Watch The Tense Alien Encounter Short 88:88

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There is a lot of great low-budget science fiction being produced right now. Earthbound, Extraterrestrial, and Safety Not Guaranteed are recent examples of filmmakers doing big things with minimal resources. In sci-fi more than any other genre if you have some ingenuity, a killer idea, and a few dedicated compatriots, you can make something special happen. Now you can throw short film 88:88 from filmmakers Joey Ciccolene and Sean Wilson into this mix.

A beautiful young woman methodically barricades herself into her room as her friends and therapist worry about her from the outside world. 88:88 keeps you wondering, what exactly is she up to? Why is she laying what look like booby traps and strapping herself to her bed? You think maybe she’s paranoid, maybe she’s going to hurt herself. Maybe everyone else is right to worry about her well-being. But all of this wonder and speculation pays off in a big way in the end.

In a brief fourteen minutes, using almost no dialogue and only a handful of actors, 88:88 creates an atmosphere of constantly escalating tension. It doesn’t over explain anything, and leaves you wondering. The whole film is simple but imaginative, and most importantly, executed beautifully.

88:88 has been making the rounds in a number of film festivals, and if you liked what you just watched, you can vote for this film in the YouTube Your Film Festival. You can help the guys win a slot in the Venice Film Festival and the chance to make a short film with Ridley Scott’s Scott Free.


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