William Shatner Calls J.J. Abrams A Pig For Hoarding Star Wars And Star Trek

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How can you not love a guy like William Shatner? The original Captain James Tiberius Kirk has never been one to shy away from expressing his opinions, and if you suspected that he had a stance on J.J. Abrams helming the next generation of two of science fiction’s biggest franchises—Star Wars and Star Trek in case you’ve been sleeping in a cave or something—you’d be correct.

In the process of pumping up his latest film, the animated genre joint Escape From Planet Earth, the question invariably came up (I’m surprised interviewers don’t just blurt it out the moment they spy him). See what he has to say right now.

Shatner’s deadpan is so good, so honed after decades of use, that sometimes it’s difficult to tell when he’s joking and when he isn’t. Basically, you have to take pretty much anything he says with a grain of salt. In this case, however, it seems apparent that he playing around. There very well may be a lingering sense of resentment, but he’s still having fun here.

From the beginning, he’s setting us up. Calling Abrams a pig, like a kid hoarding all of the best sci-fi toys, gets your attention. Then he throws in that he considers the director a friend, that they’ve shared that sacred bond of eating sushi together. At this point you’re still having that internal debate about whether he’s serious or not. Is William Shatner, T.J. Hooker himself, really going to sit J.J. Abrams down over spicy shrimp rolls and lecture him about stockpiling movie franchises?

But then, of course, it’s not that Abrams has all the fun things to play with; the true problem is that neither one of them includes Shanter in the cast. That is foolhardy indeed, as is making any movie without Shatner.

Plenty of sci-fi fans do seem to be legitimately pissed off that Abrams would dare take on two iconic film franchises. Maybe William Shatner is one of them, but that seems unlikely.


  1. Guest says:

    video forbidden

  2. Nick Austin says:

    I agree. William Shatner should be involved with sci-fi movies and shows again!

  3. Michael Sweeney says:

    He just gets better with age.

  4. He gave up the right to say anything when force them to kill Kirk

  5. bhak1 says:

    “And not employing me in either”? I really hope he cracked a smile oe lughed after saying that… there is no way he can really be that cocky.

    Bueno, por lo menos he actually looks his age finally. Supongo que ha dejado de bañarse en la sangre de vírgenes.

  6. cBas says:

    Shatner… should be spelled correctly in this article.

    Shanter is … criminal. Who’s editing this crap?

  7. I present to you…Darth Shartner…. 😀 (no seriously though Bill. Stay the fuck out of star wars)

  8. Steve Arnold says:

    If he was serious he would have said so.

  9. DR STEVE RAMSEY says:

    watch your language Steve u talking to the Captain , he have got more Imagination than your nerdy brain can Handel…………Dr. steve ramsey- canada

  10. doctor_robot says:

    he has a great sense of humor. love bill.

  11. Jim Sorensen says:

    Bill is a hoot! I love him in anything, but especially Star Trek. He IS Captain Kirk.