Why Aliens Are The New Nazis, And It Isn’t Working

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By now you’ve heard they’re turning the board game Battleship into a movie. There’s even a trailer. Except, instead of fighting other battleships, now it’s the story of a naval fleet fighting aliens. Watch the trailer and believe:

Why aliens? That’s the question I’ve found myself asking not only after watching this trailer, but after watching just about every science fiction movie released in the past two years. Aliens have somehow become the defacto villain for nearly every blockbuster movie being released by Hollywood. Just this year alone we’ve already seen aliens play the bad guys in Cowboys & Aliens, Attack the Block, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Green Lantern, Thor, Super 8, Battle: Los Angeles, Mars Needs Moms, and I Am Number Four. Some might call this a science fiction boom, but I call it a cop out. In fact I’d say even the most outer spacey of these movies isn’t science fiction at all. You see…


First Ever Photo Of An Actual Alien Planet

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Mankind has long dreamed of what might be out amongst the stars. We’ve written and produced volumes of material on it. Obsessed over it. Lusted after it. Yet until 2008, there wasn’t even conclusive evidence that other stars aside from our own had planets. And until today, we’d never actually seen on.

The photo below is the first ever of an alien planet. No it’s not the bright thing in the center, it’s the little dot in on the top left, orbiting it.


Aliens Retold As A Rap

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The entire plot? Yep.

The song comes from a group called RoboMayhem, check out their wickely cool YouTube channel right here. I can’t wait to see these guys take on Avatar.


Gears Of War Movie Coming!

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It looks like the long talked about Gears of War movie is finally happening. For those of you who haven’t played it, Gears of War is a game for the XBox 360 in which players command a squadron of soldiers fighting off aliens on a far away planet. Okay, I know, it sounds a little like Aliens. But is that a bad thing? Who doesn’t want more Aliens?

Gears of War

Details on who Universal Pictures has hired to helm it, after the jump.


X-Files 2 Movie Plot Revealed!

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x-files 2 plotIt’s been a big week for X-Files news. First we finally got the movie’s official tite, X-Files: I Want To Believe. Now we have the plot of the film.

The somewhat ironic thing here is that Chris Carter and the folks at Fox have gone to almost draconian means to keep the plot of this underwraps, and now it’s all been for naught because it’s slipped out via the description of the movie’s novelization. That’s gotta hurt.

Here’s the plot description which has been making it’s way around the net. We’re not exactly sure where it originated, it seems to have at first popped up on ComingSoon.net or JoBlo.com, but now it’s been removed from both sites… which by the way seems to lend even more creedence to the notion that it’s the real deal. Of course, as always, take this with a grain of salt, but here’s the text being circulated as plot synopsis from the back of the X-Files 2 novelization by Max Allan Collins: