The Battlestar Galactica Series Bible: All Of This Has Happened Before

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Fans of the Battlestar Galactica reboot have always been privy to information most shows keep secret. Ron Moore famously did a commentary podcast after each episode where he sat at home drinking scotch and giving details on the making of the show. It’s a fantastic thing to listen to on its own, or in conjunction with the episode. You should seek them out. But a lot of that information is available via the BSG bible, which has made its way online.

A show bible is a document that the creators use to establish the universe and characters the writing team will be working with. It keeps things consistent, and also gives everyone a clear focus on the show’s agenda. The BSG bible holds a few tidbits of info that aren’t common knowledge, but most of it is info only super fans will find exciting.


The 10 Best Sci-Fi Series Available On Netflix Instant, Watch Them Before The Company Collapses

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We’re living in a golden age of television viewing. Not because of what’s airing on network or cable television right now, most of that’s reality programming crap, but because of all the great, older content that’s available with the touch of a button thanks to the genius of Netflix Instant Watch.

Unfortunately, this golden age may be woefully short lived. Netflix is in trouble. Greedy content providers have seen dollar signs and in response all that on demand content currently available in one spot is on the verge of being pulled out of circulation to be scattered to the four winds of the internet, or in some cases buried in a deep vault somewhere hidden until the rights holder can squeeze a few more dollars out of some other content provider. Maybe Netflix could find a way to survive that, but other recent business decisions made by the company seem destined to doom them entirely (Qwikster? Seriously what are they thinking?).

Maybe they survive but just in case they don’t, now is the time to maximize your Netflix Instant Watch usage to catch up on great science fiction that, unless you were willing to pay top dollar for a box set on Amazon, there was just no convenient way to watch before. Because getting TV shows one DVD at a time in the mail just won’t do, these are the best science fiction series available on Instant Watch, right now.


SyFy’s New Battlestar Galactica Series Blood & Chrome May Not Be Shown On TV

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Continuing the network’s trend towards no longer showing any science fiction programming at all, SyFy exec Mark Stern has revealed that their new Battlestar Galactica series may not appear on the network.

The series, titled Blood & Chrome, was announced several months ago and is currently in production. It’s a more battle-oriented take on the Battlestar universe, in particular in follows a young William Adama during the first Cylon War. Sounds like a great idea for a series, right? An improvement on their last attempt at a BSG spin-off at least, which mostly seemed to be about a bunch of lawyers.

Except Stern tells AOL they still haven’t decided whether Blood & Chrome is worth showing on television, they do after all have a lot of very important ghost-related programming on the schedule. Watching people act scared of absolutely nothing gets ratings, original sci-fi programming apparently does not… anymore (RIP Eureka and Stargate: Universe). So there’s a chance that the two-hour debut movie may simply be dumped online as a web series. SyFy’s execs are still weighing their options and watching rough cuts of the Blood & Chrome footage completed so far.

For BSG fans, this doesn’t sound very hopeful. If only there were some television network out there, maybe something called the Sci-Fi Channle, which was actually interested in showing original Sci-Fi programming. Sadly, such a thing no longer exists, unless you count BBC America.


Cylons In Real Life: Automated Killing Machines Take Flight

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A company called BAE Systems revealed something truly terrifying today: The world’s first automated stealth bomber. The aircraft, which for some reason they’ve given the terrifying name “Taranis” (It’s named for the Celtic god of thunder), is an unmanned killing machine designed to deliver death deep into enemy territory without a human telling it what to do. Instead it will think for itself.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s a subject which has been covered endlessly by Hollywood in everything from Wargames to Stealth and, let’s face it, this never ends well. Maybe our military should watch more movies? If there’s one thing any sci-fi fan knows, it’s that when given the opportunity to think of themselves, machines will generally start thinking about wiping out their human masters.


Stand Next To A Viper By Visiting Battlestar Galactica: The Exhibit

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Battlestar Galactica may be gone from television, but now there’s an even better way to experience Ron Moore’s brilliant television series. You can walk right up to it and touch it.

Battlestar Galactica: The Exhibition will go on display in Seattle at EMP|SFM where it will run from October 23, 2010 through March 4, 2012. The exhibit will have not just props, costumes, music, and sketches from the series… but actual, life-size ships.

On display will be two different, full size versions of Colonial Viper fighters and one Cylon Raider. Here’s a few sketches of what the displays will look like when finished:


Is Battlestar Galactica The New Warcraft?

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BSGI’m far from an expert on the subject but it seems to me that outside of Warcraft, none of these Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing games ever actually work. It’s a simply question of audience. They require a large group of interested players sticking with it over a long period of time and while your Star Trek Onlines of the world might have a brief period of popularity, they never seem to have any staying power and the people playing them invariably seem to drift back to Warcraft.

But it’s safe to say that if you’re going to try and launch an MMO that you’d better launch one with the biggest, existing fanbase possible. Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings. Making MMOs out of these make sense and yet, even those have struggled to find enough players. So what the frak are the people at a company called Bigpoint doing making a MMO out of Battlestar Galactica? I have no idea.

Don’t get me wrong, I love BSG and so did a lot of other people. But BSG’s fanbase is less then 10% the size of Trek’s or even Lord of the Rings, and that’s being generous. Turning it into an MMO seems doomed to failure, but it’s happening anyway. As long as they’re doing it, sign me up for my own Raptor.