Dark Skies Invades DVD And Blu-ray This May

Dark-Skies-1Is there anything scarier than sitting in a theater and watching malevolent forces wreaking havoc upon a young family’s life? Absolutely there are. Accidentally choking on a spoonful of corn comes to mind. But is there anything more comforting than watching that same family get terrorized while sitting in the privacy of your own home? Sure there is. Dammit, I need to figure out how to introduce things better.

A press release issued today reveals that the horror thriller Dark Skies will be ominously hovering above DVD and Blu-ray players everywhere on May 28, 2013. No feature is worth its weight in freaky bird flocks without an accompanying commentary, and the Dark Skies release features one from director Scott Stewart, producer Jason Blum, executive producer Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, and editor Peter Pvozdas. A few alternate and deleted scenes will also be included.

You remember Dark Skies, right? It’s the one with Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton as parents whose children, played by Dakota Goyo and Kadan Rockett, appear to be attracting the attentions of mysterious and evil forces. Are they deadly forces? Are they alien forces? Considering Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin aren’t involved, I think it’s safe to say there are no Delta Forces at play.


Dark Skies Review: Predictable But Fun


Daniel and Lacy Barrett are going through a rough patch. Daniel (Josh Hamilton) has been laid off, and his search for a new job isn’t going well. Lacy (Keri Russell) is doing her best to keep the family afloat with her work as a realtor, but with two young sons to provide for, there’s a strain on the marriage that seems to only be getting worse. Watching the opening scenes, I could imagine one of them wondering, “How could this possibly get worse?” That would have been a profoundly unwise question to ponder, because the universe decides to answer it by putting the Barretts in the crosshairs of some unfriendly extraterrestrials.

It starts off innocently enough, with their youngest son, Sam (the awesomely named Kadan Rockett) having bad dreams about “the Sandman” visiting him in his room, but before long things have escalated to mysterious kitchen ransackings and a close encounter of the bird kind, when three separate flocks smack into the Barretts’ house from all directions. As the strange happenings continue, Lacy becomes convinced that have been targeted by aliens, but Daniel plays the Scully and refuses to believe, even when the events have stretched well past the realm of logical explanations. As things continue to get worse, Lacy and Daniel work to figure out why this is happening to them, and more importantly, if it can possibly be stopped.


Dark Skies Poster Is For The Birds

Dark Skies is something of a puzzle. The film has both supernatural and science fiction elements, and looks to be part alien invasion, part possession story. Watching the trailers and TV spots, there are clips look horrendous and cheesy, but other pieces look like they might very well cause some legitimate frights.

One bit that has high potential for scares is the animals acting strange. When J.K. Simmons asks stars Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton if they’ve seen any unusual behavior in the local wildlife, it then cuts to a clip where bunch of birds star pelting the living room window. That’s eerie as all hell. A new British quad poster for Dark Skies, which debuted over at Empire, latches onto this particular element.



Dark Skies Goes Viral With New Marketing Campaign


Viral promotional strategies have become a standard tool in the arsenal of movie marketers. Dark Skies, the upcoming alien invasion horror film from Scott Stewart (Legion, Priest), is the latest to get in on the act. The folks behind the film have launched a new website in order to help hype the February 22 release.

You can use www.YouHaveBeenChosen.org to build your own personal alien abduction profile, including your very own ID card and body scan. Login with your Facebook page and it captures all of your pertinent information, including images, your location, your email address, your “social colonization,” “abduction status,” and more. It’s fun to poke around for a while.

If you’re concerned that your friends and acquaintances might be potential abduction targets, you can share your information, or even warn them about their impending kidnapping. It’s nice that you can use your unfortunate situation to help others. You can also win an iPad Mini for your troubles.


New Dark Skies Infographic Dives Into The Unexplained

Dark Skies, the new sci-fi-themed horror thriller from Legion and Priest director Scott Charles Stewart, tackles an unexplained phenomenon involving aliens in the burbs. In order to hype up the February 22nd release, Dimension has released this new infographic teasing some other well-known real world mysteries of our humble little planet.



Dark Skies Trailer Plagues Keri Russell With Malevolent Extraterrestrials

The folks behind the upcoming SF/horror flick Dark Skies have been responsible for some of the creepiest movies in recent memory. The film’s producers have worked on films such as Insidious, Sinister, and the ridiculously successful Paranormal Activity movies. While the quality of their movies has certainly varied, there’s no doubt that they have a proven knack when it comes to scaring the pee out of moviegoers. Now they’re applying that talent to the tropes and mythology behind supposed alien abductions. In this case, that means causing former Felicity actress Keri Russell to have some really, really bad days.

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