Watch Star Trek: The Next Animation And Prepare For The Klingon Invasion Of Twitter

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Now that JJ Abrams and CBS have decided to block any possibility of a new Star Trek series until after the release of the next movie, it’s up to fans to deliver our Star Trek fix. So far it’s the Germans who’ve taken the early lead in fan attempts to fill the Trek void. They’re doing it with something called Star Trek: The Next Animation.

Embedded below is the short film which applies South Park-style animation to characters in concert with some pretty sharp looking starship animation to re-create the Next Generation world and turn it into a comedy.

Watch and make sure you hit the “CC” button to activate close-captioning. It’s in German….

The comedic elements are so-so at best. The crew aboard the Enterprise seem to be just re-enacting scenes from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country while whiny Riker seems to be trapped in the plot of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It all ends with a re-enactment of the shuttle docking scene from Star Trek V which, ok, probably was the best part of that terrible movie.

Whether or not you laughed at everything, the outer space animation is pretty great and, come on, that Earl Grey gag was pretty sweet. Let us know what you thought of Star Trek: The Next Animation below. Should they make more of these? More importantly, isn’t it about time Klingons learned to tweet?


  1. Al Pa says:

    taht was incredibly hilariosu to me, its nice to watch something that actualy feels like a new startrek episode even if its ridiculous losl

  2. Al Pa says:

    of course i dont currently seem to understand most of the german language but their were a few words here and thier to hep describe it but the puppet from jeff dunhams comedy bein their and speaking english made it more hilarios i suppose its even funnier to those who dont speak english hearing a skeleton speak it if you undenrstand the rest of it lol

  3. Twitter vIlo’laH. vIghojnISbe’. {I can use Twitter. I don’t need to learn.}

  4. CommentLost says:

    why would they go through the trouble of making those awesome ship effects if they were just going to make everything else look like southpark?

  5. Edward says:

    LOL that was hilarious, more more

  6. spacerguy says:

    Ahh the nostalgia. I loved it. Make more please……