it’s never too early to ask who is better at the job of upholding the law: RoboCop or Judge Dredd? One of the producers of last year’s underrated Dredd had the opportunity to chime in on the subject, and his answer might surprise you.

Producer Adi Shankar answered the question about the futuristic law enforcers on Quora.com. Obviously both police officers have their advantages and disadvantages. For a moment it seems like Shankar might give the edge to RoboCop as an officer who can be upgraded and doesn’t feel pain, the producer ultimately gives the title to Dredd because he has to put up with more psychopaths and demons. Shankar says:

Dredd would be most effective against a metahuman/extraterrestrial/demonic/demi-god since in theory he has an army of judges at his disposal and has proven himself against demons (Judge Death). Dredd would also be most effective against the crazy serial killer criminal, since a. most of his rogue gallery consists of borderline psychopaths and b. his moral compass and demeanor is in a similar vein of the likes of Frank Castle aka The Punisher, Bruce Wayne aka Batman, and Eddie Brock aka Venom.


Today, September 18th, Is A Dredd Day Of Action

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waitLast year, Dredd came and left theaters without anyone taking notice of its awesome sci-fi existence. Since then, the film has managed to impress and entertain new audiences on Blu-ray/DVD and on streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. If you haven’t watched Dredd yet, we highly recommend you check it out and enjoy the amazingness of Karl Urban as The Law.

Many fans want Lionsgate to green light a sequel film, though the studio is reluctant to do so considering the disappointing $35.6 million worldwide box office take. Dredd’s production budget stood at a modest, but hefty, $50 million, so it’s easy to see why Lionsgate wouldn’t want to make a follow up. With today’s online landscape, fans can change occasionally the minds of studio heads with action in the form of petitions and viral marketing campaigns.


Cross The Streams: Dredd, Star Trek Captains, And Donnie Darko Start A Revolution

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Good day, streamers. Chances are you’ve got an extra-long weekend coming up, with Labor Day and all. If you’re not too busy doing whatever it is people do to celebrate Labor Day, rest assured that the Internet has recently unleashed a decent selection of entertainment for your eyes and mine. Have fun and be safe…celebrating Labor Day.

dreddDredd (Netflix Instant and Amazon Prime)
While the huge vocal fanbase for Dredd is still trying to get a sequel put in motion, the dark and intensely dreary reboot of the masked badass has hit not just one but two streaming services, which will certainly get more people interested in the sequel. It’s a win-win for everyone. While some people perhaps expected it to be a box office failure, few people expected it to be as good as it was, owing far more to its comic source material than the comical 1995 version. Dredd takes down a gang dealing SLO-MO, a drug that turns anyone into a Zack Snyder movie. Did I spoil it by saying he takes them down? Of course not.


Karl Urban On A Potential Dredd Sequel

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While the Dredd sequel’s online petition is in full effect, the hopes for a sequel to one of the best science fiction/action films from last year is still very uncertain. Dredd was a big upgrade from Sylvester Stallone’s 1995 comic book adaptation, Judge Dredd, but that didn’t seem to bring general audiences to the theaters. Dredd was an embarrassing box office disappointment as it only grossed $35.6 million worldwide against a $50 million production budget. Although the science fiction film was box office poison, Dredd has since found an audience on home video, selling well over 650,000 copies of the film in one week. Those home video numbers are really impressive, but are they good enough to green light a sequel film?

In an interview for IGN.com, Karl Urban talked about how much he’d love to see a sequel film to Dredd. Over the past year, Urban was surprised how many people he came into contact with that knew him for his role as the helmeted police officer and not his role in the J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot movies. For Karl Urban, there’s enough recognition for Dredd that a sequel might be a good thing for a new audience. Urban explained:

“You know people have discovered the movie after the fact, people have discovered this movie and gone, ‘Wait a minute, this is really, really cool.’ Unfortunately, a fundamental problem with Dredd was that at the time of its release people didn’t know about it. There was no awareness of it, and ultimately that hurt the performance of the movie at the cinema.”