Area 407 Found-Footage Dino-Horror Flick Somehow Gets A Sequel (And Adds Zombies, Obviously)

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Unless you’re a masochist like me, genuinely invested in the never-ending stream of found-footage flicks being made on the cheap, you probably didn’t pay much attention to Dale Fabigar and Everette Wallin’s sci-fi thriller Area 407 when it came out last year. Congratulations to everyone that applies to, because it was a pretty terrible use of everyone’s time and money. But I don’t think anyone watching it at any point said to themselves, “The reason why Area 407 isn’t the Citizen Kane of our generation is because there aren’t any zombies in it to go along with the dinosaurs.” And yet, Area 407 Part Two exists. And its existence isn’t just a technicality, as in, “One guy named his dog Area 407 Part Two.” No, a group of people actually wrote, directed, acted in, and put together a sequel to the first film.


Found Footage Dinosaur Movie Area 407 Says Jurassic Park Is For Pussies

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After the success of 2007’s Paranormal Activity and 2008’s Cloverfield, it should be no surprise that the horror genre is unwilling to release its death grip on cheap handicams. Grave Encounters, Apollo 18, Trollhunter, the [REC] series, and many more have all capitalized on this style of novelty film making.

Novelty or not though, these films have all found their own following and support for the style keeps growing because, well, people just keep going to see these movies. Area 407 follows suit, except this time it blends the horror stylings of the shaky cam, with the dino baddies of Jurassic Park. Check out the trailer below.