New World War Z Trailer Reveals A Terrifying Zombie Apocalypse

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Paramount Pictures released a new trailer for the upcoming zombie apocalypse movie and for the first time since this project was announced, World War Z actually looks good. While the movie doesn’t come out for another three months, World War Z may have a fighting chance to be one of the biggest movies of the summer season. Watch the new trailer below:

The new trailer shows how inescapable the threat of global extinction by a collective of fast-moving zombies can be. Brad Pitt’s character – United Nations employee Gerry Lane – is at the center of World War Z as he tries to save his family from a zombie attack while trying to get at the bottom of what started the deadly zombie pandemic. World War Z looks like it might be a good political thriller with high-speed zombie action.

This project has been a mess for Paramount and producer Brad Pitt since late last year. At the last moment, production had to be shut down for a third act re-write. Screenwriters Damon Lindelof and Drew Goddard came in to re-write a more satisfying finale, and then re-shoots had been scheduled and a new budget had to be approved. Through all of the mess, director Marc Forster and Brad Pitt clashed on location shoots, which turned disastrous when the two of them stopped talking to each other while making the movie. This is never a good sign. The numerous delays pushed back the film’s release date from December 2012 to June 2013. Despite all the hiccups in making World War Z, the film looks like it might be worth the trouble.

World War Z will spread to theaters everywhere on June 21st.


  1. Jim Harris says:

    What the hell is there to rewrite? The movie is named after a book. If you are naming a movie after a book, follow the book. If you want to make a world apocalypse action movie with rage/running zombies, call it by another name.

  2. Still looks terrible. Just because something has zombies in it, doesn’t mean that it is going to be intresting/worthwhile/good.

  3. Scott Verna says:

    Looks awful. It goes against literally EVERYTHING in the book. Brad Pitt finding a weakness to the zombies? Stopping them by finding out where they came from? What is this shit? Max Brooks should never have given up creative control.

  4. Brad pitt claims to be a fan of a book he never seems to have read

    Star power is not equal to quality

  5. This is looking terrible why use max brooks books when he doesn’t have running zombies or a fucking cascade of undead in any of them its just a travesty it should have been called something else

  6. Also! if that really happened they would crush each other under the sheer weight of others behind them

  7. C davis says:

    Will y’all people shut the fuck up this movie will beat all zombie movies I meen what more can u ask for ?? Runnin zombies are more scary and the way they are running looks crazy as fuck . The problem is you white people are fuckin dumb and molest kids I hope y’all die