Peter Capaldi Looks Dapper As Doctor Who Season 8 Begins Filming

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CapaldiFilming on Doctor Who season eight has begun, the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is on the scene, and he’s looking positively dapper next to companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) in the first season eight set pic released by the BBC. If you recall, the new Doctor’s introduction in “Time of the Doctor” left him and Clara in rather dire straights, but thankfully it looks like they’ll get everything sorted out and not die horribly. Sadly, this first look doesn’t reveal the new Doctor’s outfit, as he’s still dressed in Matt Smith/Eleven’s duds (although he did switch ties). Presumably it won’t take long for him to pick out a new look, certainly longer than it took him to switch kidneys.

There also don’t appear any secrets to be revealed here, other than possibly that there’s something funny over there. ← The official press release says:

The new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, stepped on set today for his first full day of filming as production begins on series eight of the hit BBC show.

10.2 million tuned in on Christmas Day to get their first glimpse of Capaldi in one of TV’s most iconic roles in the festive special The Time Of The Doctor, which saw Matt Smith hang up his bow tie after four years in the role.

Capaldi was revealed as the Doctor in a live BBC One show in August, after months of speculation about the next Doctor’s identity.


Researchers Look For Evidence Of Time Travelers On The Internet

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TARDISIf there were time travelers out there, how would we know? It’s not like the TARDIS arrives at the airport or gets parked in municipal lots. Time travelers aren’t supposed to reveal themselves, especially to their past or future selves, because that would disrupt the space-time continuum. No one showed up to Stephen Hawking’s time traveler party. But just because we haven’t confirmed the existence of time travelers doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Two researchers from Michigan Technological University are passing their time in the Upper Peninsula in perhaps the most interesting way this Michigander has ever heard of—by searching the internet for proof of time travelers in the form of uncannily correct predictions about the future.

If you think I’m making this up, just check out the paper the duo published. People don’t write papers unless they’re serious. Even though Stephen Hawking doesn’t think time travel is actually possible, it’s at least theoretically possible, and that’s enough for these guys. The researchers went online to search for “content that should not have been known at the time it was posted.” Like sports predictions from an almanac retrieved from the future. Got it. But isn’t there arguably a ton of information online that “should not have been known?” I mean, we here at GFR make some stunning predictions about sci-fi plots and futuristic technology that have proven prescient. Maybe we ought to come clean about the time traveler on staff? You have to admit, that’s a great asset, although not one I’ve ever seen on a resume or CV.


Doctor Who As Filtered Through The Mind Of Tim Burton

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GoingAwayThere’s been a lot for Doctor Who fans to celebrate this year, with a 50th anniversary and the introduction of a new Doctor. And as many thousands of words as I’ve written about the show in the last 12 months, I was pretty sure I’d said everything I have to say about the subject, at least for a while. But damned if a young Aussie artist isn’t dragging more superlatives out of my head thanks to these brilliant “Tim Burton-ized” versions of the first 11 Doctors.

The series, with which I would happily wallpaper my office, is the work of 15-year-old Australian artist Michael Kenny. The Doctors have been reimagined in all sorts of different ways, but translating into the twisted style of Tim Burton has to be one of my favorites. I would watch the shit out of this animated series, is all I’m saying. Michael, you can’t see it, but I’m giving you a standing ovation. Even if your rendition of Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor has ensured that I won’t be getting any sleep anytime soon.


Science Fiction’s Most Memorable Moments Of 2013 – Joelle & David’s Picks

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With 2013 in its final hours, we decided to look back on the year that was, and remember the moments from science fiction TV and television that really stuck with us, that we’ll still be thinking of years from now. Needless to say…


ContinuumKiera Finally Tells Carlos The Truth (Continuum)
In season 2, Continuum found a more compelling and urgent narrative drive. My favorite moment was in the sixth episode, “Second Truths,” when Kiera finally tells Carlos who she is. By this point, Carlos has worked with Kiera for a season and a half, and although she’s an exceptional agent, he becomes increasingly concerned, especially given the VPD leadership’s blatant distrust of her. Carlos can’t fathom how Kiera can look at a crime scene or suspect and get scads of information immediately — more and more, she seems either unhinged, evil, or both.

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Doctor Who, Twilight Zone Marathons Commence: Today In Science & Science Fiction

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TimeDoctorMany of our readers are getting ready to ring in the New Year in style tonight, whether that means hanging with friends while downing champagne, dancing the night away with a signifcant other, or something even crazier. But if you’ve got the day off and nothing to do in the meantime, we’ve got some viable TV alternatives to twiddiling your thumbs for the next 12 hours. New Year’s marathons are a long-standing tradition in the TV world, and today you’ve got three excellent options to choose from.

First up, BBC America kicked off a Doctor Who marathon earlier this morning. They began with several Who specials, and as I write this they’re in the middle of the 2008 Christmas episode “Voyage of the Damned,” with “The Next Doctor” due at the top of the hour. If you missed the big Who events of the past few months, they’ll be airing “The Day of the Doctor” and “The Time of the Doctor” back-to-back tonight beginning at 9/7c.


The Time Of The Doctor: Three Things We Loved About Matt Smith’s Farewell

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“And now it’s time for one last bow, like all your other selves. Eleven’s hour is over now, the clock is striking Twelve’s.” Tonight Matt Smith’s journey as the Doctor reached its end, and with it the time of the Eleventh Twelfth Thirteenth Eleventh Doctor. It had quite a challenge ahead of it, following on the heels of the epic “Day of the Doctor,” but it succeeded admirably by telling a large story through a small, personal lens. It bookended the Matt Smith era with countless callbacks, wrapped up many of the dangling questions and bits of mythology showrunner Steven Moffat had left us with over the past several seasons, and gave Matt Smith a proper, memorable exit. Before handing him a new face (and kidneys). Here are three things we loved about “The Time of the Doctor.”

Spoilers, sweetie!


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