Neil deGrasse Tyson Thinks Humans Might Be Too Stupid For Aliens To Contact

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The Fermi Paradox illustrates the apparent contradiction between the high likelihood that there is intelligent life somewhere out there and our lack of contact (or proof of contact) with any of those civilizations. The Paradox rests on the ideas that there are billions of stars and galaxies much, much older than ours, and that many of them contain habitable planets (the Kepler telescope has confirmed this), and some of those must support life. And where there’s intelligent life, there’s technology, particularly in terms of interstellar travel.

The key question, then, of the Fermi paradox is: why haven’t we been visited by aliens? In a recent interview with Business Insider, astrophycisist Neil deGrasse Tyson shares some “unorthodox” thoughts about why that might be.


Watch Bladerunner, Aliens, The Matrix, And More Favorites, All In A Minute Or Less

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Who’s got time to watch an entire movie these days? Especially in the theater, with all of those damn ads. If you want to catch up on your classic science fiction but don’t have a lot of time, 1A4Studio has the perfect solution—60-second condensed versions of must-see movies. The latest studio speedrun is Blade Runner, but they have a ton of other sci-fi greats to choose from.

While it lacks the gritty futurism of the original, as well as Harrison Ford’s compelling “is he or isn’t he a replicant?” performance, this video has a certain charm all its own. My favorite part is definitely the unicorn bursting through the television. In a strange way, that kind of sums up what Blade Runner is all about. Speedrun sex is also pretty funny, as are the gymnastics involved in gunfights.

If you’ve got a few more minutes, and I do mean minutes, you should brush up on more genre favorites. Their version of Aliens features surprisingly adorable killer extraterrestrials. As with the previous video, the characters take an elevator to transport from one “scene” to another, which functions as a nifty metaphor and way to break up the visual frames. Also, even drawn as what looks like a cross between a marshmallow and a stick figure with pigtails, Sigourney Weaver still kicks a whole lot of ass.


Animal Carcasses Or Mysterious Creatures? It’s Been A Busy Month For Cryptozoologists

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whaleWhile the Middle East has seen its share of monstrosities, most of them can be attributed to human beings, not to mysterious sea demons of the deep. But even the Loch Ness Monster herself must have choked on her tongue when pictures of a disgusting and mysterious creature found in the Persian Gulf started popping online up last week. And the Chupacabra probably shit his skin-hut once he saw that his distant cousin was making trouble in Belarus. And the aliens at Area 51 definitely phoned home when evidence of extraterrestrials showed up dead in South Africa. July has been positively lousy with weird looking creatures.

Of course, they’re all really just dead animals, sans conspiracy, but it’s always fun to pretend. The Iranian navy came upon the huge blackened cretin seen in the pictures above and below. While it looks like someone flushed one of Pacific Rim’s Kaiju down a really big toilet, it’s actually just a whale corpse. Giant, rotting carrion. This gives a differently Jonah or Pinocchio’s stories could have ended. One always wonders what happens to the bones of the world’s most rotund mammals, and as it happens, they look like something James Cameron ripped off while making The Abyss. Someone needs to sue that guy. (Kidding.) For scale’s sake, here’s a picture of a boat posing next to the creature.


Aliens Documentary Is Epic And Insightful

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In 1986, director James Cameron released a film that took the country by storm. Aliens was the sequel film to Ridley Scott’s classic 1979 film Alien. While Alien is a slow-burning science fiction horror film, its sequel was a full-out science fiction action film featuring space marines, flamethrowers, and Sigourney Weaver in a badass Power Loader. Needless to say, Aliens is a completely different than Alien in almost every way. Although most people would side with Alien as the best in the franchise, I lean towards James Cameron’s Aliens as the prototype for the modern action film.

Recently unearthed by The Playlist, an epic, three-hour documentary highlighting almost every facet of the making of Aliens is now available to watch on YouTube. “Superior Firepower: The Making of Aliens” was originally the bonus feature that went along with the 2003 release of Aliens on DVD. This in-depth documentary has interviews with cast and crew, and follows the entire process of making Aliens from why it took so long to make a sequel after the release of Alien, to the awards and accolades after its release.


Roswell Incident’s 66th Anniversary Celebrated With Interactive Google Doodle

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roswell google doodle

Google has been kind to sci-fi in the last year, dedicating some of their popular Google Doodles to such works of art as Star Trek (for its 46th anniversary) and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, referencing what would have been Douglas Adams’ 61st birthday. But instead of returning to narrative science fiction, Google decided to honor a slice of scientific folklore. (Don’t tell “The Believers” I called it folklore. Wink, wink.)

They’ve created an ?interactive game celebrating the 66th anniversary of the Roswell incident. With the growing number of random creature and alien sightings that play a large part in making the Internet the unique news source that it is, you’d think that people might forget about Roswell at some point. But that doesn’t look likely at all.


British City Councilman Claims He Has An Alien Space Baby

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parkes_ufoYeah, you read that right. Simon Parkes, a 53-year-old politician, claims that about four times a year, he has sex with an alien he calls the “cat queen,” and together they have a child, Zarka.

It’s unclear what his three human children think about their new alien step-it (the gender of the lovechild hasn’t been revealed—if it even has a gender). Parkes says that while his wife wasn’t happy to hear about his extra-terrestrial affair, he’s absolved of guilt because aliens don’t count. Cue new stipulations in the agreements of couples everywhere.

The affair isn’t Parkes’ only alien encounter. In fact, he claims that his mother is an alien—she’s 9 feet tall and has 8 fingers on each hand. So it only makes sense, then, that he was first abducted by aliens when he was a baby and they haven’t left him alone since. He’s a bit vague on the details, simply saying that the aliens use technology he doesn’t understand to power their earth-orbiting spacecraft and that all he does is hold hands with his alien abductor and say, “I’m ready.”