World War Z Fan Posters Are Better Than The Real Thing

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Paramount’s movie adaptation of Max Brooks’ bestselling World War Z has had a long and bumpy road to the big screen. For a while there, it seemed like we couldn’t get through a single week without posting news about some sort of trouble behind the scenes. When the trailer finally came out last November, it looked decent, but it also looked to have taken some pretty serious departures from the source material. Who knows, World War Z may surprise us and become a zombie classic, but in the meantime the official poster isn’t helping fire our enthusiasm.



That underwhelming image is the official teaser poster for World War Z, and let’s face it: it doesn’t have much going for it. Thankfully the folks at the amusingly titled Blurppy.com shared our opinion, and invited their more artistic readers to contribute their own versions of what a World War Z poster should look like. That’s a difficult task, since none of them have seen the movie yet, but I think their work turned out great. You can check out our favorites below, and click over to Blurrpy for the rest. I particularly love the second one, with the zombie silhouettes trampling over the various national flags.







World War Z opens June 21, 2013.


  1. Love the last one…THEY ARE ALL better than the official one.
    I will never understand the need to make posters ultra vague and trailers ULTRA telling.

  2. lemkam says:

    I heard the movie doesn’t stay true to the book at all, which is disappointing since the book was so original and fantastic. I guarantee these posters will be the best thing to come out of the movie.

  3. Those posters are so much better