Alex Proyas And Eureka Co-Creator Team Up For ABC Sci-Fi Project

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Writer/director Alex Proyas is no stranger to science fiction. After making a name for himself on The Crow, he’s gone on to helm Dark City, I, Robot, and Knowing. Now he’s taking his genre chops to television, teaming up with Eureka co-creator Jaime Paglia for a new series called Evolve. Proyas will direct and exec produce the pilot, while Paglia will exec produce and write the script.

Evolve is based on the Toxic City trilogy by British writer Tim Lebbon. The project will follow in the footsteps of Heroes and Alphas by exploring ordinary people who have gained extraordinary powers, with a nice dose of post-apocalyptic mayhem for good measure. Hopefully it will veer closer to Alphas than Heroes when it comes to the quality of the writing… Here’s the official description from Deadline:

Evolve is set two years after a mysterious biological agent is released over Los Angeles when the city is still deemed too toxic to inhabit and remains sealed off from the rest of society. A small group of ordinary citizens outside the quarantined zone, who do not believe the government’s story, embark on a mission to uncover the truth of what happened to their family members who were inside the affected area. What they discover is a world where once-ordinary humans now have extraordinary abilities and powerful government forces seek to destroy them.


Dark City Director Adapting Heinlein’s The Unpleasant Profession Of Jonathan Hoag

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Director Alex Proyas has had a hit-or-miss history when it comes to genre projects. The Crow and Dark City are both legitimate cult classics. I, Robot and Knowing, however… More recently, Proyas has been attached to several ill-fated projects, including Dracula Year Zero and Paradise Lost. Hopefully he’ll have better luck with his latest endeavor, directing a big-screen version of Robert Heinlein’s 1942 novella, The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag.

If the film actually does make it to screen, things will have come full circle for Proyas in a way. According to Deadline, the novella actually inspired Proyas’ mind-bending Dark City. Jonathan Hoag tells the story of a man who has no memory of how he spends his daylight hours. After discovering a red substance – possibly blood – under his fingernails one night, he hires a pair of detectives to investigate him and hopefully reveal the truth about just what he does during the day.


Science Fiction Conquers The Box Office

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knowing1It’s been savaged by critics and attacked from all sides, but Knowing, the new sci-fi film from genre master Alex Proyas is the number one movie in America. We nerds still have a little mojo.

The movie earned nearly $25 million to capture the number one slot ahead of the hilarious new comedy I Love You, Man and even further ahead of the new Julia Roberts/Clive Owen spy flick Duplicity. Granted $25 million isn’t exactly a world beating box office number, but it’s respectable, in March, for a movie that hasn’t exactly received Watchmen level advertising.

Here’s the full weekend box office breakdown. For more details check out the chart on our sister site Cinema Blend.

1. Knowing – $24,814,000
2. I Love You, Man – $18,005,000
3. Duplicity – $14,402,000
4. Race to Witch Mountain – $13,004,000
5. Watchmen – $6,725,000
6. The Last House on the Left – $5,921,000
7. Taken – $4,100,000
8. Slumdog Millionaire – $2,700,000
9. Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail – $2,510,000
10. Coraline – $2,143,000


Movie Review: Knowing

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knowingKnowing is like Close Encounters meets The Day After Tomorrow. It’s the movie Keanu Reeves’ Day the Earth Stood Still remake wished it could have been. It’s liquid science fiction, poured straight into your brain without shame or another one of Hollywood’s pathetic attempts to disguise sci-fi as something more acceptable to the dumbed down masses.

The plot at first, plays out like a lot of the other really terrible movies Nicholas Cage has made lately. Cage is a somewhat geeky father whose kid gets a letter from inside a time capsule. Written fifty years ago the letter details, using dates, death tolls, and coordinates, every major disaster that’s happened in the last 50 years. There are 3 more to go, and the first of them happens tomorrow.

Nic Cage plays something of a dufus and while it’s a far from perfect performance it’s more adequate than anything he’s done recently. Cage is at his best when he’s playing a nerd and watching him shake and weep in the movie’s big do or die moments, when others might have played it macho, is exactly the kind of tone this movie needs.


New Images From Knowing

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14k-fp-001Knowing, the next movie from Alex Proyas the mind behind Dark City and The Crow, hits theaters March 20th.

An action-thriller of global proportions, Knowing centers on a professor who stumbles on terrifying predictions of imminent disaster and sets out to prevent them from coming true. Meanwhile, his young son is shadowed by mysterious strangers whose identities hold the key to the film’s surprise ending.

We have new images from the film. See them after the jump.


Knowing Trailer

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knowing32423.jpgThe first trailer for the new movie from Alex Proyas, the mastermind behind Dark City, The Crow, and I, Robot is now online. It’s called Knowing, and it stars Nic Cage as a man unraveling the secrets behind a note which may predict the future. Take a look:

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