Neil DeGrasse Tyson And Bill Nye Are Planning A Space Launch, Details Here

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Bill Nye Neil deGrasse TysonNeil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye are two of our favorites, so when they get together for some scheme or another, you can bet that it has our complete and total attention. And they’ve got a doozy of a project brewing this time, as they’re about to test their LightSail spacecraft.

The two popular figures in the scientific community, along with their partners at the Planetary Society, announced that they plan to embark on their first test mission in May of this year. Entirely funded by private citizens, the solar sail satellite will be a part of an upcoming launch of an Atlas V rocket.


Sir Isaac Newton Faces Bill Nye In Another Epic Rap Battle Of History

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Epic Rap Battles of History has been pitting famous opponents against each other in lyrical sparring matches since 2010. Over that time, they’ve had such unlikely matches as John Lennon vs. Bill O’Reilly, Genghis Khan vs. the Easter Bunny, and Back to the Future’s Doc Brown vs. the Doctor from Doctor Who. Oh, and Darth Vader has challenged Hitler three times, because goodness knows the internet loves a good Hitler joke. Now ERB is back with their latest challenge, and it pits Sir Isaac Newton against Bill “The Science Guy” Nye…with a surprise third challenger, but we won’t spoil the surprise. Well, at least not until after this…



Bill Nye Indadvertently Helped Fund A Noah’s Ark Theme Park

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Ark EncounterI admit that I couldn’t watch the entire debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. I tried, but as soon as Ham started talking about how evolution is based on belief because we can’t actually see it, I had to stop. How The Science Guy had the patience to explain fossil evidence and space science, I’ll never know. One of the bits I missed, but read about later, is Nye’s explanation of how the story of Noah Ark couldn’t be literally true, regardless of how realistic the upcoming movie may be. Even though Nye has generally been hailed as the victor in the debate (perhaps a bit of a foregone conclusion for most GFR readers), the debate itself has been a boon to Ham, particularly when it comes to the Noah’s Ark theme park he’s building.

The theme park, Ark Encounter, had been foundering due to lack of funding, but at the last minute received a bond offering a whopping $62 million, enough to bring the project to fruition. Ham calls the funding a miracle and gives thanks to God for the funding. He says, “But in God’s timing, not ours—and although the bond registration had already closed before February 4 and no more bonds could be purchased—the high-profile debate prompted some people who had registered for the bonds to make sure they followed through with submitting the necessary and sometimes complicated paperwork.”


Bill Nye Debates Creationist Ken Ham, Live Streaming Here

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The debate between Science Guy Bill Nye and Creationist Ken Ham is happening as I type. You can watch it streaming live below!


Bill Nye To Take On Creationism In High-Profile Debate

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bill nyeA general rule among scientists and critical thinkers is that debates about the Big Subjects are essentially pointless. Sure, you can sway someone to take a different route to work to save time, or to eat a different way to live healthier, but it’s almost impossible to turn someone against their religious beliefs. But science hero Bill Nye is stepping into the public forum to debate Australian young-Earther Ken Ham, who founded the Creation Museum and the apologetics ministry Answers in Genesis. This is the Ali/Frazier fight of science and pseudo-science, and it will no doubt be one of the most amazing, and downright frustrating, science events of the year.

The event will take place on February 4 in Ham’s home turf, Kentucky’s Creationist Museum, but I imagine Nye’s fans will turn out in droves. Sorry for those with hopes of attending, as all tickets have already been sold. (This prompted a few theories that the ticket sales were skewed to pack the crowd with creationists, but there’s no way Ham and his team are that dumb, no matter what they believe.) There are plans to turn the debate into a DVD after the fact, but I’m really hoping they figure out a way to stream the event live on the Internet. I’ve been looking to watch a good mental ass-whipping, and this should indeed be just that.


Injured Bill Nye Does The Robot On Dancing With the Stars

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Bill Nye the Science Guy competed on this season of Dancing With the Stars. Yeah, that surprised me too, but Nye’s got a great sense of humor and doesn’t take himself too seriously, so why not? For his final dance, he performed the robot, jerking, freezing, popping, locking, and waving into the hearts of viewers everywhere, and making dancing cool again (because obviously, science has always been cool).

Nye’s partner is High School Musical Alum Tyne Stecklein. When they first started practicing together, he gave her a little talk about the importance of sexual tension—evolutionarily speaking, of course. She had no idea what to do with that, but it seems she grew accustomed to Nye’s quirkiness, and their partnership blossomed. Their first dance was the cha cha, which they danced to “Weird Science,” of course. And it turns out that Nye, who enjoys swing dancing in his free time, isn’t as bad as one might expect—when he’s not quizzing his partner about the difference between a beaker and a flask, that is.

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