12 Monkeys In The Works As A Syfy TV Series

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The Army of the 12 MonkeysWhen a popular movie is turned into a new TV series, sometimes the outcome isn’t the best. Consider such short-lived TV shows as RoboCop: The Series and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures. Of course, there are a few exceptions that have transcended their movie origins to become TV worth watching, such as Stargate: SG-1, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Nikita. According to THR, SyFy has greenlit a 90-minute pilot based on Terry Gilliam’s 1995 film 12 Monkeys. Assuming all goes well and it doesn’t disappoint in the ratings, it will serve as a backdoor pilot for a full TV series.

In 1995, Terry Gilliam released a strange and thought-provoking film about a future convicted criminal named James Cole (Bruce Willis), who is recruited to travel back in time and collect information on the virus that wiped out much of humanity and drove the rest underground. All he knows is that the virus is connected to something called the Army of the Twelve Monkeys. The movie was based on the 1962 short film La jetée, and also starred Brad Pitt and Madeleine Stowe.


12 Monkeys Does Time Travel Right This Week In Science Fiction

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12 Monkeys
(Netflix Instant Watch, Just Added)

Sure, I could be writing about The Amazing Spider-Man, which opens tonight at midnight and is at least tangentially science fiction. But while the Spidey reboot might be the subject of much chatter, it’s not the bit of science fiction I’m most excited about this week. That honor goes to 12 Monkeys, which was just added back to Netflix’s Instant Watch catalogue. Based on a 1962 French short film, 12 Monkeys tells the story of James Cole (Bruce Willis), a convict from a post-apocalyptic future sent back in time to collect information on the virus that has decimated the planet. As Cole is flung about in time chasing dead-end leads and eventually questioning his own sanity, he learns that changing the course of history is no easy thing. Director Terry Gilliam conjures up a surreal future that very easily could be the work of an unhinged mind, and it’s tragic how eager Cole is to embrace that seeming lesser of evils. 12 Monkeys is my favorite type of time-travel story, one that unfolds as an intricate puzzle that finally clicks together perfectly in the end, leaving you wondering why the solution eluded you all that time.

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