Watch Men In Black 3’s Monowheel Chase Scene

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This week Men in Black III has gone out of its way to start promoting the gadgets they’ll use in the film. In particular we’ve seen a lot of the monowheel, a weird contraption which Agents J and K will ride through the streets.

Earlier this week we got a Monowheel poster, now we have the entire scene in which J and K mount up and pursue a villain through traffic. Watch…

Men in Black III should be a lot of fun, but if this scene is indicative of what we’ll be watching in the rest of the movie, then it won’t be. Not at all. The special effects here are terrible. When K hands J the bikes it looks like exactly what it is, a man in front of a greenscreen handing someone something which will be digitally added in later.

Worse the chase scene looks not so much like a chase scene as two actors sitting on something while scenery flies around them. It doesn’t feel like they’re moving at all, it just feels like a bunch of effects are being pushed past.

The good news here is that they have more time to work on the special effects. Men in Black III won’t be released until May 25th. The bad news is that, since they went out of their way to show off this scene as it is, this is probably what it’s going to look like in its finished form.

What a disaster.


  1. rafael607 says:

    i thought that looked fantastic and more importantly, fun. can’t wait.

    • JT says:

      Really? You didn’t notice any problems with the special effects?

      • rafael607 says:

        not really. felt it was consistent with the look of the first two films, which were not showcases for oscar-winning VFX or anything

        • JT says:

          The effects in the first two films were geared more towards being fun than realistic, it’s true… but I don’t think I saw anything in either of those movies that looked this bad… and they were made more than a decade ago.

  2. heronymo says:

    I agree, it didn’t seem very energetic as a scene.

  3. ddevil says:

    i think general grievous wants his bike back

  4. Pitchy says:

    Did they outsource their CG to a local high school’s graphic arts department?

  5. sparrowlord01 says:

    Too many flicks rely too heavily on CGI, and some, like this one, rely on bad CGI…

  6. JB says:

    “Lockout” was worse this looks a little better.