Forget The Clock Tower, Save Back To The Future’s DeLorean

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Ask anyone what the coolest car in the history of movies is, and the only acceptable answer is the Back to the Future DeLorean. They actually used several different cars over the course of filming the epic time travel trilogy, each designed for different purposes. The one you saw on screen the most though, was the “A” car, the most detailed and carefully constructed vehicle designed to look absolutely brilliant even in extreme close-up shots. And now that DeLorean, the very best of them, needs your help.

Back to the Future co-writer and producer Bob Gale recently announced that they’ve rescued the DeLorean A and have begun work on a complete, “museum quality” restoration of the car. Apparently the car has been put on display outdoors for a number of years, and the elements have taken their toll on it.

This is the car in question…


Back To The Future Becoming A Musical

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What do you do when you’re an aging filmmaker who doesn’t really want to go through all the trouble to make movies anymore, but still likes making money? You cannibalize your past successes, of course. It has worked for George Lucas and now it’ll probably work for Robert Zemeckis.

Zemeckis has made more than his share of great films over the course of his career, but there’s none more iconic than Back to the Future. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that he’s finding new ways to make money off of it. Luckily he hasn’t given in and done a remake yet, but he may do a musical.

That’s right, a Back to the Future musical.

Deadline says Zemeckis has already been talking with his BTTF co-writer Bob Gale and the film’s composer Alan Silvestri about transferring the movie’s story to the stage. Could it work? Maybe. It can’t be any worse than Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark.


Vintage Cars Ads For Back To The Future, Knight Rider And Mad Max

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Cool alternate artwork inspired by classic movies is nothing new, but these are some of the best vintage sci-fi ads we’ve seen in awhile.

The first three posters come from artist Justin Van Genderen, who has created three vintage car ads for classic, sci-fi vehicles. Below you’ll see dealer ads for the BTTF DeLorean, Knight Rider’s K.I.T.T., and Mad Max’s Pursuit Special. Take a look and don’t accept the sticker price…


Crispin Glover Wasn’t In Back To The Future II Because He Didn’t Like Its Capitalist Message

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In 1985, Crispin Glover played Michael J. Fox’s dorky dad George McFly in Back to the Future.  You may remember him in the 1989 sequel, but you’d be wrong.  McFly’s face does appear in Back to the Future II, but that’s only because Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis used it (alongside an actor in prosthetics) without Glover’s permission.  Crispin won a landmark court case over the infringement, but the story behind why Glover himself didn’t appear in the film has remained a bit vague.  

Gale has held it that Glover exited the franchise because of unsuccessful negotiations to have his salary raised, but Glover himself has been fairly silent on the topic. Until now, that is.  At the tail end of a lengthy interview with The A.V. Club about his independent, avant garde filmmaking and multimedia shows, Glover explains his side of story.

As Glover explains it, salary for the sequel was a part of his decision, but the root of the issue goes back much farther.  While they were still shooting footage with Eric Stoltz, Glover raised some qualms about the film’s very Reagan-esque endings: “I had a conversation with Robert Zemeckis about it and I said, ‘I think if the characters have money [in the updated timeline at the end of the film], if our characters are rich, it’s a bad message. That reward should not be in there.'”  Zemeckis did not take kindly to being questioned and, after Stoltz was replaced by Michael J Fox, Glover says he felt afraid for his own job and followed Zemeckis’s to the word.  Zemeckis held a grudge, though, which Glover says was apparent come negotiation time for the sequel.


Melora Hardin Talks About Being Cut Out Of Back To The Future

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Over the course of three movies, the Back to the Future movies played around with lots of variables – parallel timelines created by the smallest change in the past, characters whose entire nature flipped to their polar opposite, and sometimes back again. But while the films explored multiple Biffs and the perils of Marty McFly almost hooking up with his own mother, the character of Marty underwent some equally dramatic changes in the real world. By now most fans have heard the stories (and seen the footage) about how Eric Stoltz was hired to play Marty, and was then replaced by Michael J. Fox after five weeks of filming.

What you might not have heard is that the Marty-That-Wasn’t also had a Jen-That-Wasn’t. Actress Melora Hardin (Monk) was originally cast as Marty’s girlfriend, Jennifer Parker. When Stoltz was replaced, they decided to pair Fox with a different gal-pal as well, and Hardin was let go…without ever having filmed a single scene. The role of Jennifer was eventually played by Claudia Wells in the first film, and Elisabeth Shue in Parts II and III. Hardin’s brush with the trilogy may have become just another interesting cinematic footnote, but the actress provides a few insights into the experience in a new interview with Wired.


Michael J. Fox Does Something That Really Cooks To Fight Parkinsons

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It’s one of the most iconic rock performances in the history of film, and it probably changed the course of the McFly family forever. I’m talking, of course, about that perfect moment in Back to the Future when Marty McFly steps up on stage, and celebrates the certainty of his existence by introducing the world to rock and roll with his rendition of “Johnny B. Goode”.

The good news is that Michael J. Fox is still rocking. He’s getting older and he’s fighting Parkinson’s, but he’s still capable of getting on stage and completely tearing it up with a guitar. He did just that over the weekend at his annual benefit to fight Parkinson’s disease, called “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Cure Parkinson’s”. Watch him do something that really cooks…