Watch The First Tron: Uprising Episode Here

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Tron: Uprising won’t premiere on Disney XD until June 7th, but the entire first episode of the new animated series is available to watch online, right now. Disney’s pretty confident that’ll be enough to hook you for more. Watch and decide if you’ll tune in for episode two…

This isn’t a bad start. The promos we’d seen gave no indication that Tron himself would actually be involved in the show, but he is, and it’s great to hear the voice of Bruce Boxleitner (the original Tron) behind the character. Better still they found a way to get him in a new uniform, one which unlike those black uniforms from Legacy, far more closely resembles the classic 1982 style of the character…

Some of the plot is a little awkward and predictable and I’m not entirely sure I’m sold on Elijah Wood as the voice of Beck yet, but there’s a lot of potential here for a great way to extend the Tron universe. I’ll be locked in to Disney XD for episode two, hoping that at some point one of the programs will actually mention his user. Will you?


  1. Pitchy says:

    is it just me, or is Tron’s new hangout a rocked over version of the old I/O tower from the first movie?

    • JT says:

      I thought the same thing the first time I watched it. This animated series is really doing a much better job of connecting back to the 1982 Tron than Tron: Legacy did, at least so far.

  2. Yan Hunt says:

    Is it just me mis-remembering or are there loads of continuity errors here.
    In the sequel rezzler is revealed as tron who recovers his memory just before klue is re-intergrated into flynn killing them both.
    how come here both tron and klue are still around?
    The grid isn’t the matrix, there’s no air (for helicopters) in a vr enviroment and certainly no rain. seems a bit sad they just went straight for the noir/cyberpunk tropes without thinking it through at all.
    those picky niggles aside it was pretty good episode