World War Z Sequel Coming in 2017

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world war z movie
Late yesterday, Variety announced that a sequel for the zombie-plague outbreak movie World War Z is all set for release on June 9, 2017. That is also the same date as the Fantastic Four 2 movie.

Unfortunately, they haven’t really given any plot details for the sequel. Though I do think it is safe to assume that Brad Pitt will be back for the movie since the first one was his highest-grossing film thus far.

There’s really only so much they can do with this story though, right? We can see them taking down the zombies. We can see them attempt to convert the zombies back to non-zombies. We can see the survivors rebuilding the world. Or, we can see a new outbreak hit the survivors in the new world. Thoughts? Share them here or on our new Facebook page.


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