The Day Of The Doctor Gets A Huge New Collection Of Stills

Doctor WhoIt seems like we’ve been on the verge of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebration for years—we are talking about an event five decades in the making—but now it’s not hyperbole to say that it really is almost here. The Day of the Doctor, as the BBC special is called, will be simulcast around the world in a matter of weeks. Those of us without ready TARDIS access will have to wait until Saturday, November 23 to watch the episode—you even have the option to watch it in 3D if you’re into that sort of thing—but now you have this huge new collection of images to go along with those great recent teasers, just in case you want to start salivating a little bit early.

There’s quite a lot to observe in this gallery. A good number are posed promotional photos of various cast members, but there are also stills and action shots from the actual special. In these images you have multiple doctors—including David Tennant’s 10th, Matt Smith’s number eleven, and John Hurt as the dark Doctor, whatever the hell that turns out to be—and a couple of companions, like Jenna Coleman’s Clara and Billie Piper’s Rose Tyler. Jemma Redgrave’s Kate Stewart is running around, and there’s even a little bit of royalty, just to class up the proceedings, with Queen Elizabeth I (Joanna Page). And it wouldn’t be a real collection without a few snapshots of some nasty bit of business, in this case a Zygon, that looks ready to take a bite out of you should you have the misfortune to stray too close.


Day Of The Doctor Releases New Stills, And A New Minisode Is Coming This Saturday

DoctorsThreeIs it November 23 yet? I don’t seem to be watching The Day of the Doctor at the moment, or talking about how I watched The Day of the Doctor earlier, or rewatching The Day of the Doctor on my DVR. So I must reluctantly conclude that no, it is not November 23. Still, the fine folks at the BBC are here to give us poor Doctor Who fans a balm to soothe our impatient, overworked anticipation glands. We may not have gotten to see the upcoming 50th anniversary special just yet, but we can at least enjoy the picture above of the Doctors testing the old adage (that I just made up) about how the sonic screwdriver is mightier than the halberd.


Doctor Who’s TARDIS Sparks Lawsuit Over Its Origins

an unearthly child doctor who

Now that everyone has had a little breathing room in between lawsuits over where James Cameron gets his ideas, we’ve got something a little more wibbly wobbly going on in the courtroom. The son of a former Doctor Who writer is suing the BBC over breach of contract, claiming his father invented the TARDIS, and they owe him another dimension’s worth of money over it.

Anthony Coburn is a screenwriter who wrote the first four episodes of the first season of Doctor Who, with William Hartnell as the mysterious Time Lord. His son Stef claims Coburn conceived of the big blue TARDIS after coming upon two of the police boxes on a walk through London. Coburn’s death in 1977 is when the son says the BBC first breached contract, and he is demanding that Coburn’s estate be paid for every use of the TARDIS since then, or that the time machine be removed from the show altogether. This is kind of like asking Scooby and the gang to just take a pick-up truck. No mere mortal is going to take the TARDIS away from the Doctor. But Stef Coburn sure is trying.


The Day Of The Doctor Drops Another Trailer, Plus The Behind-The-Scenes TV Movie Gets An Airdate

With only two weeks left before the worldwide premiere of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, the BBC has shifted the promotional machine into full gear. It was only yesterday that we got an epic trailer for the special, and now they’ve posted yet another one online — check it out above!

This one is definitely a bit more ominous than yesterday’s trailer, with more focus directed toward John Hurt’s Doctor, and the foreboding around what he did that was so terrible that all his later incarnations have tried to forget about him. Hurt himself delivers a couple of lines that seem positively packed with bad mojo: “Great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame.” Which raises the question: does Hurt’s Doctor consider himself the great man, or the one lighting the flame? If the latter, then who are the greater men? Perhaps the Doctor’s incarnations that were to follow?


The Day Of The Doctor Official Trailer Is Here, Suitably Epic

We’re only two weeks away from the worldwide premiere of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary special episode, The Day of the Doctor, and now the first official trailer is here! Sure, we got a very cool teaser a while back, but it didn’t actually contain any footage from Day of the Doctor. This one, however, is positively jam-packed with intriguing hints and glimpses.

Let’s run through a few observations, shall we?


David Tennant Has A Point, Matt Smith Has A Painting — New Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Pictures And Clip

We’re only two weeks away from the much-anticipated premiere of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor. If that still seems too long for your eager little heart(s) to tolerate, fear not — we’ll get to see a new trailer for the special sometime tomorrow, so keep an eye on GFR. In the meantime, however, we’ll have to make do with the four new Day of the Doctor images and a clip the BBC has released. We particularly like the one below, with David Tennant laying the Finger of Doom on…somebody.