Japanese Posters For Alien, Enemy Mine, And Others Are Bonkers In The Best Way

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I may not be sure of many things in this life, but one thing I am sure of is that the Japanese posters for some of my favorite science fiction films are straight-up bonkers, and in the very best way possible. Sometimes it’s just that the Japanese lettering plastered all over everything is actually perfectly consistent with the universe of the story, as with this Blade Runner poster.



Cross The Streams Into The Final Frontier With Bub And Cocoon’s Elderly Citizens

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I hope everyone’s Super Bowl/Groundhog Day hangover wasn’t too taxing this week. We’re hoping for the day when Punxsutawney Phil is cloned and his shadow usurps cash and Bitcoin as the ultimate form of legal tender. At least then my poverty level will be the norm, rather than such a singular embarrassment. Join me as we hop on our Giant Freakin’ log raft and Cross the Streams on a mission to find God.

final frontierStar Trek V: The Final Frontier (Netflix Instant)
One of the most vilified entries in the Star Trek franchise, the William Shatner-directed Final Frontier follows the Enterprise gang as they meet up with Spock’s half-brother and search through the cosmos for the Almighty. A clumsy handling of spiritual subject matter, mixed with goofy humor and shoddy effects, combine to make this the second-lowest-earning Trek feature. It’s probably not as bad as you remember it, but you might want to have a few Aldebaran whiskeys on hand just in case.


Day Of The Dead To Get A Remake, Again

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day of the deadWith the box office success of World War Z, and the cult following the film Warm Bodies, it’s easy to see that Hollywood’s love affair with zombies continues to rise. These days you can find the undead in movies like these, and on TV with shows like AMC’s The Walking Dead, and A&E’s upcoming remake of The Returned. Even Broadcast networks are getting into the game with the likes of NBC’s Babylon Fields, ABC’s midseason replacement Resurrection, and the CW’s adaptation of iZombie. Zombies aren’t going anywhere, and they’re even rehashing old properties that have already been remade.

According to Deadline, Millennium Films is looking to remake George A. Romero’s 1985 horror film Day of the Dead. Lati Grobman and Christa Campbell, the pair behind Texas Chainsaw 3D, will produce the new zombie retread, with Mark Tonderai in the director’s chair. The British director broke out with his first film Hush in 2009. In 2012, he helmed House at the End of the Street starring Jennifer Lawrence. Before going Dead, he will also work on the movie Peste with Jason Blum.


Day Of The Dead Remake Is Coming (Endless Groan)

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day of the deadYou know, I hate how Hollywood and even indie-wood can get me all jived about certain projects and then make me want to force damnation on everything all at the same time. (Sadly, these examples are all remakes as well.) David Fincher remaking Utopia? I’m all about that. Gareth Edwards remaking Godzilla? I’m mostly on board, if only because I want to see another Gareth Edwards movie. But a remake of George Romero’s Day of the Dead? What the undead fuck, people?

I’m going to do everyone the favor of not reminding them about the depressingly bad Day of the Dead remake that already exists, directed by Steve Miner and starring Oscar-watcher Mena Suvari. (I just reminded you.) This new remake comes from the same ill-formed brainspace that gave the world the completely misguided remake Texas Chainsaw 3D, which came out earlier this year. Lati Grobman and Christa Campbell’s production company, Campbell Grobman Films, picked up the rights from that other remake’s production company, Taurus Entertainment, and are currently in the process of holding meetings with screenwriters over how to correctly come at adapting George Romero’s last great zombie movie. (His later movies were okay, not great, so keep those naysaying pants on.)