Shyamalan Shares Concept Art From His Upcoming Post Apocalyptic Will Smith Movie

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M. Night Shyamalan has spent the last few years crafting a shoddy adaptation of highly successful children’s show and generating the idea for a movie about a seriously terrible elevator ride.  In 2013, though, he’ll jump back into the proper science fiction game directing Will and Jaden Smith in After Earth.  

We know that the Smiths star as a father and son who crash and become stranded on Earth 1000 years after it has been abandoned by humans and that it should begin filming soon.  Sophie Okonedo (Hotel RwandaDoctor Who), Zoe Kravitz (X-Men: First Class), and Isabelle Furhman (Clove in the upcoming Hunger Games movie) all are or have been in talks to join the cast, but that’s about as much concrete information as we have so far.  Shyamalan is marching forward on pre-production, though, and posted a couple of images from the pre-production process on his official website.

According to Shymalan’s caption, the first picture is of “Dean, an amazing illustrator” working on concept art for an early scene in the film.  The concept art is just far enough from the photo-taker as to keep it fairly vague, but you still get a fairly decent look at it.  

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