See A Working Homemade Phaser In Action

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In light of the modern trend in which effects artists fake You Tube videos to prove their skills, you might be tempted to approach this video with caution. But you should probably be ready and willing to believe a man can build a working phaser, just like the ones Captain Kirk used on Star Trek, in his garage. It’s entirely possible. We’ll tell you how to build your own, after the jump.

First watch a man play Captain Kirk in his garage…

The video comes without explanation but it’s almost certainly real. What he’s pulled off is entirely possible and might be done with several different high-powered lasers (you really can buy lasers hot enough to pop a balloon) built into a plastic, toy phaser sold as a Star Trek souvenir (and complete with built-in sound effects). Besides, if someone was going to fake this with special effects, you’d think they’d have the phaser blow up something more impressive than a black rubber balloon.

The fact that the balloon is black adds even more weight to the idea that this might be real. If you were actually going to pop a balloon with a homemade phaser, you’d probably want to pick a black one since it absorbs the light and heat it puts out, making it easier to pop.

There’s even a guide to building one just like it, for yourself, already online. This one was made with a Playstation 3 Blu-ray laser assembly. This video explains how it’s done…

It may not stop a Klingon but balloon-like aliens don’t stand a chance.


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