Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome Premieres November 9th As A Web Series

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Well, it’s not the full-scale TV resurrection we were all hoping for, but at least we will finally get to see it: Syfy has announced that the Battlestar Galactica prequel spinoff, Blood & Chrome, will premiere this Friday, November 9th, as a web series. So now if your guy doesn’t win the presidential election tomorrow, you’ll have something to take your mind off the impending apocalyptic collapse of our nation.

Set during the first Cylon war, Blood & Chrome follows a young William Adama, who enters the war as a Viper pilot. The web series will premiere its 10 episodes on Machinima, with each installment clocking in at between 7 and 12 minutes. If you’d prefer to check it out in a non-internet fashion, Blood & Chrome will air on Syfy in 2013, and will also be available as an unrated DVD release sometime thereafter. But never mind all that now, let’s watch an incredibly awesome new trailer:


SyFy’s New Battlestar Galactica Series Blood & Chrome May Not Be Shown On TV

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Continuing the network’s trend towards no longer showing any science fiction programming at all, SyFy exec Mark Stern has revealed that their new Battlestar Galactica series may not appear on the network.

The series, titled Blood & Chrome, was announced several months ago and is currently in production. It’s a more battle-oriented take on the Battlestar universe, in particular in follows a young William Adama during the first Cylon War. Sounds like a great idea for a series, right? An improvement on their last attempt at a BSG spin-off at least, which mostly seemed to be about a bunch of lawyers.

Except Stern tells AOL they still haven’t decided whether Blood & Chrome is worth showing on television, they do after all have a lot of very important ghost-related programming on the schedule. Watching people act scared of absolutely nothing gets ratings, original sci-fi programming apparently does not… anymore (RIP Eureka and Stargate: Universe). So there’s a chance that the two-hour debut movie may simply be dumped online as a web series. SyFy’s execs are still weighing their options and watching rough cuts of the Blood & Chrome footage completed so far.

For BSG fans, this doesn’t sound very hopeful. If only there were some television network out there, maybe something called the Sci-Fi Channle, which was actually interested in showing original Sci-Fi programming. Sadly, such a thing no longer exists, unless you count BBC America.