A Ninth Doctor Marathon And A Cool Glass Of The World’s End: Today In Science & Science Fiction

WorldsEndSome days there’s just not much going on in the world of science fiction, a fact that occasionally makes it hard to come up with enough interesting material to fill out this column. Today…is not one of those days. The TV schedule is packed to bursting with notable science fiction, including a Thor: The Dark World tie-in episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., a marathon of the Ninth Doctor’s episodes on BBC America, a new futurism/technology show hosted by James Woods, and more.

You can also help fill out your video shelves quite easily today. Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright’s The World’s End hits Blu-ray today, so plan your very own “Three Flavours Cornetto” marathon, but don’t forget to stock the bar first. Star Trek: The Next Generation’s snazzy, remastered fifth season comes to Blu-ray today as well, bringing high-def versions of some of the show’s best episodes, including “Darmok,” “The Inner Light,” and the “Unification” two-parter. Are your tastes a bit more cultish and eclectic? Both Night of the Comet and Tank Girl are getting new collector’s editions today as well.

Here’s what’s new Today in Science & Science Fiction!


Steven Moffat On The Night Of The Doctor’s Big Surprises

In this age of social media and a near constant barrage of information, it’s exceedingly rare to be genuinely surprised by pop culture these days. Especially when it’s your job to cover such things, I can’t remember the last time a show or movie caught me completely by surprise. I shared that all-too-rare experience with Doctor Who fans around the world last week when I loaded up The Night of the Doctor, the special mini-episode prequel that would set the stage for this week’s 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor. In the days since, the show’s executive producer Steven Moffat has addressed the minisode’s big stunner, and its implications for the show’s mythology.




Seattle Is Throwing The Mother Of All Doctor Who Birthday Parties

DalekThis week is a pretty big deal for fans of the BBC’s venerable sci-fi adventure Doctor Who. After all, how often to we get to celebrate a television show turning 50? The anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, airs this weekend after what feels like tons of build up. Many of you have probably planned various get togethers and viewing parties, perhaps involving elaborate themes and costumes. There’s one shindig in the Pacific Northwest, however, that is going to be hard to beat.

Seattle’s EMP music, sci-fi, and pop culture museum, is a mecca of nerdy fun, and, understandably, they’re throwing an all out rager to commemorate the Time Lord hitting the half-century mark.


Doctor Who Week Begins: Today In Science & Science Fiction

DoctorWeekDoctor Who’s 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor finall;y premieres this Saturday! But if you were expecting BBC America to wait until the weekend to celebrate the big anniversary hooplah, prepare to be surprised. This is very much “Doctor Who week,” and the excitement kicks off today. Tonight we’ve got not one, but two specials focused on the show and its legacy. First we’ve got Doctor Who: Tales from the TARDIS, which has interviews with actors Matt Smith, David Tennant, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Jenna Coleman, Karen Gillan, Freema Agyeman, and William Russell, as well as executive producer Steven Moffat. Expect lots of amusing behind-the-scenes anecdotes. Following that, BBCA will be airing The Science of Doctor Who with Brian Cox, which will have the British physicist putting the Doctor’s antics under the microscope of reality. (Don’t you dare tell me psychic paper isn’t a real thing.)

If Doctor Who isn’t your bag, don’t worry. The second part of Almost Human’s two-part series premiere airs tonight. Given how much we enjoyed the first part, our already high expectations for the series have shifted up another couple notches. Now let’s just hope it does well enough that Fox can’t justify canceling it. Tonight: sexbots!


The Doctor Meets The Doctor In New Day Of The Doctor Clip

The countdown is fully on for the 50th anniversary of the BBC’s Doctor Who. All the fanfare is to be expected, after all, how often do you get to celebrate a television show hitting the half-century mark? One of the things many fans are excited to see are the multiple doctors on screen together, at last. But you don’t want to wait all the way until next weekend to see that, do you? And now you don’t have to. BBC has released a new clip from the episode, The Day of the Doctor, one that shows Matt Smith’s eleventh incarnation of the Doctor meeting up with David Tennant’s tenth. And there’s a fez to boot.

In addition to this epic sci-fi meeting of the minds, as it were, this clip offers a little more in the way of specifics of what’s going on in the special. The Doctor (Smith’s version) and his companion Clara (Jenna Louise Coleman) find themselves at a museum investigating a bizarre crime. After helping himself to a stray fez, the Time Lord discovers a bunch of paintings that have seemingly been vandalized. The glass that covers them has all been shattered. Strange enough on its own, but when he realizes that all the glass was broken from the inside, and that all of the subjects of the paintings have apparently escaped the confines of their art.


Doctor Who Mini Episode The Night Of The Doctor Rewrites History

I like Doctor Who, quite a bit in fact, though I’ll be the first to admit that I’m far from an expert. As a kid I watched the classic Tim Lords on PBS when I could, though that was always a hit and miss proposition, and I was lucky to get a random all day marathon a couple of times a year. That said, even with my relatively limited knowledge of the franchise, I know that this mini episode, The Night of the Doctor, is something of a game changer. Watch it for yourself, and we’ll discuss the matter further.

Building up towards the 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, later this month, we knew that the BBC was going to release this six-minute episode, but we didn’t expect it until this weekend. The title keeps the string of similarly themed titles intact. When we last saw the Time Lord in the final episode of series seven, “The Name of the Doctor.”