Watch Everything Wrong With Prometheus In Four Minutes

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Now that 2012 is firmly over, we can see that Ridley Scott’s Prometheus was the movie everyone seemed to love to hate. The expectations were high when it was revealed that Prometheus would be a (somewhat) prequel to Ridley Scott’s 1979 film Alien and a solid entry into the Alien franchise. But most were greatly disappointed when they finally got a chance to watch the movie.

There have been numerous potshots against Prometheus so one more won’t sway anyone’s judgment on the film. Movie nitpickers CinemaSins took the opportunity to bash Prometheus for having “some dumb stuff in it,” in their series “Everything Wrong With…” Check out the video below.

CinemaSins has already done the same treatment for other big summer movies of 2012 including The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Avengers. Of course, no movie is perfect but for these guys movies have to be flawless to even be considered as entertaining. You could do the same kind of nit picking with any movie but you still have to criticize how the movie works as a whole.

For some, Prometheus was a great experience and wonderful piece of science fiction and for others it fell short of terrible. Prometheus is by no means a perfect film but it’s a very good one. Perhaps in a few years, people will come back to it and evaluate it on its own terms divorced from tedious nitpicks.

Danny Boyle’s Sunshine experienced the same vitriol when it was released in 2007 but now the movie is considered to be a good piece of science fiction despite its third act flaws. We can only hope Prometheus can be looked upon in the same way.


  1. God this sucks. Sorry but I thought it was about actual mistakes not some random persons opinion.

  2. This video perfectly captures all the things that made no sense for me during the movie. Even some things that I missed, seeing them here, did not help me understand it any better.

  3. The missed the fact that Shaw refilled her space suit before she left the life pod at the end.

  4. Whiskeypants says:

    Prometheus was pretentious gobbledygook that was filled with plot holes and logic holes. “Very good film”? Sure, if you don’t give a crap whether your movies make any kind of sense or are consistent wrt to oh, well, ANYTHING.

    • Sad that some can’t figure anything out for themselves and need/want everything handed to them so their limited mind can comprehend.

      • Whiskeypants says:

        Sad that some people make assumptions about people based on the fact that they aren’t interested in puzzles that are poorly put together. I love films that make me think. I don’t love films that are made of trash. So take your insult and shove it up your presumptuous arse.

  5. It couldhavebeenworsemaybe says:

    I actually think a funnier and more accurate criticism is the ‘Honest Trailer’ of Promethius, linked from this video.

  6. James Vetzal says:

    i was going to watch it then i saw the preview of it on the video, seriously? is one of the ‘mistakes’ seriously how her fucking underwear looked? when you want to find problems with something i guess you can find them >.>

  7. Jose Saez says:

    A way I have to improve my viewing of this movie is thinking that the two biology guys are the Mythbusters and Noomi Rapace is playing Kari Byron.

  8. Oh goody, more bitching about movies. not sick of that at all.